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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 22nd October 2022 update

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Guddan and DILs are hanging. Guddan says I wont move just don’t move. We will fall. I am so worried for all those families. We have to save them. We can’t back out from that.

Rawat sees the watchman fainted. He says we have to find the bomb. The water level is increasing. Guddan tries to pick the phone from her foot. Saru is fainting. Guddan calls AJ from her foot. AJ says where are you guddan? Laxmi says please help us we are in trouble. Saru says tell him where we are.

AJ says where are you. I am coming. Guddan says don’t come. She says there is a bomb. You have to save those families rather that us. She tells him the location of the bomb. She says I will save them. He says I trust you I know you will save the DILs.

AJ runs to find the bomb. The fuel is leakin in the garage. AJ says to people i promise me I wont let anything happen to anyone. Dadi says where is Guddan. AJ says I will handle everything here and she is saving the DILs. AJ sees the bottle bomb is in. HE takes it from the kids.

Saru says I think we will die here. Guddan says dont’ say that. Durga is about to fall. The fire sparks. THe garage is one fire. The DILs scream.
AJ asks the kid to give him the bomb. He takes it from the kid. AJ holds it. He asks the kid t run. There are only 10 minutes.

The disposal squad asks AJ not to put the bomb down. He says it might blast any time. The disposal office tries working on it but it doesn’t diffuse. AJ says I am not scared please carry on. Dadi prays for him.

The DILS are suffocating and the fire is coming close to them. Guddan runs out and brings a hammer. She cuts their ropes. They fall down. Guddan extinguishes the fire. She says thank God you are all fine. let’s go from here. She says I don’t know if they found the bomb. We have to stay here.

The bomb is about to blast. The officer cuts a wire and says bomb is diffused. Everyone claps and applauds AJ. Dadi hugs him. He says let me look for Guddan and DILs.
Raawat asks the kid who gave him that box.
The bomber comes to Guddan and puts gun on him. He says you failed my plan I wont let you go like this. AJ is looking for her Guddan. He calls her. Her phone runs. The bomber takes it from her. He says you can’t ruin my plan anymore.

hears Guddan screaming. She peaks in. Guddan says don’t dare harming my DILs. You can’t harm them. Guddan stands in front of them. She says you can kill me and not them. Dadi brings AJ. They are both hidden.
Bomber says both your daughter in laws will die in front of you. Guddan says okay I will tell you who to shoot first. She tries to distract him. Guddan says kill this one she is very annoying. Okay wait no not this one. Kill this one. She tries to waste the time. AJ comes in . Guddan says durga is full of anger. AJ is upstairs. Durga sees him too.

He says enough. I will kill you all together. AJ jumps down. He beats the bomber and takes his gun. THe runs but dadi brings police. Police runs after him. Dadi hugs Guddan. AJ says you are so stupid. SHe says I saved everyone. I did so well. What about the bomb? He says it is diffused. Durga says thank you so much Guddan. Guddan say are you okay? She sas yes thank you. this deserves an appreciation. Guddan smiles. She says this all is because of dadi. She said our unity is our strength. Laxmi and saru say thanks too. She says I couldn’t let anything happen to you three. Guddan says never forget three things, I am your MIL, I am your MIL and I am your MIL. I wont let anything wrong every happen to you.

Gudan washes her face. The water falls on AJ. He says why are you showering me? She says sorry. She says thank you. He says you stood in front of the gun. Se says I could die for my DILs. He says this isn’t a joke. Why do you take death so lightly. Ever thought how people feel when you die. She says yes I lost my mom too. But I had to save the DILs. I dont like hearing about death.

That is common between us. He says never talk about it again. He says your hand is bleeding. She faints. He says get up. SHe says of it isn’t much. You scared me.

Gudddan and AJ are called up on stage for appreciation. The bomber says why such in a hurry? My son died in a bomb blast. You all have to die like him too. Because no one cared for us why should we care for you? Guddan brings him he cake. AJ says what are you doing. this is about everyone’s life. Guddan says trust me I can do this. Bomber says don’t come near me I will press the button. Guddan says today is your son’s birthday wont you cut the cake? I have lost my mom too. They will only care about good things we do for them not harming other people. He will hate you. Guddan says these kids are like your son. Do you wanna do the same to their parents? Look in their eyes. She offers him the cake. He sits down crying and cuts the cake. Guddan holds his hand. She mkakes him eat the cake. He starts crying and sobbing. Police takes him from there. Guddan says I knew he was upset and he would agree.

Minister thanks Guddan and AJ on stage. They hoist the flag together. They all sing the national anthem together.
Guddan says to Rawat if I wasn’t there you would have been dead. You couldn’t handle the cse so you can’t do AJ’s case too. I can do the same for my family. He says I trust your ability to pick proofs against AJ but you couldn’t do it. I gave you 24 hours that have passed. So I will have to go to your family.

Rawat goes to AJ. Guddan is scared. AJ hugs Rawat. Guddan is dazed. Rawant says hello AJ’s wife. She is shocked. AJ says he is Antra’s brother. Guddan is shocked. AJ says why are you here? Rawt says we had a news of the bomb but Guddan handled everything. Guddan is shocked. AJ says where are you lost? Se says nothing.

Dadi says stop. Guddan cannot enter the house. Guddan says but why? dadi says because an MIL will enter this house. She has understood her responsibilities. Go bring arti for your MIL. AJ says congratulations. Dadi says you are not going anywhere. You are entering with her. Guddan laughs.

Gudda says this is favorite ritual. She steps in red color and falls on AJ. He holds her. Guddan says she will handle everything in this house and you will handle her. She gives them their picture framed. AJ leaves. Guddan hugs dadi. Dadi says look at your feet mark. Things will be tough but I am always with you.
Guddan is about to stamp the temple with her hands. Durga says but why? She told AJ that she will leave this house. Guddan says you are right. Let me come.

Guddan comes upstairs. AJ is on call. Guddan says you can talk later on phone. She says the red color is on your face. He says are you crazy? She says I am here to ask for money that I gave you. AJ says that was part of deal why do you want it back? She says do you know my name? Guddan AJ. You are asking me for money? I gave you as good will and you are doing this to me. AJ returns her money. He says I never used these. Guddan says I can’t touch them it will be coloerd. She tries to pic them from elbows. AJ holds her hand and says what are you doing.

Guddan comes downstairs. She says open this. Dadi takes out the money. Guddan says I gave this money to AJ. Now give it for donation.

Now I wont give him any money because I wont leave this house. I am the MIL of this house. Why would I leave this house? I will handle everything in the house. She stamps her hands on the temple wall.

Guddan says Durga give me my keys back. I am the MIL in charge now.