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Guddan on zee one, Sunday 16th October 2022 update

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Durga says I gave her papa joker costume. AJ says how dare you do all this? Druga says be mad at me. I have stooped low in my own eyes. I dont know how I stooped so low. But one thing is for sure. You and Guddan are behind all this. dadi says if you did all this how can you blame them? She says I can because that’s truth.

They made me do this. I am sick of seeing her as my MIL. You and AJ can’t see her reality. This house has become a circus. I am sorry for the mistake I did. But what about her mistakes? You always unsee her mistakes. In this circus, this joker can live. See what you made me.

Bell rings. Durga says let me open. I called in someone. A guy gives her a bag. She says this bag has the solution to our biggest problem. this bag has what she always

wanted. This bag has what she married AJ for. We all know why is she your wife. We didn’t give her the money she asked for. So let’s do this. she opens the bag. It is full of money. Everyone is dazed. Durga says enough now. Take this money and get out of our lives. DAdi says durga re you in senses? She is your MIL. Durga says what MIL? Ask your Guddan, why she married AJ? She married him for money. Her husband says enough durga what are you doing. Durga says to AJ is she actually your wife? You two have nothing in common. This marriage is a problem only that you were tolerating because she asked for a lot of money. Dadi says enough Durga. Durga says how can she be my MIL when AJ doesn’t consuider her wife?
Dadi says Laxmi pick this bag and end all this. Laxmi picks the bag but durga stops her. She says no this has to end today. We have to talk about Guddan too. Do you accept AJ as your husband? Repeat and tell everyone why you married AJ? Because you thought AJ was your sister’s kidnapper and you had to save her. When you don’t consider each other spouse then why are you our MIL? Why are you all silent. Here is the money you asked for. take it and leave all of us. Guddan is in tears. Guddan walks out in tears.

Scene 2
Bhushan calls in a family to see revati. Perv is there too. Perv asks Kaushaluya who are these people? Kaushaliya says this is Parshant. He is here to meet Revati for her proposal. Perv is angry. He says in heart I will kill them if Rvat isn’t mind.

Guddan comes to her room crying. She packs her bag. AJ comes. Guddan says it’s okay. I wont d more drama. AJ says I know you are hurt. Durga shouldn’t have said it that wy. She says I forgot, I am glad she reminded me. She said truth. It was bitter but truth. There’s nothing between us. She was right. Kathor comes. Guddan says kathor let me give you food before i go. She runs after Kathor.

AJ says it wont eat until we make him eat together. AJ picks kathro and Guddan makes him eat. she says truth changes habits too. I wont be here, so kathor has to learn to eat with you only.

Guddan says Kathor in this world we have to care for ourselves. People kick us out. AJ says it is hungry and you are flying him out? Guddan says he has to do it on his own. Guddan flies it.
Perv comes to Kaushliya and says what is all this? I will kill that guy. Kaushaliya says I know you love your reavti but you can’t become one with her since you are Siddhi’s wife. Perv says prepare for wedding. i will marry your revati in a week. Go and tell your husband. I will take Revati in the house in a week. He leaves. Kaushliya says my dream is done.

Laxmi and saru are celebrating. Laxmi says drink this juice Durga and celebrate. She is leaving this house forever. Durga says I stood with truth. She is a wrong wife, she can’t be anything else. Dadi says Guddan deserves to be in this house. Durga says I showed her a mirror and she is leaving on her. She has to be a good wife before being our MIL. Dadi says Durga you are breaking this house? Durga says can’t you see the mess she brought in this house. Dadi says I trust my Guddan. She is the right one for this house. Durga says no one can save your Guddan now. She has no other way out.

Guddan packs her bag. She is leaving. Guddan recalls her moments in the house. She comes downstairs. Dadi sees her leaving. Guddan recalls what Durga said. She is walking out in tears. Dadi says Guddan.. Guddan swipes her tears and hugs her. Guddan says I am leaving the house not you. I have always been with you. Guddan says namasty to Durga. She says pick that bag too. Guddan leaves without it. Durga says you asked for it. Take it and leave don’t do this drama of being nice. Guddan says I know I don’t need this money. Durhga says why? Guddan says whatever I say you will consider it wrong. So I wont say anything. Durga says dadi you have to take your meds on time and don’t eat samosas too much. She looks at AJ and recalls her time with him. Guddan is leaving.. She comes upstairs to AJ. She slips and falls on her.

AJ returns her phone. It falls from Guddan’s hand. they both bow down to pick it. Guddan comes downstairs and is leaving. Dadi waves her good bye. Guddan looks back and steps out. she recalls her moments in that house. Guddan steps out. Dadi looks at AJ in tears.

