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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 5th November 2022 update

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Angat says AJ was never the one for you. He gives her flower. He says I got gift for you. She says I will accept it. AJ wasn’t like you at all. He was never romantic like you. AJ is on the stairs.

Durga says no one should know I did this. Rocky says you have to make sure.

AJ says why did you take it? Guddan says are you jealous because of my acting? I am an amazing actor. She throws the flower.

Angat says to Durga Guddan agreed to marry. Prepare for the wedding. Durga says what is Guddan upto . She can’t agree like this.
Durga says you accepted the flowers he gave. Is that true? Guddan says you know how Angat is. I couldn’t say no. Guddan leaves. Durga says so she said yet? I can’t digest this.

Guddan comes to her room. Angat comes with gifts for her. He says all of this is for you. AJ must never have given you anything. I am not like him. I will make you feel special. I wanna see how these bangles would look on you. AJ looks at them. He says let me make you wear them. Guddan coughs. She takes the bangle from her. Guddan says you should have asked my choice. I don’t like this color. Did you mind? He says you like red? I will et you red bangles. He leaves. AJ goes to Guddan’s room. Guddan says you got so angry you would ruin the plan. AJ says I get mad when he tries to touch. I wanted to.. but we have to end this. It’s about time we find his partner. He says we have stop this pretense. AJ says this is the plot to catch then red handed. HE reads a note, ANgat I know what you did to AJ. Give me half of your wealth to keep my mouth shut. He says Angat will go to discuss this with his partner. I can’t let you be in trouble anymore.
Guddan and AJ leave the notepad in Angat’s room. Rocky is in rest room. Guddan says wait. AJ says no. She says he annoyed you a lot in hospital. GUddan plugs in an iron and puts it in towel. SHe gives it to rocky. Guddan leaves the towel. Rocky screams.

Guddan says to AJ my hand burned too. They see angat going with letter. Guddan and AJ follow him. He says to Durga what is this. Guddan and AJ are dazed. Angat says I didn’t know you did this behind me. You are doing all this for me? You chose this card for me and Guddan. Durga says you both like each other. So I can be part of your happiness. He hugs Durga and says you are very nice. Guddan says I thought Durga was with him but no. Durga smiles.

Durga saw the letter. She says Guddan I am not an idiot like you. You can’t catch me. You burned my brother. I will take revenge from you. I know what drama are you doing.

Durga says to Rocky go from here. I will save myself. Rocky says if AJ finds about you he will send you to jail. Durga says I wont let this happen.

Angat says Guddan I got this necklace for you. Guddan picks knife an says why do you keep asking me things. He says I didn’t say any such thing. Angat says please calm down. He leaves. AJ smiles at Guddan. He says wow you are a good actress. GUddan says you never say wear this necklace. Guddan says I meant nothing. She goes to kitchen. AJ says Guddan doesn’t have to bear all this anymore.

Durga says AJ and GUddan are together. Angat says you are not happy because you want to kick her out. Durga says she is fooling you. Angat throttles her and says don’t dare coming between me and Guddan. She loves me. Durga says I have expose Guddan and Aj’s drama.

Guddan drinks juice and realizes it has alcohol in it. She says idea. Gudan goes upstairs.

She feels dizzy. Guddan says AJ you are here. I got such a good idea. Someone is on chair. Guddan says we will make Angat drunk he will say truth himself. Isn’t it an amazing idea. She falls asleep. It is Angat on the chair. He says you can’t fool me Guddan. Durga says now you trust me? She mixed alcohol in the juice. Durga throttles him and says now see never mess with me. Angat says Guddan you fooled me. You have called your death by doing this.
Angat is drinking. Rockyy says Guddan isn’t as innocent. Angat says she loves me. He breaks things in anger. He says AJ is responsible for all this. I wont leave him. Who will Guddan go to if he dies? I will kill AJ. Rocky tries to stop him. angat says I will kill you to. Rocky hits Angat and he faints. He says don’t dare hurting me. AJ runs upstairs. No one is there. Guddan sees glass of wine. Rocky has hidden Angat in a garage. He calls Durga and says I hit Anagt. I will kill him. Come here. Durga says you can’t do this. Rocky says we will be exposed if this crazy guy gets up. Durga says don’t repeat his mistakes. don’t worry I wot let anything happen to you. AJ sees blood on vase. AJ says angat is in trouble. Durga says rocky hit him. He wants to take your revenge from Angat. You don’t remember what happened in Goa.

