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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Wednesday 15th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Wednesday 15th February 2023 update, Devraj gets arrested, he asks Krisha to not worry and asks Jaya to take care of her. Krisha cries for him.

Devraj is in the police car and tells Akhil that you can’t arrest me without a warrant. Akhil puts a gun on his head and says shut up.

Jaya scolds Krisha and says you shouldn’t have told the truth to the inspector. Kuch says our honor has been tarnished. Krisha sadly leaves from there.

Krisha comes to her room and cries recalling Devraj’s arrest.

Rati is going to meet Krisha but Raghav asks her to rest and stay away from her. Rati says she has done a lot for me so I can’t leave her alone. Aarav says Krisha needs us, he takes Rati from there. Raghav is angry seeing them together. Ugra sees all that and smirks. She says Raghav’s doubt will break their relationship.

Devraj is brought in a dark room. He screams and asks why was he brought here? He tries to break his cuffs.

Rati consoles Krisha and says everything will be fine. Aarav says don’t blame yourself for telling the truth. Krisha says he trapped me into thinking that I should tell him the truth otherwise he would arrest Devraj in Maya’s murder case. She says I have to bring Devraj out of the jail. Daksh comes there, she asks if he is fine? Daksh says I talked to Devraj on the call and he said to tell Krisha to leave from here right now. Krisha says what? Daksh says he is angry with you, he was trying to make everything fine but you trapped him. He is angry with you. Krisha says I told the truth to protect Devraj. I will bring him out of the jail. Daksh says just leave from here, I will handle everything. Krisha cries hearing that. Daksh smirks and leaves.

Scene 2
Devraj is sadly sitting in his cell. Otherside Krisha is sad without him also.

Daksh says to himself that I plotted all this to separate Devraj and Krisha.

Krisha is sadly sitting when Rati comes to her. Aarav says Devraj must be angry but he doesn’t want you to leave. Krisha says he never said that. Aarav says how do you know that? Krisha says my heart is joined with him, I know what his heart is saying. I am sure he wants to protect me that’s why he wants me to go away.

Devraj is sitting alone in his cell. He looks around and says why is it so dark around here? This doesn’t look like a jail.

Krisha tells Aarav that we have to go to the police station. Jaya comes there and says you can’t go there. I think there is something fishy. I called some inspectors and they told me that there was no investigation against us in Maya’s case. I found out that Devraj was not taken to any police station and there is no record of any Akhil Mehra as a police officer. Krisha is shocked and says Daksh told me he talked to Devraj. Daksh hears them and calls his man. Jaya comes there with Krisha and Aarav. Krisha asks if he knows where Devraj is? you talked to him right? Daksh says Roma got me to call him. Aarav says Roma is not here right now, how could she connect with Devraj? We have to find her. Krisha and Jaya leave. Daksh says they can’t find Roma but I will destroy Devraj’s life till then.

Aarav tells Jaya and Krisha that Roma is missing. Krisha says I can’t trust her, maybe she was involved in this plan? Jaya says we can’t trust anyone here. Krisha says we have to find out where Roma is. Jaya says we have to find out who was involved in this plan with Roma. Krisha says I have an idea.

Jaya tells Krisha that we have to work on our plan. Krisha says just pray that I am able to do everything correctly. Daksh comes there and says I need a milkshake. Ugra comes there and says I didn’t get food in my room. Jaya says you can get it from the kitchen, servants won’t serve you. Jaya sees Kuch leaving and acts like getting a call. She says you found her? She tells Aarav that I doubted Roma that’s why I sent some people to look for her, they found her so we will get to question her soon. Krisha recalls how she told Jaya that whoever gets worried after hearing that then we will know that person is the mastermind. Krisha looks at everyone. She sees Kuch and Minakshi leaving. Aarav goes behind them. Daksh starts leaving but Krisha stops him and says you need to take your medicines. Daksh thinks I have to find out about Roma.

Kuch is talking to his business partners, Aarav hears that and leaves. Krisha sees Raghav leaving and asks where are you going? He says I am taking Rati out for a walk. Daksh deliberately throws a milkshake on himself and says I will go and change. Aarav comes there and tells them it’s not Kuch-Minakshi. Krisha says it’s not Ugra, Raghav or Naina then who else is involved in all this?