AJ comes to his room ad recalls Guddan having fun with Kathor, breaking things. He locks the door. He says to antra’s photo. He says this isn’t my mistake. Why are you and Antra looking at me like this? i told mom that I can’t give your space to anyone? Have you seen Guddan? She is completely opposite of me. Better she left. I can’t be in this relationship with someone else.

Saru and laxmi say to Durga come today is the day to celebrate. she has left the house. Durga

says we have to sure that she has left the house. she can come back anytime. You know she is Guddan. Saru says see let’s count till 10. They count till 10. Guddan comes in saying dadi.. DILs are dazed. Durga says I knew we can’t get rid of you. What is the reason? She says I thought I would leave. I sat in rickshaw. Papa called and said I can’t step out of the house. if I do my in laws would suffer. I can’t let you be in trouble. So I came back here. Dadi says Gudda.. Guddan hugs her. Dadi says you came back? Guddan says papa called and said savisati started. So I came back. i will go back in 3 days. Durga says we don’t believe in all this. Dadi says but her family does. Dadi says come let me get you food.
Dadi takes Guddan to room. She says tell me truth how you came back so fast? I know you don’t believe n all this. Guddan says I am saying true. Dadi says tell me then or I will call back. Guddan says reason is something else. She says I came back because of eyes. Guddan says I saw truth and worried eyes. His eyes ere full of truth. I saw eyes of Revati’s kidnapper. His eyes were completely different. I have to find out who that person was. Dadi says I know you can find out. I am with you. Dadi hugs her.

Durga says we have to find out what is she back for. There is a reason that she is hiding. Saru says we will make her leave the house again. Laxmi says she can’t live in this house. We will find out why she came back.
AJ is in his room. He looks at Guddan’s bed. he recalls scolding her. AJ looks at her cot in the gallery. He fixes the sheet. Guddan comes and says yeah yeah you are doing right. Finally your learned. I wasn’t here. Who were you fixing it for/ He says I don’t like messed room. He says you left no? Were you lying? She shakes head. AJ says do you like all this? She tells him the same reason. He says explain me this concept. He says you are lying. You chew your nails when you lie. I know you are lying. Guddan says I am here to save you from that accusation. He says what?

Guddan says I know you didn’t kidnap Revati. He says you accused me of that. I don’t care what you think because I know I didn’t do anything. Guddan says I am trying to prove you innocent and you are being so rude. He says I don’t need your favor. Saru tries to listen. She falls and hangs with balcony. Saru falls down. Laxmi says are you okay? She says I was trying to listen in. Laxmi takes her inside.
Guddan says I saw truth in your eyes. My heart thinks you can’t do anything. But brain believes in proofs. AJ says my brain also says you married for money but heart says something else. But I believe brain because if works on facts. Guddan says I will prove you that heart always wins over brain.

Dadi says to AJ I am glad Guddan came

back. AJ says she is here to prove that an innocent person is innocent? Dadi says she has a good mission. Let her do it. She was insulted here and she is still here for you. AJ says yea keep your Guddan.
Dadi prays for Gudda and AJ.
Gudan tries to cook. She says I have to do something to find the real culprit and prove him innocent. dadi says you are making pakoray. I don’t think you can do this. Let me make it for you. Guddan says wow. Dadi helps her in cooking. Guddan says I will make your video and put it on internet. Guddan shows her the video. Guddan says I have an idea to find out.. Laxmi is trying to listen in. Guddan drops the box of spices. It goes in Laxmi’s eyes. She rushes to wash. Guddan says if I check wedding videos I will find some proofs.
Saru and laxmi fall on each other. Durga sees them. She says you two are good for nothing. SAru says Guddan was talking about some video. Durga says what is she cooking.

Scene 2
Kaushaliya says to perv this is our pandit. He will tell you the date of your wedding. Perv says in heart she is trying to trap me. pandit ji says after one month. Revati gives him tea. Perv says find a date in a week. Pandit says next week is a good time. perv says great.

Guddan has AJ’s laptop. She didn’t save his presentation. He says are you crazy? Gudadn says i am doing something important. I am finding proofs to prove you innocent. he says are you crazy? She says i will do what am I here for. AJ says I have no interest in being innocent in front ofyou. Guddan says this is about my sister too. that person is responsible for all this mess. I have to find out. She is in tears.

AJ says stop crying. Take this laptop and be the detective. Durga is peeking in. she wonders what is guddan looking for. Guddan finds a video.