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Fahmaan Khan blames Sumbul’s father for the misunderstanding between the two

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Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan have been one of the most loved onscreen lovebirds. They rose to fame with their stint in Star life’ popular show ‘Imlie’ and have been enjoying a massive fan following ever since then. However, the internet has been abuzz with rumours of the duo not being on good terms.

In a recent interview, Fahmaan confirmed this news and blamed Sumbul Touqeer’s father Touqeer Khan for his friendship with Sumbul turning sour. He stated how certain things were blown out of proportion by Sumbul’s father and were also misinterpreted. After this interview, while Sumbul’s fans have been bashing Fahmaan for his statements, Fahmaan’s fans too have been retaliating, thus creating a havoc on social media.

Now, Fahmaan has finally opened up on the ongoing controversy and has issued a clarification too stating how nobody was at fault. He also asked everyone to stop writing things that can hurt someone’s sentiments.

Fahmaan took to his tweet page telling his fans not to blame anyone for the situation, he wrote.

“Please, guys, no hate to anyone. The only reason I did that interview is to tell you guys that nobody was at fault. The situation was wrong, and worse were the interpretations. Please stop writing things that can hurt someone's sentiments. And watch the IV to be at peace”

Sumbul and her father Toqueer Khan had been silent throughout, also keeping in mind that Sumbul lost her dear pet yesterday itself.

And both of them have remained unavailable for comment but now through their Celebrity Publicist Prashnat Golecha, they have made an official comment.

Speaking to a leading portal, Prashant Golecha said, “For Now, Sumbul and her father Mr. Toqueer Khan, don’t want to comment on anything or say anything and just wish the best for everyone”.

Sumbul’s silence is understandable given that she just lost her pet, and she might not want to comment on anything. Since the interview Fahmaan has tweeted once requesting people to not spread hate, and has not said anything more.

The drama between the two seems to have escalated to a point where it might not resolve. Sumbul began her career as a child actor, and at a very young age, she gained popularity. The diva has also become a social media sensation and enjoys a huge fan following.

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