Daksh calls Roma and asks if she went out? She says no, I have been locked in this room since Devraj’s arrest. He ends the call and says so Jaya was trying to fool me. They can never find Devraj.

Devraj is sitting alone in a cell and thinks I am just worried about Krisha. I know she will try to find me but she shouldn’t put herself in harm’s way. I can’t see her hurt as I love her a lot. Krisha is missing him and thinks I will do anything to bring him back, I love him so much. They both cry missing each other. Naina plays as they recall their moments together. Devraj says I have to run from here before Krisha does anything stupid.

Jaya is knocking on Krisha’s door but she is not opening it. Aarav asks her to open it. She opens it and they see her with a bag. Krisha says I was here as Maya but there is no need for that now so I can’t stay here. I am leaving now. Jaya says what are you saying? Daksh hears all that and smirks. Krisha says I am going to leave from here. Suddenly Daksh’s microphone stops working. Krisha tells Jaya that something is very fishy, Devraj went missing and we can’t find Roma anywhere. I have to go and look for him. Aarav says what will you do alone? Krisha says I have to find Devraj. Jaya says what will you do alone out there? Krisha says someone is involved in all this from this family, I can’t let them follow me when I look for Devraj.

Krisha is leaving the house. Rati says why are you leaving? Krisha hugs her and whispers that this is part of my plan with Jaya, she will tell you everything. Krisha tells Jaya that I am leaving now. Daksh hides and sees all that. Jaya says how can you leave like that? What will I tell Devraj when he is back? Krisha says he sent a message for me to leave so I can’t stay here anymore. It’s better if I leave. She leaves from there. Daksh says I didn’t know my plan would work so fast. Aarav tries to stop Krisha and says you shouldn’t leave like this. Krisha says Devraj is in this condition because of me, I won’t be able to face him when he is back. Aarav whispers to her that he will meet her soon. Krisha leaves from there.

Krisha comes to a site and prays to protect Devraj. Aarav arrives there and says I found out about the jeep in which Devraj was taken, it’s registered in some Jahengir’s name and I found out that he is a mastermind kidnapper. Krisha searches for Jahengir and it’s Akhil only. Aarav says I will try to trace his number. Krisha says we have to keep trying. A man is spying on them and makes their video. Krisha says I will not lose hope. I will find him at any cost. Aarav tells Krisha that I will not spare whoever is behind all this.

Akhil has tied Devraj to a chair and a man comes there. His goon says I am here with an ambulance so no one will doubt us. Akhil says let’s take him away.

Aarav and Krisha are in the car. He traces the car which took Devraj away.

Roma is locked in a room and thinks why did Daksh lock me here? Is Devraj in trouble? She calls Akhil but his phone is off. She says I have to go and meet him.

Jaya prays for Devraj. She gets a call from Krisha who tells her that we found out about Devraj, we are going there. Krisha and Aarav get stuck in the traffic jam. They see an ambulance going from there. Devraj is in the ambulance but Krisha doesn’t see him. She feels something but doesn’t do anything. The ambulance gets stopped by a policeman. Akhil gets stressed. The inspector asks where are they going? Akhil says we are taking a patient to a hospital. The inspector says I have to go there so I will ride with you. Akhil gets tense and gives him a lift. The inspector says I have seen you somewhere. Akhil says I have a common face.

Krisha and Aarav arrive at the site and look around for Devraj. They find a cell and Roma is there. Krisha says what are you doing here? Where is Devraj? Roma says actually Daksh.. Daksh comes there and says I am worried about Devraj, the inspector took him away. Krisha is confused.

Akhil brings the inspector to the hospital and says I have to go away now.

Daksh hugs Roma and whispers that I took your photo when you were bribing Akhil so don’t open your mouth. Aarav asks Roma what’s her connection with Akhil? Roma says I don’t have any connection with me, he called me and asked me to talk to Daksh so I did. I came here to find out about Devraj as I am PI too. Daksh smirks and thinks I knew Krisha would find this place but I am ahead of her. The flashback shows how he got the message from his man that Aarav met Krisha and told her about Akhil’s location but he gave him an instruction to shift Devraj from there. The flashback ends. Krisha cries and says I don’t know where Devraj is. Daksh smirks.

Akhil brings Devraj to a morgue and leaves him there. Devraj wakes up and tries to free his hands. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.