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Guddan October 2022 Teasers

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As Guddan continues to struggle in her new marriage, the daughters-in-law continues to create problems for her. Situations lead her into believing that AJ kidnapped Revati. Read Guddan October 2022 Teasers

Guddan October 2022 Teasers

Guddan October 2022 Teasers

Saturday 1st October 2022

Misunderstandings led Guddan to believe that AJ kidnapped Revit to get married to her. She leaves the Jindal house and gets kidnapped where a kidnapper told her AJ killed Antara and needs her help. Lakshmi brings Shweta in the bridal dress to get her married to AJ, surprising Durga and Saraswati. Guddan returns to the Jindal mansion.


Monday 3rd October 2022

Later, when Guddan enters AJ’s room to get a blanket, she finds the gift that was given to him by Parv and assumes that AJ is sleazy. Shweta is exposed. AJ promises to burn all his belongings if Guddan touches them. The daughter-in-law humiliates Guddan. Ravi reveals to her mom that she loves Perv.

Tuesday 4th October 2022

Perv reveals to Guddan that he is Saraswati’s brother. Parv tells Kaushalya that he loves Revati and would keep her happy. Parv tries to harass Guddan, who teaches him a lesson. The daughters-in-law mock Kaushalya and humiliate her when she pays them a visit with gifts. Later, Lakshmi and Saraswati trick Guddan into applying lipstick that has glue in it.

Wednesday 5th October 2022

AJ helps Guddan remove the glue from her lips, which surprises the daughters-in-law. Later, when Guddan sees Lakshmi without make-up, she bursts out laughing. AJ arrives home late to break Guddan’s fast. Guddan tricks the daughter-in-law to go out of the house so that she can search for the safe. Guddan feels that AJ is innocent and she would prove it to Rawat.

Thursday 6th October 2022

After helping Guddan to make the lamps, an angry AJ tells an ungrateful Guddan that he will never help her again. Next, two unexpected guests arrive, shocking the daughters-in-law and Dadi. The family plays a game flash. Kaushalya bumps into Siddhi, who sees the divorce papers. When she questions Parv about the same, he makes an excuse. Later, Parv gets intimate with Revati.

Friday 7th October 2022

Guddan gets suspicious about Dutta. She finds out about his cheating tactics and reveals them to everyone. AJ throws Dutta out of the house and warns him of dire consequences if he ever comes back again. Afterward, AJ and Dadi question Guddan as to how she got trapped in a box. Finally, after repeated questioning, she points a finger at Durga.

Saturday 8th October 2022

Dutta turns the table on Guddan. Parv visits the Guptas and gives them Diwali gifts. Later, he boasts to Guddan about touching Revati. A furious Guddan throws a burning lamp at him. Later, Siddhi confronts Parv, who then threatens to jump off the roof if she tells others about his affair.


Monday 10th October 2022

Guddan notices that AJ has been tied up, and unties him. Parv pushes Siddhi down the roof and makes it look like a suicide. AJ rushes her to the hospital. AJ gives the keys to the house to Guddan and tells everybody that henceforth, Guddan will be in charge of all the decisions. Revati says that she doesn’t want to marry Parv considering Siddhi’s condition.

Tuesday 11th October 2022

Guddan slaps Parv for touching Revati. Parv beats up Dutta and orders him to follow his instructions. Dutta, acting as a director, calls Guddan for an audition. AJ accuses Guddan of being responsible for everything.


AJ declares that Vardan would take over the responsibility of the restaurant from Saraswati. Dutta hits Guddan unconscious, after which Parv arrives. Dutta video calls AJ using Guddan’s mobile and asks him to take Guddan away.

Wednesday 12th October 2022

AJ gives the legal documents to Dutta and asks him to release Guddan. However, Dutta asks him to apologize to him. Guddan and AJ escape but Dutta arrives with his goons at the mosque, who beat up AJ with Guddan at Dutta’s gunpoint.


Dutta is about to shoot AJ using Parv’s pistol, but Parv shoots Dutta. The next morning, everyone finds that the objects of the house have been stolen. Durga notices that the house is locked and only someone with the keys could have come in.

Thursday 13th October 2022

When Guddan sees AJ depressed, she asks him to vent his anger on her by scolding her. Saraswati meets the dealer and sells him all the goods of the Jindal house. Guddan, too, arrives at the place and scouts around for the missing picture the dealer asks for Guddan’s ornaments in exchange for Antara’s picture, and she accedes.


To Durga’s joy, Guddan hands over the keys to her. AJ tells Guddan that he is happy with her decision. AJ gets hold of the dealer and brings him home. Guddan punishes him for disrespecting her in her way.

Friday 14th October 2022

Durga makes Guddan write down her mistakes. AJ arrives and is happy to see that Durga has arranged all things back in order. Durga hands certain responsibilities to the daughters-in-law. However, she doesn’t give Guddan any responsibility claiming that she is good for nothing.

Parv comes to meet Revati and tries to spend some private time with her but Guddan arrives. Revati hides Parv behind the fridge. Guddan brings a collage of the family’s pictures. While they chat, Durga arrives and invites the family for Christmas.

Saturday 15th October 2022

Guddan realizes that the joker is Bhushan. When Durga wipes the cake off his face, Bhushan’s identity is revealed to everyone. Durga humiliates Guddan, but Bhushan defends her. Things take a bad turn when Kaushalya blames AJ and accuses his family of insulting them. Durga asks Guddan to take a stand or leave the house.

Monday 17th October 2022

Guddan shows up and Dadi is elated to see her back. When asked about the reason behind her early return, Guddan lies that her parents want to apologize to the Jindals. However, she tells otherwise to her parents on the call. Guddan informs AJ about her plan. Later, Guddan appears as Santa and tries to diffuse the situation by revealing the gifts the families had brought for each other.

The families reunite, Dadi gives bangles to Guddan as a Christmas present and asks AJ to help Guddan wear them. Saraswati eyes Guddan’s bangles and slyly steals them. When Guddan insults Parv, he vows to teach her a lesson and plots to get Guddan bitten by a snake.

Tuesday 18th October 2022

AJ asks Guddan to be silent and still till the snake goes away. When Guddan fails to do so, AJ holds her in his arms. During the game, Parv lies about getting a chit that asks him to propose Revati in front of everyone. AJ and Guddan come closer due to the dance. Elsewhere, Rawat prepares a dangerous plan.

Perv saves Saraswati from being exposed. The daughters-in-law reunite against Guddan. Later, Durga admits in front of everyone that she is solely responsible for Bhushan’s derision.

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Durga goes into self-degradation but blames AJ and Guddan for making her how she is. She goes on to accuse Guddan of marrying AJ for his wealth. Elsewhere, the daughters-in-law celebrate Guddan’s ouster from the house while a dejected Guddan prepares to leave.

As predicted by Durga, Guddan comes back by the time the other daughters-in-law count to 10. Guddan makes an excuse and says she must stay for a few days. Guddan tells AJ that she has come back to prove that he is innocent of Ravati’s kidnapping.

Thursday 20th October 2022

Guddan wakes up Durga in the middle of the night and says that if she sees those eyes from the video again, she can identify the kidnapper. She suggests inviting all the guests who had attended the wedding again so that she can identify the eyes. When Parv comes back home, he happens to see the sketches and realizes that they are his eyes.

Dadi reveals Guddan’s intention of hosting the party to identify the kidnapper in front of Parv. To get Guddan to enjoy the party, Dadi takes the box away. However, Parv intercepts Dadi on the way and instead of helping her, gets the box.

More Teasers to be added soon…