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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 5th February 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Sunday 5th February 2023 update, Pandit ji asks Vikrant and Alisha to close the eyes and read the mantra with him. She steals the remote. Guddan asks Alisha to stay quite. She makes Vikrant and Alisha wear a handcuff. He says what is this? Are you out of your mind? Open this handcuff. AJ says what is happening here? Guddan says Vikrant can tell you better. AJ says what is happening here? Guddan says to tell him Vikrant. Why are you so silent now? AJ says what did he go? Guddan says he isn’t your friend. He is a snake. Dadi says Vikrant always thought well for us. Alisha must have fooled you again.

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Guddan says it was all his game. He was the mastermind who was using Alisha. AJ says you’re blaming Vikrant again and every time Alisha was responsible. Guddan says he was blackmailing and fooling her. He misused our trust and used Alisha. Laxmi says he saved Alisha every time. Alisha is playing with your mind. Guddan says from molestation till the slap, he was behind everything. Guddan says let me show everyone his truth. She tells them everything. AJ is shocked. Everyone is dazed. AJ says you knew all this? Why didn’t you tell me? Guddan says he trapped me. He fit a bomb in this bangle. He has the remote. Every time I try to tell everyone the truth he said he would blast the bomb.

AJ says I will kill you Vikrant. Vikrant says to stay away or I will blast the bomb. What were you saying Guddan? Let me show I can man up. Let’s blast your daughter. Alisha says I don’t want to die Guddan. He is crazy. Vikrant says yes let’s die together. AJ says please no. He counts 3.. 2.. 1.. He presses the button. Everyone is scared. Nothing happened. Vikrant laughs. AJ says Alisha are you okay? Guddan says that means there was no bomb? Vikrant says yes it was enough to scare you only. AJ says how dare you to blackmail Alisha and Guddan. I will kill you. He pulls a gun on him. Vikrant says to kill me. You killed me years ago. You are lucky that your daughter is alive at least. You killed my Vaishali and my child. AJ says what? Bhabhi did suicide. Vikrant says you killed her. AJ says you never had a child. Vikrant says you killed my unborn child. Vikrant says you murdered both of them. Vikrant says let’s go a few years back. AJ says you’re making stories.

Vikrant says every sin has a reason. Let me show you your sin murderer. She wanted to give me a surprise but you took us. You were driving. We met an accident. AJ says no one was injured. Vikrant says my child died in that accident. Vaishali was pregnant. She was depressed and she took her life. Because of you my child and wife died. AJ is shocked. He drops the gun. AJ says you think I did this? It was an accident. You tortured Alisha for all that? Vikrant says no you know how a parent feels. Imagine how I lived all these years. Your daughter is here. My child and Vaishali died. You killed my family. You ruined my life. You gave me a mission to ruin your life. I will return these tears to your family. AJ says shut up. Vikrant says you can only shout. AJ says wrong. AJ says I won’t let anyone harm my family. Your revenge is wrong. Your intentions are wrong. I gave you this mission right, I will end it.

Vikrant picks the gun and grasps Alisha. AJ says Vikrant leave Alisha. Guddan says leave Alisha. Vikrant says don’t come near or I will shoot her. She shoots in the air. Everyone screams. He leaves Alisha. Alisha runs to Guddan. Guddan hugs her. Vikrant runs.

Scene 2
Saru says Vikrant didn’t do anything. He fled. Perv says Alisha is our of our hands too. Saru says she will also know Antra wasn’t killed by Guddan. She fell in her own trap. Revati says the entire game is out of our hands. Perv says we have to poison Alisha’s head. It will ruin our plan otherwise. Alisha comes in and says try maybe?

AJ punches a painting in anger. Guddan says your hand is bleeding. AJ says how could I not see Vikrant’s reality? He blackmailed Alisha. He used her against us. Guddan says Alisha always annoyed us so we couldn’t see her trouble. You’re the pillar of this house. If you shatter, where will we go? You are the reason why we are all together. AJ says you are the foundation of this house and that is why we are able to face everything. You changed Alisha too. Guddan says we did it together. We did it together. I will fix it don’t worry.

Perv says let’s fill her mind with poison. Alisha comes in and says try then. You all are liars. Saru says it isn’t like that. Alisha throttles Saru and says you all lied to me that Guddan killed my mom? You used me. Revati says your mom Antra used to you and lied to you. Go to her in hell and ask her these questions. Alisha leaves in ager. Perv says no one can stop their union now.

