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Guddan on zee world, Monday 24th October 2022 update

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Revati sees perv. Perv says I was missing you so much. She says I was going to meet Guddan. She wasn’t well. He shouts and says you have no time for me. Always guddan guddan.. Who am I? She wont ever let you live her life. She knew I was leaving Siddi.

Your sister is playing a big game with you. She is evil she is step at the end of the day. Revati slaps him. SHe says enough. I wont hear a word against her. Perv says you slapped me for her? I know you love her but this wont change truth. She says I trust my sister. She leaves.

Kaushaliya says Guddan has made her crazy. Perv says I feel like Guddan slapped me. She will have to pay for it. I will pay for this by separating them.

Guddan comes to pool side. AJ has created a beautiful bedroom for her there. He says did you like it? What happened suddenly. You chose that you will sleep in balcony. Gudadn says in heart how do I tell him about Rawat. She says that balcony.. I don’t like it anymore. I am Guddan AJ. I don’t wanna sleep. Guddan gives him pillows and say take them. She falls in bed with AJ. He gets up. Guddan leaves the blanket in the room/

Rawat is in room. Guddan says when will you learn not to come to someone’s room without permission. He says I need my proof. Guddan says I trust him no matter what you say. She looks at Antra’s picture. There is a code written on her picture. rawat says tank you for the code. Because of you I got the clue. Antra’s killer will be behind bars. He says you are a good citizen and I know you will take AJ behind bars.

Guddan says yeah and open the locker and see if it has Antra’s message. AJ is coming upstairs. He says stop AJ if you wanna know truth. Guddan comes out and falls. AJ holds her.
She says I have sprained by ankle. AJ helps her with her sprain. Guddan tries to waste his time. AJ says what is it? What are you upto? She says nothing. I am good. H says tell me what it is. I can see the tension on your face. Guddan is silent.

Rawat opens the locket and finds a disk. He says it must have the recording. These are last words of my sister. They will be out soon.

AJ looks around the room. Rawat is hanging from the balcony to hide. Guddan is scared. AJ picks up everything. He says madam what are you upto? She says what would I be upto? I am going to sleep.

AJ tries to sleep. He comes and sees Guddan sleeping without blanket. AJ makes her wear the blanket. He caresses her face. AJ’s watch gets stuck in her hand. AJ tries to pull it.
Rawat comes to Guddan and says you are still sleeping outside the room. He says here is the tea. Guddan wakes up scared and breaks the cup. She says stay away from me. He says your AJ will have a bad time now. Here is the proof I had been looking for. It has what my sister wanted to tell me. guddan says it looks old. He says it was old disks. She says the store has more old stuff if you are interested in. He says we will see in the jail. He leaves.

Dadi comes to Guddan adn says what is all this? She says I can’t sleep in the room it was suffocating. Dadi says did you fight with AJ?? She says yes. Dadi says come with me. Dadi says AJ my daughter in law is sleeping in pool. He says I don’t even know the reason. Dadi says couldn’t you ask him? Guddan says it was so cold. Dadi says hoe can you let her sleep there in such cold? He says ask her. She can’t sleep in this room. She can sleep in balcony or near the pool. AJ leaves. Guddan says see.

Durga sees Rawat with casette. Durga says are you on a secret mission in our house? He says we used to listen to music on it. He leaves. Durga says there is something he is hiding.
Guddan comes to rawat and says did you listen? Tell me too. Durga comes and says what do you want to make her listen? Old songs right? Play it I want to hear too. He plugs in the casette and it doesn’t work.

He says this is very old. So i think it isn’t working. Durgga leaves ou. Guddan sayys your proof didn’t work. He says I didn’t play it. I will make you listen first so you know AJ is a devil.

