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Guddan on zee world, Thursday 27th October 2022 update

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Rawat says Antra you said those words. AJ is in jail. He recalls his moments with Guddan. Guddan comes. He says you shouldn’t have come to this place. YOu don’t deserve it. She says so don’t you. If you can be here I can come to meet you. She says Rawat plotted all this. You see what I do. AJ says he is still part of the faamily. Don’t say anything to him.

Guddan gives him food. He says I am not hungry. Guddan says this is a help. I made this khichdi. I thought you can taste it. He says so you are here to ask that? She says yeah who can tell better. He says I don’t want to eat. Guddan says please eat. She makes AJ eat. AJ eats from her hand. AJ says it is made with love so it is good.

Guddadn comes to Rawat and says these bangles are

mine because I am AJ’s wife. These are the respect that I got from this family. What have you done. This cassette had no such thing. He says I got it fixed because my sister left a proof. Aj is reason of her death. Go find a new guy and get married.
Guddan says I will bring AJ back home no matter what I have to do. AJ meets Rawat. He says Antra really loved you. She might be very proud of you now. He says stop this drama.
Guddan comes to Rawt. She plays the disk and says these are your words and just her voice. You always say the same words. How can she say the same words as you. He says I don’t need to answer you. SHe says you have to. He says I and Antra studied and lived together. Antra said the same words. Leave this AJ and live your life. Your AJ isn’t coming back ever.

Guddan comes to lawyer and says his eyes tell the truth. He says court believes proofs not eyes. Durga gives him money and says get AJ out. He says we will try our best. Guddan says you came on right time. Durga says I know how to get things done. Tell me what truth is. Dadi comes and says AJ isn’t home. That doesn’t mean anyone will do anything they want. You have to respect your MIL. Dadi isn’t well. durga and Guddan make her sit. Guddan says don’t worry we will bring AJ back. Dadi says I hope AJ comes back. Guddan says he will don’t worry.

Durga says no one can keep AJ in jail for long for a sin he never did. Don’t worry. guddan says dadi come to room. Durga says we have to find the truth.
Vikram listens to the recording.

A girl comes and says do you wanna hear it right now? You like my voice so much. He gives her money and says get your plane and leave the city asap. The girl leaves. Rawat says I can do anything to keep you in jail.

AJ wakes up in jail to drink water. it is very dirty. Gudan says you are drinking water yourself. He says why are you here? GO home. Constable says who are you talking to. There is no one. Constable says missing wife so much?

Arohi says Mr. AJ who leaves is house like this? This is your room. She sees him saying don’t touch my things. He says don’t mess all thing. Guddan says I was just arranging the room. Guddan realizes she is imagining. Gudddan says I will do anything to prove you innocent. Guddan recalls fighting AJ. Guddan is in tears. A drop drips from roof on AJ’s hand.

Guddan recalls AJ being arrested. She says AJ will come back.

Scene 2
Rawat comes to that girl. He puts gun on her. He says we can’t trust you.

This is our guard. He would always be with you. He says I can do anything to get AJ punished.
Perv comes to AJ and says how are you? AJ says I need clear water. Perv says sure. Come sign the paper first. AJ signs the paper. Perv says arrange coffee and breakfast for sir. AJ sees Revati calling Perv. He picks. REvati says I asked you to stay way from me. I told you I don’t want any relation with you. Why are you calling and torturing me. AJ is angry.
Guddan is cooking. Saru says are you cooking for Rawat? Are you crazy? Durga shoves him out and says get out of this house. This house isn’t for people like you. Gudan says ask Guddan first. Guddan says Rawat isn’t going anywhere. She puts his breakfast on table. Guddan says AJ said Rawat is still Antra’ brother. We can’t insult him. I can’t say no to AJ. Durga says no.. Guddan says this is my order as an MIL. Durga leaves in anger. Rawat says wow very wise of you. Guddan says don’t be happy. I wanna keep the culprit n front of me. My eyes are on you always. I will be waiting for your mistake. Thank AJ for the breakfast later. She leaves.

Rawat says no one can save AJ now. No one can stop me. GUddan comes to Perv. He says you. Guddan says you wanna hurt AJ? I heard everything you said on the call. I know you can harm him in the jail. What are you goin to do with him? You can’t harm him till I am here. Perv says he isn’t very nice either. He killed his wife I heard. Look at these scars. He hit me in my office.

Perv says your husband did this in my office.
AJ said to Perv I asked you stay away from Guddan and her sister. He hit her. Guddan says so you wanna take revenge now? He says I can’t do anything. How can I even imagine giving him pain. Guddan leaves. AJ hit Perv and said don’t ever go near Revati.
Perv calls his men and says send things to jail. Hit AJ so much that he cant get up.

The thugs enter the jail. Gudan is on her way. She says I have to stop it. The thugs have knives rods and hockeys. Dadi wakes up and says something bad is going to happen. Durga says please don’t worry. Dadi prays for AJ.
Guddan collides with a car and falls down. The man is angry. The girl comes out of the car. SHe says what did you., The girl realizes it was Guddan. Guddan says thank you. She sits in the car. But police constable asks them to come out. He gives them both ticket.
Guddan comes to the jail.

The thugs run. Guddan says who are these people? AJ says could be other prisoners. Guddan says I was caught by police. they lock Guddan and the girl in another cell. AJ says wat did you mess up now. How are you here.

Perv stops Revati and says how could you not respond me. She says leave me. Rawat says leave her. If she says no, its a no. Perv leaves in anger.
Guddan and the girl are in the jail. Guddan shows a mirror to see AJ. He says what dd you do. Guddan sees knife with the thugs. Guddan asks the girl do you AJ? He is a great man. But Rawat thinks he isn’t a good man. He was caught in killing his wife. He is very dangerous. She tries to scare the thugs. The thugs attack AJ. uddan says are you okay? He hits them and says yes I am okay. He says clear your tears. Rawat sees the girl in jail. He says what is she doing here?

Guddan wonders why is he so scared to see her in jail.

Rawat says to constable take their names and let them go. Guddan wonders why is he doing that.
Revati is with Dadi. People are protesting outside. Dura says what is all this. They say AJ is a killer. Dadi says he can never do any such thing. Dadi is fainting. SAru says you want AJ not to run the restaurant right? I will run it from now. Durga says what are you doing? She says I am only helping my family. Protesters leave. Saru says I just saved the family. Dadi says what is happening. Where is Guddan.

Guddan and the girl are getting bailed.
Guddan says I wish you could leave with me too. AJ says you shouldn’t be here. She says so shouldn’t be you. Innocent people belong to their homes I will get you out of here. He says don’t get yourself in trouble. How do you know i am innocnet? SHe says I know your past. I never asked you but you eyes say everything. She says you care for me even when you don’t love me. Then I have seen your love for Antra. How can you do anything to her. She says I wonder how are you living here. AJ teases her and says its pretty peaceful. She laughs. Perv comes nad says Guddan you should be home. He says why are these thugs with AJ? They are dangerous people.

Scene 2
Guddan sees Rawat and the girl. she hears their conversation.

Guddan comes to the girl’s house as foreign girl. She says I am here to invest in Indian movies right. You are a mimicry artist right? You are a beautiful girl. I think you should be in front of the camera. I will sign a contract of four films with you. I will make you heroin. Think about this offer. She says in heart Rawat will kill me if I stay in India. She says thank you but I have to go to London.

Guddan says think about it. I can give you 50 lacs. Your wish. I wont force you. Movie shooting is mostly in London. So it wont be bad for you. The girl says okay I am in. I wanna do these movies.