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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 11th February 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Saturday 11th February 2023 update, Meher says here are the papers. You have to leave this house now. Vikrant says I will leave this house but with my wife. She is legally my wife. AJ says don’t you dare. You signed a contract. Do what you signed or I will not leave you. Guddan says you’re an idiot. You signed the divorce papers. So your relationship with her is over.

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Ask Durga. Vikrant says what are you saying. Guddan says you made a mistake. You didn’t read the papers. You gave the responsibility to the wrong person. Durga says Guddan sasu ma is right. Everyone is shocked. Laxmi says Durga di. Vikrant says this is cheating. Durga says you better not talk about cheating. You are the only cheater here. This was Guddan’s plan. You signed divorce papers but trust me. Did you like the taste of your own medicine? Guddan says it was all our mutual plan.

The doctor comes in. Guddan says she was Vaishali’s doctor. she will tell you how did you lose your child. She says your child died in a normal miscarriage. The accident wasn’t responsible for it. He lost his mind because of his wife’s death and his child’s loss. He used to torture his wife and she committed suicide because of his torture. Vikrant says she is lying. I didn’t do this. AJ killed my wife and child. AJ says you have mental health problem Vikrant. You have to come out of all this. I will help you. Vikrant says you are all mental. I don’t need any help. I will come back. I will not leave you. My revenge is left. AJ says listen. Vikrant says first you killed my child and now all this. AJ says get out. I didn’t do anything. Guddan says it’s useless to talk to him. Get out Vikrant. Vikrant says I will come back. He leaves.

AJ says to Durga I am really sorry. Durga says you are my FIL. I should apologize. I did so wrong. I am so sorry. It was all Guddan and my plan. AJ says you acted well. Laxmi says no one knew you were with us. Durga says Guddan taught me acting. Dadi says thank God my Durga is back and that Vikrant is out. Alisha says thank you Guddan ma. Guddan hugs her and says nothing can happen to you ever. Perv says everything is over. Saru says there’s nothing left.

Scene 2
Revati breaks things in anger. She says Guddan wins every time. Saru says we can’t find a way out. Perv says what does she do. Laxmi and Durga come in. Durga says you must be thinking how she wins. She always stands with the truth. Laxmi says you still have time before you get kicked out of this house. Perv says don’t threaten me. Durga says we can threaten you. They leave. Saru is angry. Perv says calm down.

Guddan makes the bed. AJ says why are you crying. Guddan says I am not in a mood of jokes. He says what happened? Guddan says we were so helpless. What if something happened to Alisha. And out future child. When I think of Alisha, I think of all the girls who are stuck in situations like these and there’s no one to help them. AJ says see this girl in the mirror. She never takes the stress and wins every time. Then she cries later. Come sit with me. As long as you’re with me nothing can happen to us. He says because of you we are out of that trouble. AJ says like every time you managed everything well. Why didn’t you tell me Durga’s plan? Why did you hide it? I would have trusted you. Guddan says I know. but Virant was very clever. He says I don’t want to listen to his name. AJ says we have to prepare now for junior Jindal. Guddan says what are you saying. He comes close to her.

Vikrant says I won’t let you two live happily. You ruined my life. I will bring darkness to your life.

Alisha says to Guddan and AJ go on date. They’re dressed. Guddan says why do we need to go on date. Alisha says you have to. AJ says we already spend time together. Let’s spend time with family. Alisha says no spend time alone. Go for a long drive. You should go. Don’t waste time. She leaves. Guddan says you are being shy? You can’t go on date. He pulls her close and says what? she says it isn’t like work. He says let me show you how romantic am I.

AJ and Guddan are on the way. AJ says you look very pretty. Guddan says where are you taking me? He says I love you Guddan. He shouts. Guddan laughs. Guddan comes out of the window and says I love you AJ. He say come in it’s not safe. AJ says you make me a better human. Vikrant is one the way. He breaks the glass. The car runs into an accident. Guddan screams. AJ has fainted. Vikrant says he is going to die. He hits on Guddan’s head and she faints as well. Vikrant picks AJ.

Scene 2
Guddan opens her eyes. Durga says drink water. Guddan says where is AJ? Durga says we don’t know. We found you fainted on the road. Guddan says Vikrant did all this. He must have took Vikrant. Guddan calls the police. Durga says no we have to be careful. He can harm AJ. A parcel comes for Guddan. Guddan opens it. There’s a gun inside. Virant video calls Guddan. AJ is injured on the other side. Guddan says AJ where are you? Vikrant comes in the video. Guddan says how dare you touch AJ. Tell me where are you I will kill you. He says I am impressed. You’ve one chance to save your husband. You have to do something for me. I sent you a parcel. Open it. You have to ruin your family name. To save AJ you have to rob a bank. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says are you out of your mind? He says you ruined my name who would work for me? So earn me money. AJ says Guddan you don’t have to do all this. Vikrant puts knife on his neck. Dadi says please Vikrant don’t do this. Guddan says leave him. Vikrant says if you don’t act as per my plan then he can die. Guddan says I will do what you say. He says best of luck. Guddan says I can do anything to save my AJ.

AJ says you can’t blackmail and make Guddan do this. Vikrant says she will do it all for you because I have your life in my hands. Let’s see how she robs the bank. AJ says Guddan don’t do this, please. Guddan says I have to save AJ’s life. She says maa ji I have decided I will rob the bank. Perv says wow. Durga says this is really risky. Laxmi says we should inform the police. Dadi says AJ’s life is in danger. Guddan says we can’t inform them. Guddan says it’s about AJ’s life.

AJ says what would you get? You can take money from me. I will give it to you. Vikrant says money can’t heal my pain. AJ says what would heal you? Kill me if you want to. Vikrant says let me give you the same pain I went through. I have a permanent plan of pain for you. Do you think Guddan would ever come out of jail after robbing the bank? She will be jailed forever. You both would be alive but not close to each other.

I will be healed only them. You have to be separated and this is my revenge. Guddan says no one will inform the police. I am ready to rob the bank to save AJ. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.