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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 12th February 2023 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Sunday 12th February 2023 update, Guddan disguises as Santa and comes outside the bank in a rickshaw. Guddan says forgive me, God. You know what am I doing. Thank God Alisha gave me this costume. I will save AJ. The watchman stops her and says where are you going? Guddan says merry Christmas. He says who are you? Guddan says I am Santa. I came on my reindeer.

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Watchman says you can’t o in like this. She says I am here to celebrate. I have gifts for everyone. He says give them to me and leave. You can’t go inside like this. Guddan says I am only here to make everyone happy. Guddan goes out. She says I have to use the restroom. He says okay you’re old. Use is there.

Vikrant is there as well. He says I will expose you. You can’t save your face like this. Guddan comes to the restroom and says everything is okay. She takes out gun and does rehearsal. Guddan says I don’t have any option. Why is it so difficult. I shouldn’t do this. I have to be the best actor here. She takes her bag and gun and goes out. Guddan says I can save my AJ.

Alisha is worried at home. Dadi is praying. Alisha says we should tell the police. This is risky. Alisha says but we can’t let Guddan be in danger there. Dadi says God will take us out of this situation. Alisha says God, I am sorry. I will be the best daughter please bring AJ and Guddan home. Revati says no one can save Guddan this time. Alisha and Dadi are praying.

Guddan comes out of the restroom. Guddan says to the watchman sorry I have to give you this chocolate and faint you. The watchman says are you done? He says yes. She says thank you for helping me. She gives him chocolate. He eats it. Guddan is stepping out. She says I forgot my bells isnide. The watchman faints. Guddan locks the door of the branch. Everyone says what are you doing? Guddan puts gun on them and says step back. I am doing everything according to the rules. Let me do my thing now. Everyone is scared. They scream. Guddan says no one will say a word. I am a nice human. I just have to take some money. Don’t do anything, or I will have to shoot. This gun isn’t nice like me. Guddan says step back now everyone.

AJ is looking at all this in a CCTV. He is angry. Vikrant says it just started. How do you like seeing Guddan being a robber? AJ says I will kill you. Vikrant says she thinks she can hide her identity with this constume? Everyone will see her face. Your wife can’t use her brain. I have added an itch powder in her braid.

Guddan asks people to say everything is fine. Her bear loses. Everyone sees her face. AJ says I will kill you. Vikrant says you didn’t ask how did I add it? I collided with her and added it on her braid. AJ says I will kill you. Vikrant says look at the screen. Everyone says Guddan.. Guddan is shocked. Her braid has fallen.

Everyone says this is Guddan. AJ’s wife. They are very rich. Guddan says shut up. I need this money. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says you all don’t try to confuse me. I can use this gun. AJ laughs. He tries to open his hands. Guddan says let me do what I want to. Manager, take me to the locker that is ours. He says why are you stealing your own money? Guddan says none of your busines. Stay silent everyone. Guddan goes towards the manager. She says hurry up. Give me the money or I will shoot you. He opens the locker.

A girl outside tries to inform the police. Durga and Laxmi are there with knives. They say don’t dare. A woman says what is this shame on this family. A girl says Guddan made them robbers as well. Durga says no one will say a word. Guddan comes out and sees Durga and Laxmi. Guddan says what are you two doing here? Durga says this was the only way to save AJ. So we had to help you. Guddan says what will you do now? Laxmi says we have to stand with you. The manager says why are you people stealing your own money. Durga says shut up and stand there.

Vikrant says to AJ don’t injure your hands. The story won’t end until the police come there. They will arrest Guddan. Vikrant calls the police. AJ hits him on the head. AJ says Guddan isn’t alone. I am there with her. He leaves and Vikrant faints.

Scene 2
Guddan takes out all the money from the bank and says let’s go. A woman says you have so much money yet you’re doing this. Stealing our hard-earned money? Guddan says I can’t explain you right now.
Real robbers come in. They say we are here to rob this bank. Everyone is shocked. The robber calls someone and says they are inside to rob. AJ hears it.

A man says these Jindal family’s DILs have already robbed the bank. The robber says wow, you have already robbed it? Give me the bag. Guddan says they’re lying. My husband’s life is in danger. Please let us go. He says are these girls your DILs? Wow, you have done well. Kitty party came here to rob the bank? Guddan says don’t dare to say a word about my DILs. He says give me the money or I will kill you three. Guddan says I won’t give it to you. He takes the bag from Guddan.

AJ hits the robber outside and takes his mask. The robber runs after Guddan. Guddan says I can’t give you think bank. AJ comes in wearing the mask. He coughs. The robber says why did you come here? We asked you to stay outside. The robber says go from here and wait in the car. The robber ays to Guddan give me the bag. Guddan says I will die but not give you the bag. My AJ’s life is dependent on it.

AJ says to the other robbers wait outside. Police is coming. I will take the bag. He takes Guddan to the locker room. Guddan says please don’t give me the bag.

AJ’s life is in danger. I did what people do it movies. AJ says I know won’t give it to me. He takes off his mask. Guddan is shocked. She says are you okay? Guddan hugs him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.