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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 31st December 2022 update

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Guddan on zee world Saturday 31st December 2022 update, Guddan meeting her parents. Bhushan gets very emotional to see Guddan alive and fine. Guddan enquires about Revati. Everyone gets tensed. Bhushan and Dadi finally inform Guddan (Kanika Mann) that Revati is staying in the Jindal Bhavan only. Guddan is happy as Revati missed her so much and thanks Dadi for supporting her little sister. By that time Revati enters the house.

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Guddan hugs her. But when Revati reveals that she has got married so she is living in Jindal house, Guddan wonders about it. Revati also tells Guddan that she is living in Jindal house as after marriage, her husband’s house is hers only. Guddan still cannot understand. By that time Parv enters the house. He tells Guddan that he is Revati’s husband which shocks Guddan. She gets very furious as Revati got married to Parv even after knowing his sins very well.

Parv pretends that he is a changed man. But Guddan gets very angry with him. Revati tries to make Guddan understand that Parv has actually changed. Guddan doesn’t believe but Revati tells her that after Angad died, it was Parv who supported her. Guddan questions Dadi and Durga for letting Parv get married to Revati. Durga tells her that it was Akshat’s wish which shatters Guddan. Guddan warns Parv not to try pretending to be a kind person. She also denies accepting his relation with Revati.

Guddan determines to find out the reason behind Akshat agreeing for Parv and Revati’s wedding. After some time, Guddan sticks her family photograph in the room. Akshat questions her about it. Guddan reminds him that he had promised to take care of her family too. Akshat avoids talking to her on the topic. But Guddan asks him about the time when everything will be fine with her family. Akshat pretends that he is not interested in looking after the issues with her parents and sister. He even tears the photograph pasted by Guddan. Guddan gets very heartbroken with Akshat’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, Durga and Lakshmi discuss about Guddan’s reaction on finding out about Parv and Revati’s relation. Durga feels that Guddan’s doubt might be correct about Parv. By that time they see Parv behaving nicely with Revati. He also asks Revati not to worry as Guddan will accept their relation as the time passes by. Revati goes to meet Guddan. With such behaviour on Parv’s side, Lakshmi believes that Parv has actually changed. Durga also gets convinced. Meanwhile, Revati goes to meet Guddan. She helps Guddan to rearrange the pieces of the photo together. Guddan asks her about the reason she got married to Parv. But Revati avoids answering the same. Revati explains to Guddan that when she was alone, Parv helped her to come back to normal life. So asks Guddan to believe in her relationship with Parv. Guddan wonders why Revati believing Parv. She denies accepting Parv as Revati’s husband. Revati believes that as the time passes by, Guddan will understand that.

Guddan determines to find out the truth that everyone is trying to hide from her. After a while, an inspector enters the house. He informs Guddan and Akshat about the witness that he has found in Guddan’s case.

The witness tells everyone that he had seen Akshat shooting Guddan with a gun. Everyone gets very shocked to hear that. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.