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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Tuesday 17th January 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Tuesday 17th January 2023 update, Krisha comes to the bathroom. It’s all decorated with petals. Krisha says this was his gift. he’s so cute. There are candles everywhere. Naina says there’s so many stains on my shirt.

Raghav these stains might go but not the one that will be on this family’s name. HShe says your wife is always around Jaya maa. Raghav says she must be scolding her for that mangalsutra. Naina says how did she get it? Raghav says I don’t like to answer some questions. Rati says to the maid Krisha is taking a bath. Send towel and new clothes to her. Naina says I will take revenge now.

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Krisha takes a bath. She says where are my clothes.. Krisha says where could they go? Devraj thinks about the mangalsutra. He recalls a girl wearing it. Jaya comes to Krisha’s room. She says are you inside Krisha. She ties a curtain. She says I can’t go out like this. Naina says what happened? Why is she not coming out? She asked the maid to steal her clothes. Devraj knocks on Krisha’s bathroom window. He’s about to fall. Krisha holds his hand. She says what are you doing here? He says your clothes. Krisha says you risked your life? He says I couldn’t let you be embarrassed. It’s not that high. He gives her the clothes. Krisha says I love you a lot. Do you love me as well. Devraj says you should get ready. Krisha says I am waiting for your answer. Jaya says Krisha.. Devraj says you should go. Krisha says you’re such a miser. You can’t say three words but your eyes say it. You always take care of me. I feel the safest with you. I am in love with this care as well. Devraj says you should go.Krisha comes out. Naina wonders how did she get the clothes. Krisha says you save me again Devraj.

Scene 3
Roma says to a man we have to start the plan. She found this photo today. We have to start the plan before she finds out the truth. It’s Devraj. He says don’t remind me of it again and again. I know what to do. She says really? First photo, then mangalsutra. What if she finds anythign.. He says she didn’t and she won’t. She says do you remember your mission? We didn’t bring Krisha here as the princess of this castle. We brought her here as a part of our plan. Are you forgetting that?

Krisha gets ready. Devraj says I never liked this plan. Roma says but you agreed. As your friend I want good for you. I know what am I doing. I am a private investigator, my target can never miss. Then why are you missing? Is Krisha.. He says I am not missing anything. Don’t forget that this is real life not a movie that we can use soemone as a bait. Roma says so you’ve started liking her? Devraj says I don’t have time for all that but all I know is that I can’t clean my past by ruining her present. Specially Krisha’s. She’s very innocent.

Krisha gets ready. Jaya gives her blessings. Roma says we always knew she was innocent. Why are you changing out? Devraj recalls Krisha saying she feels safest with him. Devraj says I am scared of breaking her trust. I am doing that mistake every day. Jaya gives a bracelet to Krisha. Roma says I did so much to remind you that you don’t have to get attached to the girl. I misbehaved with her. I scared her, ruined her ritual. I feel bad for her but I have to remind you that she’s here for our mission and after that she has to leave. What you’re doing has a good reason behind it, don’t feel guilty. Krisha is an ordinary girl. Just because you took rounds with her, have you started conisdering her your wife?

Scene 4
Krisha comes downstairs. Devraj looks at her. Krisha asks are you okay now? He says yes. He holds her hand and takes her downstairs. Krisha says what ritual is it? He says you will know in a bit. She says Jay and Rait said the same. There’s a large pot. Jaya asks Krisha to sit. Minakshi says I have added ambulance number on speed dial. She falls all the time. Krisha falls, Devraj holds her. Minakshi says see. Krisha sits in the pot. Minakshi says to Kach, our wedding was perfect as well. He says I don’t remember bad accidents. Naina says this is all so outdated. Raghav says why are we doing this drama? Ugra says some people here believe in this marriage.

Krisha says I hope nothing goes wrong now. The maids bring pots. Krisha says what ritual is it? No one told me. She looks at Devraj. Krisha says he looks worried. Minakshi says these people who have take evil eye off are always late. A woman comes in with many others. Devraj comes to a side. Roma says why did you come here? You know Krisha relies on you. what if she leaves the ritual. Devraj says then she won’t. Roma says we just spoke about it. We won’t get such chance again. He says it better now. What we are doing with her is wrong. I can’t break her trust all the time. Jaya comes and says someone else also trusted you Devraj.

The women come in. Krisha is confused. The woman asks Minakshi where is Jaya? Minakshi says you start the ritual.
Jaya says devraj you care about Krisha’s trust but not when someone else did it? Devraj says I know but.. She says it was your decision to fix the past and hence you agreed to Roma’s plan and get married to Krisha. How can you back out now? Krisha looks for Devraj. The women take evil eye off Krisha. They make noise. Jaya says you can’t go like this. Krisha is our last hope. He leaves. Jaya says I gave him one chance to decide and he did. He wanted to close this card behind locked doors forever. Where did my keys go? Roma says you had them. Jaya says I dropped them somewhere.

Dehanchand has the keys. He thinks they’re store keys. He gives it to the maid and asks her to bring stuff from the store. Jaya and Roma look for the keys. Roma says what if someone gets them. we need to find the keys. The maid opens a door. she says it doesn’t look like storeroom. A woamn is there. She comes out.