AJ says I remember everything. Dadi says then why were you doin this drama? AJ says I had to. Durga says in heart you wont ever know what I did AJ. I sacrificed my brother for it.

Durga says I am responsible for all this. My brother did all this. AJ says where is Rocky? Guddan says his phone is off. AJ says we will trace his location. Saru says wow durga you did an amazing acting. You sacrificed your brother to save yourself.

AJ locks Guddan in a room. He says you stay here. Guddan says open it. I am coming too. AJ says no you’re not coming. Dadi says God please protect both of my sons.
AJ comes to the garage. Rocky si there. He says don’t come close I will kill him.

Guddan says dadi please open the door. I have to go there with AJ. He is alone.
Angat says bhai let Rocky kill please go from here. This is what I deserve after what I did. AJ says no one will die here.

Guddan comes there and says we are live. Everyone will see what you are doing and you are a killer. Leave Angat and everyone. Rocky leave them. SHe says police is seeing all this. He says oh internet gone. Rocky picks the gun. He says you are such a fool. He pputs gun on her. The bullets are empty. AJ took all of them. He says don’t act smart with me. Police takes Rocky.

Angat comes home. Dadi slaps him. She says you are so shameless. He still saved your life. AJ says what you did with Guddan is unforgivable. You have disrespected her. You looked at my wife that way. Only I have right to be in her life. Angat says I am sorry. I made a mistake by disrespecting Guddan bhabhi. AJ makes Guddan wear mangalsutra. Guddan says I willl always keep you happy. AJ says I love you and I am sorry for my mistake.

Akshat appreciating Guddan and feels proud of her. He gives her promises that are totally different from those he did when he got married to her. He assures that he will never let her go away from her. Guddan gets very emotional after that. Durga doesn’t like it. After a while, Akshat asks Angad about the master mind who created misunderstandings between them. Durga gets terrified but Angad takes Saru’s name. Guddan and Akshat gets shattered to see that. Saru fumbles and asks Angad to say the truth. She tries to expose Durga but by that time Dadi gives her a tight slap. Dadi questions Saru for creating misunderstandings between the two brothers. She gets hyper. Saru tries to explain her side but Dadi doesn’t listen to her. Dadi asks Saru to leave the house immediately. Durga enjoys all the drama. But Akshat makes Dadi understand that Saru’s husband Rahul is not in town so they should not throw saru out like that. But Dadi is stubborn on throwing Saru out of the house.

Saru wonders about the situation but she doubts on Durga for Angad’s change statement. There is a flashback where Durga makes Angad believe that Saru is the master mind behind all. After a while, Durga dramatically expresses her gratitude as Angad favours her. But Angad doesn’t know about Durga’s real plan. She decides her next action plan for Saru. So she enters Saru’s room. Saru gets furious on her for trapping. Saru challenges Durga to expose her in front of all before she leaves from the house. But Durga reminds her about her stay in the house asking Saru to support her.

Meanwhile, Angad calls the hospital boys to take him to the mental asylum. He apologizes to Guddan for his behaviour. But Guddan forgives Angad asking him not to go to the mental asylum. She also asks Akshat to stop Angad from going to mental asylum. So Akshat also asks Angad not to go back in the asylum as he also forgives Angad. Angad gets emotional and promises Akshat to be the ideal brother.

After a while, Saru come downstairs with her bag packed. She also pretends of feeling guilty for her behaviour as instructed by Durga. But Guddan stops her. She asks all to give Saru a chance to correct her mistakes.