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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 8th October 2022 update

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Guddan looks around for the keys. She says I lost it on the first day. Who took my keys. Guddan sees that the pigeon took it. Guddan says please stop. Listen to me.. The pigeon sits. Guddan tries to take the keys back from it. The pigeon sits on a fan. Guddan falls with the fan. AJ comes and sees her. He picks her.

Guddan’s hand bleeds. The pigeon sits on AJ’s shoulder. She says this bird is annoying me. AJ says your hand is bleeding. GGuddan says my blood.. She faints. AJ says why so much drama over two drops on blood. Guddan takes the keys from pigeon. Guddan says to the bird your name is kathor and you have to help me.

Guddan plays music and is doing yoga. everyone wakes up and says what are you doing Guddan. Guddan says I want everyone to stay fit

in this house. Durga says you changed our alarms? Guddan says everything is ready. I will order the breakfast. Dura says we don’t order here. We don’t even get from AJ’s restaurant. Guddan says if anyone hears his restaurant will shut down. Dadi comes in track suit. She says Guddan I am dressed like you asked me. Guddan says you look amazing. Saru says let her order. Laxmi says what will you eat dadi? Dadi says order anything.
Durga says to Guddan it isn’t easy to run the house. Guddan looks at Kathor under the bed. She says thank God he hid before Durga came. Guddan says this is a house not a war. It is as easy as riding a bike. I know AJ makes a big fuss out of it. Love is the only thing you need. I can do anything. The keys fall. GUddan picks them. Durga takes them from her. She says you can’t do anything. Durga says you have to win this power. I wont tolerate anything wrong in this house. She returns the keys. Gudan laughs and says you say simple things with such huge words. Lets see how the house is going right now.

AJ comes and says what is this food.. Dadi says you used to love it in childhood. Guddan says I ordered a lot of variety. Sh says Vardan you don’t have to go on work today. AJ says what.. GUddan says go with Laxmi for a romantic movie date. AJ says then who will handle accounts? Guddan says Saru. She has done MBA. she can do this. AJ says I told you I wont interfere but I hope you don’t regret. Saru and Laxmi are very happy. Guddan says have you ever seen them this happy? Get used to it now. He leaves. Dadi says Guddan you did right. Guddan says to Durga see I told you my way works. I can do everything.

Saru says Guddan has given me a good chance I am so happy. What should I wear? Laxmi says how do I look like? Saru says very good. Laxmi says I can’t find any earrings. She gives her earrings. Saru says don’t be scared. We are getting good chance. Durga says you got the chance because of Guddan. She is doing all this to trap you both. You are so stupid. Saru says Guddan was right about you, you have no dreams. Laxmi says you are saying all this because of the keys. You want to take her place. I think you should ask her for what you want.. She is generous. Durga is angry. Laxmi says in heart I can do so much with the keys. Saru says in heart I will play with Guddan and get the keys.

Guddan coems to the room and sees the Kathor excreted on AJ’s jacket.

She goes to washroom and cleans it. AJ says where is my jacket? He sees the pigeon. He sees Guddan washing jacket. He says you ruined my jacket. It will be ruined. It was supposed to be dry cleaned. She says there was as stain on your jacket. He says it was because of your kathor. She says no the stain.. Guddan and aJ fall in the tub. AJ picks her out.
Scene 2
Kaushaliya says to Perv your wife is a furniture now. Why dont you go and divorce her? He shows her signed divorce papers. Revati says I dont’ want to marry him. Siddhi isn’t well. Kaushaliya says he loves you and you love him. Siddhi fells because of herself. You can’t let this relationship go.
Perv says for humanity I can’t leave Siddhi right now until she is better. Kaushaliya says great.

Guddan says I will have to shower again now. You ruin things for me. Guddan says to kathor it all happened because of you. Humans here only get angry. AJ looks at her. Guddan says if jacket is dirty so we are supposed to wash it right? Still they get mad Kathor. You see how happy Laxmi and Vardan are? You see how happy saru is. This all is happening first time Kathor. AJ says what are you trying to say? She says my work speaks. The smiles on their faces speaks. Guddan says now you see.. I run your house better than you and people are happier. He says okay you did all this? Good. Do what you think is right. She says you wont get complaints.

Perv brings gifts for Revati. Revati says you will rule like Guddan. Revati says what about papa.. Kaushliya says he has disease of forgetting. I will tell him he fixed this relationship. I will handle everything. I will get you married in that big house so you stay happy all your life.

AJ comes to room. all room is decorated. AJ says what are you doing.. She says you should thank me. I decorated the whole room. You are so boring. I decorated the room with colors. See how good it looks. AJ says I gave you right to be mother in law not my wife. Don’t try to decide for my life. Do what you are asked to. I want this room exactly how it was.

Laxmi comes home. she says saru.. I had so much fun. I shopped so much. Saru says I had such a good day. Guddan says how was your day? Saru says it was amazing. I did what I couldn’t years. The hotel had 1 lac profit today. They touch Guddan’s feet. Laxmi says you are so nice. Saru says yes you are. Thank you. We will try to be good too. Guddan says lets eat. Laxmi says we ate already. Guddan says to Durga lets eat. Durga says you should be happy to see that no one is eating together in this house. For you it isn’t important that people don’t eat together. Gudddan says they had dinner outside. There is nothing wrong with it. They are happy that’s what that matters. Durga says you can fool them not me. And I don’t want to eat with you.

She leaves. Guddan says why is she so angry.
Guddan looks for Kathor. She says where are you.. She leaves the keys on the table. someone comes andd takes the trace of the keys. He throws it in. Guddan says here it is. Guddan looks for Kathor. It was saru. She says finally I got key to my happiness. this is just the beginning. See how I become nice to you and get everything from you.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kausaliya and Revati come to meet Guddan. Guddan says chutki.. Kaushaliya says you have the keys? Dadi says she handles the whole house. Kaushaliya says in heart my revati will handle this house when she comes here. Guddan says all these sweets? Kaushaliya says I came here for Revati’s wedding. Durga says in our house? Why? Who do yu wanna talk to? Kaushaliya says to perv.. Everyone is dazed. Perv comes in. Guddan is shocked.
Guddan says Perv? Perv says yes what is wrong? I am a policeman. I can help anyone. Your mom wants to talk to me. Why are you so surprised. She wants me to investigate about the guys she chose for Revati. Kausaliya says don’t what.. Perv says none of them deserves revati. Don’t worry I am there to help you. He takes Kaushaliya inside. Kaushaliya says you changed your word in front of everyone. e says why are you so hasty? I signed divorce papers.
Gudan says to revati are you hiding something from me? I told you Perv isn’t a good man. Stay away from him. He has no character himself. I will find the right guy for you. She hugs her.

Perv says because of your stupidity it could all end. Guddan does everything in this house. Until Siddhi is fine don’t say anything. They wont accept revati. She will come here if you listen to me. Kaushaliy says okay.
Guddan says to Perv stay away from my sister and mother. He says don’t worry. I am Ravan.. Dura comes. Guddan says to Perv stay away from my family. Durga wonders what were they talking about?

Perv comes and hugs Revati in parking. She says stay away from me. If di sees you.. He says she wants me to stay away from you because she doesn’t want you to marry a young man.

I miss you every minute.. He comes close to kiss her. Guddan comes. Guddan says Revati go from here. She slaps Perv. AJ sees here slapping him.