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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 15th January 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Sunday 15th January 2023 update, Guddan ask Alisha to bring food for them. AJ’s mother asks Guddan did she think her plan will work. Guddan says it will. Perv go to Revti and ask Revti can’t she keep fast for him too. Revti ask Perv do he forgot why she married him and further ask him not to keep any expectation from their relationship. Perv gets angry and says from now on wards he too will do what he wants. Revti ask Perv to stop and says if he will try to act smart than she will send him to the jail. Saraswati interrupts and ask Revti to control, as Perv is her brother. Later, Revti and Perv think to avenge Revti too but at the right time.

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There, Alisha brings food for Guddan and others. Guddan thinks of a way so that they don’t have to eat food. She ask Alisha to pass the water meanwhile, Guddan plucks hair and put in the food. Alisha asks them to eat but Guddan stops them and shows the hair.

Guddan says hair is there in the food now she will meet AJ and will complaint to him about the same. She goes to the restaurant kitchen and argues with AJ over the hair found in the food. Alisha stands confused. She further claps and says why Jindal mates don’t go and join theatre. Alisha says they all can’t fool her and brings cake. She asks Guddan to have cake and forces her. AJ yells at Alisha and ask her to stop. Alisha clarifies and says she is not fool and knows today is Karvachauth. She says like the way they tried to fool her now she will do the same with them. Guddan, AJ, AJ’s mother, Durga and Laxmi stands stunned.

Ahead, Revti tells to Guddan that she has disclosed her plan to Alisha. Guddan thinks of way to bring back AJ home. AJ feels dizzy and Guddan video calls him. The shares a talk. AJ’s mother comes to Guddan and gets tensed thinking how AJ will come back home and feel break her fast. Guddan says to AJ’s mother that she has a strong believe that AJ will come back with Alisha. Sarawati overhears Guddan’s talk and gets tensed. Later, Saraswati and Revti make a plan to spoil Guddan’s Karavchauth.

Revati says where are you going with all this? AJ didn’t come. Guddan says he would come. Revati says if I break this fast, he won’t have to come. Guddan says you can’t make me break my fast. Your husband is a devil but you should fast too. Revati says I am not a drama like you. Guddan says you can think whatever you want. Revati says you remember you were allergic to parag. Guddan says enough, move it. See I have it. She throws them on Guddan’s face. Guddan coughs. Dadi says are you okay Guddan? Revati says only water can save her life now. Revati says decide before you’re rushed to the hospital. She will die if she doesn’t go to the hospital. Guddan coughs badly. Saru says wow you played well. Dadi says shut up. Dadi says Guddan please

drink water. Revati says she can die. Durga says shut up. I will bring water. Durga says please drink water. Your life is more important that this fast. Guddan says no. Guddan says I can tolerate this. I will break my fast from AJ’s hand. I won’t give up. Guddan faints.
AJ is not well. AJ says Guddan isn’t well. I have to call her. Alisha takes his phone. He says give me my phone. I need to call Guddan.. Alisha says kneel down and beg for it. Your ego is bigger than anything? AJ says I will do what you want. He kneels down. AJ says return my phone, please. Alisha says apologize for ruining my and my mom’s life. Hold your ears. AJ holds his ears and says I am sorry. Please forgive me. For all the mistakes I have made. I never thought about you. His phone rings. AJ says Alisha please pick the call. Durga calls him. Alisha puts the phone on the speaker. Durga tells him everything. Alisha puts a knife on her wrist. she says I will kill myself. AJ hugs her and says I won’t ever leave you. Please don’t harm yourself.

Scene 2
Guddan says thank you for not taking me to hospital dadi. Dadi says please drink water. Revati says she won’t. Your AJ won’t come because your stepdaughter won’t let him. Guddan says she isn’t step. Revati says he isn’t coming anyway.

Guddan comes to the restaurant. Durga says you shouldn’t have come here. AJ hugs Guddan. He says are you okay? AJ says please drink water. She says I will drink after the moon is there. I love you. I know you will come and break my fast. Alisha says wow stop dreaming. AJ says enough. This isn’t right. Alisha says he is my father stay away from him. She shoves Guddan. Aj is about to slap her. Guddan stops his hand. AJ says shame on you Alisha. She is tolerating all this because of you. Alisha says get out Guddan. Guddan says at least respect your father. You will regret it later. You will bring AJ home. This fight is of uniting the family. No more drama. I will be straightforward to you now. There’s another thing that you wanted and I have it. She shows a box to Alisha. AJ says this isn’t right. Guddan says anything for this family. Your decision Alisha. AJ says Guddan, Guddan says no. Alisha will bring you home and you will break my fast. I have to get ready. Only an hour is left. Guddan leaves.

Guddan gets ready. Dadi says you look so good. I will give you my jewelry. Revati says getting ready for your funeral? Guddan says you will see it when AJ comes and breaks my fast. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.