Alisha comes to AJ and hugs him. She cries. She says I am sorry. AJ caresses her face. Alisha says I made such a huge mistake. I hurt you. AJ says it’s okay. She says I am sorry Guddan I know everything now. Mom never told you about me AJ. I am sorry. Are you mad at me? Guddan says no one is mad at you. Alisha says can I call you Guddan ma? Guddan says yes you can. What will you call AJ? Papa? She says I will call him AJ. It sounds cool. AJ giggles. AJ says it wasn’t your mistake. We won’t pardon that Vikrant. We are both with you. We will get you out of this marriage as well. Guddan says right now. She takes off her mangalsutra. Alisha says you’re such a good mother. I wish everyone had a mother like you. AJ says we are all lucky to have Guddan. Guddan hugs them both.

Scene 2
Guddan serves everyone breakfast. AJ says Alisha, be careful. Guddan isn’t that good with cooking. Guddan says I am not a chef like you. Alisha says it’s so good. Dadi says I am so glad to see you both happy like this. Guddan says it’s all because of you. Dadi says thank God Alisha you took off that mangalsutra.

Vikrant comes in and says removing it won’t end the marriage. Alisha is still my wife. AJ goes to him in anger. AJ says you fled and saved your life. No one can save you now. Vikrant says will you kill your SIL? Your daughter will be a widow. AJ says don’t even dare to take her name. Vikrant says she is my wife. I have right on her and this house. Guddan says shut up. Don’t you dare to take her name? Vikrant says chill. He says see who I brought. A lawyer comes in. AJ says what is all this? Vikrant gives AJ a set of papers. Vikrant says these are the property papers Guddan gave to Alisha. It’s mine now. Your remaining half is mine as well. Vikrant says it has your signature. This house is mine now. Everyone is shocked.

Vikrant says we made a deal to merge our business. You signed those papers. AJ recalls Vikrant asked him to do a partnership and AJ signed the papers without reading. AJ says you tricked me into signing them. Vikrant says I asked you to read but you trusted me. This is a battle and only winning matters. Dadi says shame on you. I considered you my son. AJ considered you a brother. Guddan says go from here before I hit you. AJ says this animal won’t change. AJ says this house is yours but this home and my family is mine. My Guddan is with me. You will live alone here. You were always alone. Saru says I want to live here. Perv says I will live here as well. AJ says we are leaving this house right now. Pack your bags. Vikrant says no stuff. Go empty-handed. Everyone is shocked. Vikrant says everything in this house is mine. Guddan takes off her slipper and says this slipper would also look good on your face. AJ says let’s go, everyone. Vikrant holds Alisha’s hand and says where are you taking her? She is my wife.

AJ says leave her hand I will kill you. Vikrant says if you want to live with her stay here. It’s such a big house. We will need servants. Guddan says he deserves a slipper. Vikrant says you’re my MIL you should give me respect. If you live here, I will rule you. I decide what everyone does here. AJ says you think I will take my family and daughter from here. Do what you want? Let’s go. I will see who stops you. Vikrant says you as a father would stop. See how. He calls someone. Police come there and say we are here to arrest Alisha. Mr. Vikrant complained she fooled him into this marriage. We have proof. We have to take action. AJ says stop. AJ says stop this Vikrant. Guddan says she is a kid. They arrest Alisha. Vikrant says my FIL is an angry man. AJ says please stop it. Vikrant says then stay here as my servant. Guddan agrees. Vikrant takes his complaint back. Vikrant says now you know how can I send her back to the jail she came from. Listen to your wife and be my servant. Be my servant and clean my shoes.

Guddan cries and says no AJ. AJ says I have to do this for Alisha. Vikrant says he is mature. Learn from him young guddan. Dadi says I considered you son but you’re a snake. He says AJ gave me my venom and I will return it. Your countdown has started. He goes upstairs.

Scene 2
AJ says to Vikrant it wasn’t my mistake. All that happened wasn’t intentional. Vikrant shoves him and says get out. AJ says you want to be an enemy right? I know how to protect my family. Vikrant says you’re my servant. Get out. Guddan says it’s useless to talk to him.

Vikrant is out. Guddan get son her bike and says now you see what I do. AJ holds her bike and says what are you doing? Gudddan says I have to hit him. It would hurt you too. Don’t you want to be an actress? We don’t have to be like him. Guddan says I am wearing a helmet. Vikrant leaves. Guddan says I could hit him. AJ takes off her helmet. AJ says we have to be here for Alisha. We will make a sane plan against him.

Guddan comes to Alisha and says what are you hiding? She writes in a letter it was all my mistake. Guddan says you want to confess and want to go to jail? Alisha says there’s no other option. I can’t see you all like this. He has asked dadi to do the dishes. Guddan says it feels so good to see you like this. Caring for your family. Vikrant says wow emotional scene going on here. wow she is speaking your language. He grasps Alisha’s hand.

Guddan says leave er hand or I will cut your hand. He takes the knife from her and stabs Guddan. Alisha screams says what did you do? Guddan faints. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.