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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Thursday 9th February 2023 update

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TV series

Every Girls Dream On Zee world Thursday 9th February 2023 update, Krisha is blindfolded and looks around for someone. Devraj comes there and she recognizes him, she takes off her blindfold and says I knew it would be you because you protected me from sunlight. Devraj smiles. Krisha says it’s your turn now. Devraj says we should look for Daksh first, she nods and goes with him.

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Roma’s goons are looking for Daksh in the jungle. They find him alone there. Daksh gets scared seeing them with a gun. Devraj and Krisha are looking for him. Devraj asks Krisha to go back to the site and look for him. They both separate and look for him. The goons gather around Daksh as he tries to leave. The goons start beating him. Daksh is crying for help but suddenly raises his hand and punches a goon. He starts beating them and says I am not scared of you as I am a lion. He beats them all up and says you think I am ill and weak? I treated myself and then started acting like a weak man in front of the world. My brother lives in guilt and I want that, you know why? Because I wanted to keep taking advantage of him. He has to work in an office and take care of everything while I enjoy life. He says I always hated Devraj, they always got everything because he was born 5 minutes before me? He was praised by everyone and got everything but why didn’t I get anything? I hate Devraj since childhood. He tells the goons that I will destroy Devraj, I will take everyone that he loves away from him. I have made a plan so I have to keep acting like a fool. Don’t tell my secret to anyone. He hears someone coming there and says I don’t trust anyone. I should kill you all. He ties up goons and throws them in the river. Krisha arrives there and finds Daksh alone there. She asks if he is fine? He acts and says I slipped, I was scared. Krisha says don’t worry, I will take you from there. Daksh looks in the river and smirks. He goes away with Krisha.

Krisha brings Daksh back to Devraj, he asks if he is fine? He says yes, I slipped and my clothes became dirty. Devraj hugs him and says don’t go anywhere alone again. Daksh smirks and says I am lucky to get a brother like you. He thinks that I hate Devraj, soon I will take everything away from you. I will start with your love Maya.. I mean his Krisha.

All family members come back. Naina shakes her head at Ugra telling her that Rati was saved. Roma thinks what happened to the goons I sent? She sees Daksh entering in the house and totally fine. She is confused. Daksh smiles at her and goes away. Roma is confused.

Roma comes to Daksh’s room and says I sent 3 goons to kill this Daksh and nothing happened to him? She calls her goon and hears ringing in the room only. She is shocked to see that Daksh is holding goon’s phone. He says you are calling on this phone only? Roman says where did you find it? Daksh says that goon was holding it, he came to kill me, you sent them, right? Roma is stunned and says how do you know all this? Daksh shows his evil face and says this is my real face. He laughs and says you thought you could kill me?

Krisha and Devraj come to their room. Krisha says Daksh was so happy today. Devraj says you have done a lot to make him fine. Krisha smiles and says you look happy which makes me happy. She asks him to take a rest and says I am just waiting for the day when I just am Krisha and not Maya. Devraj looks on.

Daksh tells Roma that you are shocked that I can speak clearly? He throws away his crutch and stands up properly. He shows her that he can use his paralyzed hand also. He grabs her neck and says I have been playing a role. I know you tried to kill me many times so it’s your time now. He strangles her.

Devraj tells Krisha that we have to tell Daksh that Maya is no more. Krisha says he needs to know the truth when the right time comes and it will be soon.

Daksh tells Roma that no one knows about my truth but I know Maya is no more. This woman is Krisha. Devraj loves me a lot that he is ready to give up his love to me. Roma says you don’t respect his love? Daksh says I know you want Devraj that’s why you wanted to kill me and send Krisha away. I don’t care about Devraj so you can keep him. I am not your problem. Your problem is Krisha who Devraj loves. We can partner up to separate them. Roma says so you will get Krisha and I will get Devraj. Daksh says yes, we are a team and nobody can doubt us. Roma says I knew you had something up your sleeve. Daksh laughs and says nobody can doubt me. Roma says how to start the plan of separating them? Daksh says we will start separating them from Valentine’s Day.

Ugra scolds Naina that you couldn’t do a simple job. Naina says I tried, I will try again. Ugra says shut up, I don’t trust you anymore. I will do it. Rati comes there and asks how is she? Ugra says I am not feeling well, can you do something for me? Rati says sure. Ugra says the renovation is going on above my room so can I shift in your room? If you are uncomfortable then it’s fine. Rati says no no, you can shift with me, she leaves. Ugra says my eyes will be on her all the time now.

Daksh asks Krisha to promise that they will celebrate Valentine’s day. Krisha says sure, we will do it. She thinks I should do something special for Devraj. Jaya comes there and tells Devraj that I can’t find property papers that your father gave to you. Devraj says that’s a big problem, we can’t prove I own those properties without those papers. Jaya says anyone can claim those properties if we can’t find the papers. She says there are greedy people around us so they will try to claim it. Daksh hears all that and smirks. Devraj finds Krisha tensed. He goes with Jaya from there. Krisha is worried for him. Daksh smiles at her and says you have those papers. Daksh says what? Daksh says Maya don’t you remember? You had a fight with Devraj and hid those papers from him, you told me that and made me promise to not tell it to anyone. Krisha thinks if Devraj needs those papers then I need to find them. Krisha says yes, I remember that now but the issue that I forgot where I kept those papers. Do you remember? Daksh says you never told me where you kept those papers. You just told me where you kept the key. Krisha says where? Daksh says you kept it where you always keep it, you always hide things in plain sight.

He says I am bored and leaves from there. Daksh thinks that Krisha will look for the key but it’s my plan to snatch Devraj’s love from him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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