Scene 2
The women bathe Krisha. She sees a woman in red dupatta running. Jaya comes back. Minakshi says the main ritual is to start. Jaya says to Roma I found the kids. Bring Devraj. The woman says we took evil eye off. Let’s start the main ritual. Krisha says what’s the main ritual? Jaya says it’s an old ritual. All DILs who come here are given a royal name and that name is tattooed on her hand. Krisha says I don’t get it. Jaya says I don’t agree to a few rituals but I vowed Maharaj ji I won’t change rituals of this family. Rati, and Minakshi did it too. Krisha says I really like my name. My parents named me. I really like it. Please call Devraj. Jaya says it’s nice but all women do it. Roma comes. Jaya says bring Devraj. Roma says he’s nowhere Devraj comes in and says I know you love your name. For me you will always be Krisha. But for my family please accept this name. Krisha says what would that name be? Tara says tell the name to me. You can’t say it loud.

Tara starts tattoing the name on Krisha’s hand. It hurts. Devraj can’t see it. Tara says don’t worry. Minakshi says we all got it. Dehanchand sees the woman. She runs. She drops the candle. The candle burns a table. Everyone runs upstairs. Krisha looks at the burning hall. She’s stuck in the fire. Everyone is worried for Krisha. Krisha screams for help. Devraj jumps in and hugs her. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. He tries to come out of the fire. Aarav tries to arrange water. Aarav throws water around them.

Scene 3
Jaya says thank God you both are okay. Minakshi says Dev saved Krisha like a hero. Raghav says everything is in control now. Aarav says Devraj saved her. He showed Rathores are brave. Rati says when your love is in trouble you get courage. Devraj could do anything for Krisha. Devraj says Jaya maa Krisha should rest. Jaya says you’re right. She asks Rati to take her upstairs. Roma says to Devraj there’s a difference between bravery and stupidity. If you did this for our plan you’re brave but if your heart made you do it, you’re an idiot.

Scene 4
Krisha’s dad calls her. She tells him everything. He says what if something happened to you.. She says Devraj is a superhero. He saves me everytime. Yash says you make trouble and he fixes it. Did the fire happen because of you? She says shut up. It wasn’t my fault. It was an accident. I know Devraj won’t let anything happen to me.

Raghav says to Naina anything could happy but they got lucky. Aarav says how did this accident happen? Raghav says how do you now it was an accient? There must have been a spark. Devraj comes there and says what’s happening here? Raghav says I don’t think this was an accident. Arrav says the candle must have fallen. Naina says yes all candles are in place, how did this one fall? Someone must have done something or it’s Krisha’s fate to have trouble in all rituals. I hope her bad luck isn’t contagious. Devraj says Raghav you didn’t tell me you have left painting and have started writing detective novels. That happens in novels not in real life. It must have been air. Naian says sit with us, you don’t spend time with us. Devraj says I am not free like some people. Raghav says window must have left opened. Candle must have fallen. Naina says what if our castle has a ghost? Raghav says or a witch. Naina says she must not have liked Krisha’s dressing.

Scene 5
Devraj is angry. He says how did that door open? Jaya says it’s my fault. I gave them to Minakshi by mistake and she gave it to Sujata. Thank God Sujata didn’t see anything. Roma says we have to vigilant. We have to move her from here. She can be a danger. Jaya says no one knows how lives there. Her name is only in people’s memories. The lie that’s never exposed becomes truth. Only we know the truth. Until I decide what the next plan should be, this secret should remain between us 3.

Jaya says no one knows that secret except for us. We have to plan next. Roma says we have to use Krisha carfully for our plan. Devraj says everything is going as per our plan, from her coming here and all the customs. Jaya says I know you don’t like using her but we don’t have another option. We don’t want do this to that innocent girl either. Roma says we are doing nothing wrong. Krisha loves Devraj and can do anything for him. And Devraj needs to use.. Devraj says I know what to do, never belittle her again. ROma says I am not. I am saying everything is going as per the plan, if the fire didn’t break, we could have tattooed that name on her hand. Devraj says we should drop that idea. Jaya says it’s very important part of our plan. Devraj says so is for Krisha to know the truth. Jaya says what are you saying? He says we shouldn’t tattoo anything on her name. Roma says okay then tell her everything about our plan. Let’s end all this. Just imagine what will she think about you once she finds out the truth.

Scene 2
Krisha sees the little alphabet on her wrist. She says what name must Devraj has chosen for me? Tara said it’s a small name. What could it be? Devraj comes. He says you should rest. Krisha says I am. He says by walking? She says it’s same. I was taking fresh air. He says in the room? Krisha says I was waiting for you. I knew you would come to see me. He says so you were keeping an eye on me? Krisha says I had to ask something. What does this mean? Devraj says what? She says what name did you choose for me? He says guess it. Krisha says how can I guess? I wanna know what name do you like so much that you want to tattoo it on my wrist. He says it didn’t happen. She says it could be. I would know about you otherwise I have many ways to take out the secrets. She tickles him and says Tricky used to spill all his secrets. He says I am not Tricky. She says okay let me increase the level of tickle. Devraj laughs.

He pushes her to the wall. She says you look very nice when you smile. Rati comes and says I came to call you for dinner. No hurry. Krisha says I will find out that name. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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