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Guddan on zee world, Friday 30th December 2022 update

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Guddan on zee world, Friday 30th December 2022 update, AJ and Guddan come to the suite. It is all decorate. AJ says Angad shouldn’t have done this. Guddan says can we go out for walk? Guddan slips. AJ holds her. They sit down. AJ says such beautiful place and girl. This looks like a moive.

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Guddan says what happens next? Nimki says this love that took our family from us? AJ says they are always in our heart. Guddan says when did you become this wise? He says since you came in my life. It rains. Guddan and AJ go to a small house. Guddan is cold. AJ gives her his shirt.

Soemone comes to Guddan and AJ’s room and burns their photo. Durga sees fire in AJ’s room. She screams. the person runs. Durga aclls everyone. They see AJ and Guddan’s photo burning. Dadi says bring water please. Who is after my kids now.

Guddan dries her hair. AJ tries her hair. He covers her. Guddan is cold.

Guddan sees a letter. He says I wrote it for you. There are no words I can use to tell you how much i love you. I want to show this love to you. You made me a lover. I am scared to lose you. Guddan reads it. I love you Guddan. I see my love in your eyes. I want to live in them. I want to get lost in your hair. He comes close to her and says I want to touch those lips. AJ says your smile is my happiness. You make everything easy. Guddan stands up. AJ comes close to her. He says you are only mine. I really love you. You are my Guddan. Guddan hugs him. she says you have given me so much love. He says I never want to see these tears.

AJ kisses and hugs Guddan. He takes her to bed. AJ takes off her anklet. AJ caresses her face. They sleep together.

Guddan wakes up and sees AJ outside. Gudadn says what are you thinking? She says our marriage is complete today. I couldn’t say anything. Your love is my strength. It protects me. AJ says I want to say something. AJ says you are my trust. You make me strong. AJ shoots Guddan. Guddan is shocked.

Guddan falls down. AJ looks at her dying. Guddan wakes up. She is in a small house. A woman says you woke up after a month. Guddan says what.. She says we found you injured there.

He brought you here and our local doctor treated your wound. You said a name AJ.. Who is he? You have been unconscious for a month. guddan recalls everything. Guddan says did anyone come looking for me? SHe says no. We tried looking for your family. But no one came. should we call your family? Guddan says no I will go there with my questions. Why did he do this to me. She cries. Guddan hugs the woman. She says why did this happen to me. the woman says everything would be fine. Let me get you something to eat. Guddan says i will come there with my questions.

Dadi is crying. Durga says she has neen gone for a month. Dadi says everything changed in this month. AJ changed too. i feel like she would come anytime and fill this house with happiness. A storm rages. The garland falls from Guddan’s photo. Dadi says shut the window. Dadi puts gardlan on photo. Guddan comes in and says don’t put garland on people who are alive. Dadi si dazed. guddan says I know why are you shocked. God brought me where it all started from. Dadi hugs her and says Guddan you are back. She screams.. AJ see who is here. AJ comes downstairs. He is shocked to see Guddan. AJ recalls shooting her. Guddan looks at him.

Dadi says my Guddan is back. My heart always said. Guddan says I slipped because my AJ wasn’t with me. If we here, I won’t have slipped. Am I right AJ? She hugs him.

AJ comes to his room. Guddan comes there. Everything has changed. Gudan says you changed everything? Why is this room so messed up like my hair? He says I am busy in work. Guddan stands up on the bed and acts like falling. AJ holds her and says what are you doing. Guddan says what is this false love? Why did you do that to me? AJ says I don’t understand. Guddan says you need to give me answers. AJ says I don’t need to answer anything. He goes downstairs.

AJ recalls what happenedd. Dadi says thank God Guddan came back. Durga says how would we tell Guddan about the changes in this house? Laxmi says what if we don’t tell her? Durga says no we have to tell her truth. Dadi says yes we have to.
AJ is cooking. Guddan says you forgot how to cook as well? You dont’ cook well in interest. AJ says I dont’ have time. Guddan says I need answers. That answer is my right. Guddan says what is truth? He says I shot you and I hate you. I suffocate around you. Guddan is shocked.

He says you changed everything in my life and that’s why I wanted to kill you. Guddan says you can’t do that. I know you love me and you are lying. Tell me or I will burn myself. I need my answers. Guddan picks lighter. AJ takes it from her. He says let’s burn me rather. Guddan throws the lighter away. He says I am the strong AJ I was.

I only hate you and you better accept it. He says in heart I can’t tell you the truth. Guddan says in heart I will find out. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.