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Guddan on zee world, Monday 26th December 2022 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Monday 26th December 2022 update, Guddan says you will be punished by the law. Dadi says if I could I would kill you. We trusted you adn you did this to us? AJ says it was our mistake that we trusted her over Guddan. SHe fooled us and we let her. We couldn’t see Guddan’s reality. We were all blind because of her lies. We did wrong to Guddan. But now is the time to fix things. Guddan says you did that anyone would do.

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Trust people. Laxmi says you won’t be able to leave this house without dirt. Durga says we will blacken your face. Guddan says no we can’t do the same. Antra says saru and durga helped me once. saru says sorry I did a mistake. AJ says book her ticket angat. She won’t live in this house anymore. She will live in America with her husband and antra in jail.

AJ says your face disgusts me. Antra says enough.. Enough of this drama. I am the only antra. I did drama but I am done now. Antra blackens her hands and stamps them on the the wall. She says I am the darkness. I will ruin your happiness.

My black words would never let this house be happy. You are all equally selfish like me. I said somethin about Guddan and you left her? Is this your relationship? And Laxmi and durga always choose the side that is of her benefit. At least I accept who I am. I will come back and ruin your life. Antra says Guddan this war between me and you will never be over. Gudadn says you have to go away from my family. She asks inspector to arrest her. antra says I will come back and ruin your life. Police takes Antra.

AJ says Guddan you could do it all. I am proud of you. Guddan leaves.

Durga says pack your bags and leave. AJ could help you too. at least don’t do the same to your husband. He might you kick you from there as well. Saru says don’t forget antra. She will come back to your lives. She is the demon herself. Laxmi says what if se is right.

Guddan cries in her room. AJ says I know why are you crying Guddan. I know I have hurt you. I never trusted you.

You suffered so much to expose her real face. AJ recalls when Guddan confessed. He says I didn’t trust you. He recalls Antra saw that AJ is real. she was about to shoot AJ. Guddan stopped her. Gyddan said you would shoot the idol? Antra said I am talking about honda. Aj ran. Guddan said there is no honda here.

Antra said go from here. AJ says I don’t know how to thank you who always saved me. Guddan says these tears aren’t even mine. AJ says I am sorry about my mistakes. Guddan says how would you fix all this? You brought all these tears. aJ says you saved this family. You avenged Rawat’s death. You gave us our happiness. Gudan says are you happy? He says I want to tell everyone that I am your husband. I love you. Guddan cries on the other side of the door.

Antra is in the police van. she faints. Inspector checks her. She takes his gun and says get out of the van. He says what are you doing. Antra says put your guns down. Antra says Guddan your destruction is coming back.

AJ is cooking Dadi says after so long you are this happy. He says I am making this fruit cake for her. I know this distance will go away. Dadi says all troubles are gone away from you both.

Antra says go away from the car. Tie each other’s hands. She shoots in the air. Antra sits in the jeep and leaves. Inspecotr informs at station.

Dadi says see gudan what aj made. AJ says I made this for you. Guddan tastes it. He says how is it? She says it is perfect. thank you for all the effort. Dadi says see everything is good between you two.

I want you two to give me a heir. Gudddan says i have to leave this house. Dadi says why? Everything is fine now. We did wrong but give us one more chance. Guddan says there shouldn’t be broken glass and broken trust in the house. He should have made khichdi. I am a poor girl and he is a rich guy. Our distance can never be reduced. She takes her bag and walks out.

AJ lies in front of Guddan. He says you have to step on me to leave. I won’t move from here. Guddan says get up. Move from here. He says I won’t. Guddan says we made a deal that I will leave this house. I forgave you but I can’t accept yu in my life. I can’t do this. I can’t accept you as my husband now. Don’t force me. It’s about circumstances. I can’t live without you.

husband and wife are two wheels of a cycle. I am not great like you. Guddan says I have to go now. She walks out. Guddan says say good bye. Durga you have to handle this house. I know you will do it well. AJ holds her hand an says please. Guddan leaves his hand. Guddan walks out. Dadi says antra left but she is still haunting the happiness of this house. My daughter left today.

AJ sits upset. Durga comes to him and says not eating won’t change it. She left because of you. You could never loved her enough. You can’t sit like a coward. I respect you. I am only saying truth. she showed her love to you every time. Now she had to leave this house. How could you not stop her. AJ says I really love her.

I can prove it. Durga says show this love to her. Please bring her back to this house. Laxmi says yes we are both with you. Inspector comes and tells AJ Antra has fled. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


Guddan on zee world, Monday 26th December 2022 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Monday 26th December 2022 update, Antra looks for the papers. sHe finds them. she says finally I have what was mine. Now I will celebrate her.

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AJ says she would never know those are fake papers. Guddan says we have the real papers. Guddan says we have to make her open the lock. AJ says if you want her punished for killing Rawat we will expose her. Anat brings keymaker. He says no one can make key for this lock. It isn’t manufactured anymore.

Laxmi collides with antra. Her bag falls. Antra says are you crazy. Can’t you see? She leaves. Laxmi calls Guddan and says Antra has the key.

Antra comes home and checks the freezer. She says HOnda what did you do to yourself. You lost your life. You had to die. what would you do now? AJ says in heart be happy. Antra says enjoy the cold

now. Bye. She leaves. Guddan gets AJ out of the freezer. She says are you okay?? Laxmi says Guddan you saved us all. You didn’t give up like all of us did. AJ says yes Guddan. Guddan says laxmi told us about the key and that she is coming here. Laxmi changed the key in her bag. Laxmi says if you two are together Antra would be destroyed.

Antra say wow I have the papers back and Honda is gone too. AJ comes there. Antra says now when I have everything I wont have to lose AJ. AJ video calls Guddan. Antra says Aj we should sleep together in the bed.

Guddan says in heart it shouldn’t affect me. Antra says we are getting married soon. AJ says we will live together. Why should we be hasty then? Antra comes close to kiss AJ.

She says let’s enjoy distance. She says okay I will wait. Antra leaves.

AJ says to Guddan see.. Guddan says do what you want. You can do what you want. Focus on the plan. Guddan says we are so close to our win.

Scene 2
Antra is asleep in her room. She hears noise. Antra ties waking AJ up. Antra comes to hall and says who is it? I am not scared of anything. She sees Honda’s body outside. Antra says this can’t be ture. Am I dreaming? She says no this is reality. Who got her body out? She sees honda on the balcony. antra screams. she runs and falls.

Antra says this can’t be true. She opens the freezer. Honda is there. Dadi comes there. She says why are you so scared? Antra says nothing. Dadi says why are you in store? Antra says nothing. Everything is perfect. She leaves. Guddan brings AJ out.

Antra is coming there. Guddan and AJ have to hide in freezer. Guddan says it is so cold here. how do you stay here. He hugs her and says I can keep ou warm. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.