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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Tuesday 7th March 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world Tuesday 7th March 2023 update, Krisha comes into the kitchen and finds Vamika hugging Dev. They move away. Dev says I came to get water. Vamika says I just got a little emotional. Krisha takes Dev from there.

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Jaya sits in her room when the door knocks, she finds a man coming into her room and gets tensed. She says I told you to not come here. The man says I had to come here, he ran away. Jaya is stunned.

In the morning, Krisha wakes up to find Dev preparing for golf. She says are you going for modeling? He says I am going for golf with Vamika. Krisha says I will go with you, I used to play golf in my college days, and people used to cheer for me in the stadium. Dev laughs and says you don’t know golf. He leaves. Krisha says I don’t like Vamika near him.

Aarav calls Aditi and says keep your passport ready, we will run away from here. Krisha comes there and is ready for sports. He ends the call and says what is it? Krisha says I have to learn golf. He says I will help you. She asks if he is hiding something after agreeing to marry Vamika? Aarav says don’t think much.

Krisha meets a coach and tries to learn golf. Krisha is about to hit the golf ball when the man hits her on the head and she faints. He is about to attack her but an old man comes there and beats the coach. He asks why do you want to kill her? The coach beats the old man and drags him away. Some security guards come there and tend to Krisha.

Krisha is brought to the house and the doctor checks her. Krisha says I don’t remember anything. The doctor says you must have fallen down. Dev asks Aarav to call the golf coach and asks what happened, he says I will do and leaves. Krisha says I don’t remember anything. Dev holds her hand and says we will find out, don’t worry.

The golf coach meets Jaya’s man and gets his money. Jaya’s man asks him to not show his face again.

Dev asks Krisha to take a rest. Vamika finds a ballroom dance club there and asks about it. Krisha asks if their business is not going well? Dev says it’s not like that, our business is going well but I am going to take the dance classes. Vamika says you are good in all royal activities and this is part of it. Dev says I wanted to join the classes with Krisha. All royal couples join there together but she needs to rest now. Krisha says I am fine. Dev tells Vamika to join the classes with Aarav and represent our family. Vamika says I don’t like to go to these events after my parents passed away. Dev says you have to move ahead in life and make a place for Aarav in your heart so you should go. Vamika says I trust you so I will go, she takes the card and smirks. Dev tells Krisha that he will go and get something for her, he leaves. Krisha tells Aarav about the dance classes and asks what is he planning? why didn’t you talk to Dev about Aditi? Aarav says I can’t put her life in danger, you should just rest. He thinks I can’t tell her about leaving from this country as Aditi might get in trouble.

Aarav calls Aditi and says we will go to Europe. Aditi says my father says I can’t go anywhere with you before marriage. Aarav says he is right, you should get ready to marry me. Vamika comes there so he ends the call. She says we have to go to the dance. Aarav says I can’t dance so I can’t go. Vamika says you are right, I also can’t dance after my parents passed away. Aarav stops her and says let’s practice, we will try as friends.

Rati comes to Krisha and says I am going from here. I am not strong enough to punish Raghav, it’s better if I just leave. Krisha looks on.

Rati cries and tells Krisha that I should leave from here. I have thought about it but it’s better that I leave. Krisha asks what is she taking with her? Rati says my clothes and some photos. Krisha says where have you kept your self-respect? Rati cries and says I don’t have bravery like you. Krisha says bravery is within, at least try to show that you are brave and God will help you. Rati nods.

Krisha is waiting for Dev when he arrives dressed as a doctor. Krisha laughs and says what is all this? Dev says I am here to do your treatment. He pulls her closer and says I can hear your heartbeat calling out to Devraj. You just need love to heal. Krisha says then why are you waiting? Dev hugs her. He says you always complain that I am boring but today you will see a crazy in love Devraj. He brings roses to her. He pulls her closer. Tum humsafar plays. Dev is about to kiss her but he hears Vamika screaming. He comes to her and Aarav and asks what happened? Vamika says we were practicing dance. Aarav says she slipped by mistake, I don’t think we can do this dance. I have taught you many talents so I will teach you to dance. He shows them steps and asks them to follow them. They follow him. Vamika keeps smiling at Dev and imagines dancing in his arms. Dev claps for them. Vamika thinks he is a perfect man and I want him, I will get him at any cost.

Scene 2
Ugra comes to Rati and asks if she is shameless? You know we don’t like you but you are still here? Just leave from here. Rati recalls Krisha’s words to at least try. Rati says this is my house too so I will stay here. Ugra is stunned to hear her answer back.

Krisha wakes up and hears Dev’s phone ringing. She takes the call and hears a man crying, he says I am stuck here. Krisha says who si it? Jaya’s man ends the call and tells the old man to stop trying tricks. Krisha says who was on the call? Jaya’s man tells the old man to cooperate with them. The old man says you and your ma’am have been trying to break me for years but you can’t do anything against me.

Krisha comes to the lounge and thinks who was on the call? She finds Jaya’s room lights on. Jaya calls her man and asks him to keep an eye on the old man. Krisha enters her room but Jaya acts like sleeping. Krisha tries to put her phone away but she wakes up. Krisha says sorry to disturb you. Jaya asks if there is anything to worry? Krisha says you are like a mother to me. Jaya says tell me what is it? Krisha says someone called and pleaded to save him on Dev’s call. Jaya says it must be a prank call, Dev gets these kinds of calls all the time. Don’t worry. Jaya thinks I can’t let anyone find out the truth till my mission is completed.

In the morning, Krisha wakes up to find breakfast on the bed. She thinks I have to find out who called last night. She smiles and finds Dev’s card that breakfast is ready for his princess, he wrote that he went on a business meeting with Vamika and will be back soon. She is about to eat but Rati stops her and says we have to fast today. Krisha pouts and says okay. Rati says let’s get ready to make parsad. Krisha says okay, Rati leaves.

Krisha messages Dev that you didn’t do right by leaving before I woke up, my day would be bad now only because of you. I miss you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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