Rawat starts the recording. Antra says I can’t take it anymore. I have tell this truth. I have to spill it out. Rawat says antra please say it. The recording is messed from there. Rawat says did you hear? My sister knew about AJ. She wanted to say something. He killed Antra for the same reason. Rawat breaks table in anger. Guddan is dazed. Rawat says one thing is decided AJ is behind her death and he will have to pay for it. I will avenge her death. Guddan says she didn’t say a word against AJ. Maybe she wanted to tell something good. He says no one says something like that while dying. Guddan says it could be good. I know how much AJ loves antra. He would keep it safe. He would have destroyed it if it was some kind of proof. AJ only loves antra. stop this negativity. She leaves. Rawat says I know she wanted to tell me something. I will find out.

AJ comes home and sees Rawat. He says lets play chess. He already mixed something in drink. AJ says but you never drank. Rawat says I will make the drink for you. Let drink to the memories. AJ asys I will beat you like old times. rawat says things change with time. You might lose today. He says I could only lose for Antra. AJ says yes for antra.

Saru sees Rawat drinking. She says I never saw him drinking before. Gudddan looks at them. She wonders whats going on. Guddan collides with AJ. She says what are you doing here. Stay away from my sister. This is my last warning to you. She leaves. Perv says to Revati on phone did you listen? She said she would never let us be one. Revati is in tears. He says I swear I will part these sisters.

AJ and Rawat are about to drink. AJ gets a call. He doesn’t drink. He fills his own glass. Guddan comes up. AJ is unable to stand. He falls down. Guddan says what did you give him? Are you okay? AJ gets up. He says what happened? Rawat says I wont give him poison relax. Guddan pretends to fall and breaks aJ’s glass. She smirks. AJ says what was this? She says I slipped by mistake. Guddan says you were drinking? It is bad for health.

Bachan uncle said in a movie. AJ says don’t need your lecture. Guddan drinks AJ’s glass. Dadi comes and says wat is happening here?

Daddi says Guddan you said you will make laddu. AJ says she can’t make it. He says in heart she is drunk. Guddan says I can make laddus. Dadi says both of you can come. AJ says to Guddan you wont move here and there. You are drunk. Stay in front of my eyes? She says so worried about me. Dadi waits for Guddan in kitchen. AJ says listen. Guddan says dadi I am here. Tell me where is material. Guddan looks at all the things. Durga says big day, Guddan will make laddus today.

Revati thinks about Guddan. Her cake falls down. Kaushaliya comes and says what happened? Where are you lost? Are you thinking about Guddan? Revati says she loves me, then why she wants Perv to be distanced to me? I never thought she could do this. Kaushaliya says Perv did the magic.

AJ is looking at Guddan. Guddan sees laddus floating. She catches them. Dadi says what are you doing? AJ says Guddan I will make laddus you will learn. Saru says she is making them for first time. Guddan pulls her ear and says you can’t say that. It isn’t impossible to make laddu. You are all lucky to have an MIL like her. AJ says guddan quite. Dadi says why do you keep asking her to stay quite. Guddan says he is really spoiled. SHe pulls his cheeks and says he is so cute. AJ’s phone rings. Guddan takes his phone and says yes.. AJ takes the phone. It is from work. He says I am coming.

Guddan sits with Durga and says why are you not saying anything? dadi says Guddan why are you talking like this? Durga says people talk like this after being drunk. She is drunk. Guddan says me? I drank that colddrink. Durga says why do you lie? Accept that you drank. Make us drink like you too. AJ holds the bottle. He says Guddan isn’t lying. She thought it was coldrink and it all happened in front of me. If you have more questions I can answer them and learn to respect your MIL. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and takes her upstairs.

Guddan caresses AJ’s face. He says why are you looking at me like that? Guddan dances around him. She hangs on his back. Guddan says make me visit the house like this.

AJ takes her to the room. Guddan says you thought would smoke? i wont. Guddan sees poison in the basket. Shes ays I knew rawat was doing something. He tries killing AJ? Guddan says I am coming. Guddan takes the bottle to Rawat. Guddan says I told you not to harm AJ.

Gudan grasps his collar. AJ says Guddan what are you doing. Guddan says he mixed this poison in your drink.