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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Thursday 16th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Thursday 16th February 2023 update, Krisha tells Aarav that Akhil is dangerous, he can do anything with Devraj. Aarav says nothing will happen to him. Krisha says you are right, let’s look for the clues here. They find a jeep there and look for documents. Krisha searches the jeep but can’t find anything. Daksh gets Akhil’s message that they have shifted Devraj to a different place. Aarav gets a ping on his phone as he was tracing Akhil’s phone.

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Daksh thinks Akhil shouldn’t have turned on his phone. Aarav says Akhil’s phone is on again. he checks his location. Daksh thinks I have to distract them. She hurts himself and says a snake bit me. Krisha tends to him and says we have to take him to the hospital. She tells Roma to take him away while I look for Devraj.

Daksh thinks I can’t leave her alone. Daksh says I am fine, I want to look for Devraj too. Krisha says I can’t take the risk. She asks Aarav and Roma to take him away. They start leaving with Daksh

Krisha is looking for Devraj on the roads. Otherside Devraj is locked in a morgue. Krisha cries and says where should I look for him? She sees an ambulance leaving from there and recalls seeing it before also. She sees Akhil driving it and is shocked. She says they must have taken Devraj in this ambulance. She sees it stopped and opens the back door but doesn’t find Devraj there. She hears Akhil telling his man that Devraj will die in the cold weather. Akhil throws some papers out of the ambulance and drives away. Krisha collects the papers and sees it’s a hospital receipt. She runs to that hospital.

Krisha asks the guard if he knows where the ambulance took the patient? The guard says there are many patients here. Krisha hears some nurses joking that they saw a man moving his finger in the morgue.

Daksh is being checked by a doctor. Daksh thinks I have to leave from here as soon as possible to protect Akhil. The doctor says he was not poisoned by a snake but he should rest for 2 days at least. Daksh tries to fight and leave from there. Roma thinks I have to save Devraj. She asks the doctor to stop his panic attack. Jaya says to give him a sleeping pill. The doctor gives Daksh an injection and he goes to sleep. Krisha messages Aarav to come to the hospital.

Krisha is requesting the guard to let her in the morgue. The guard says nobody can survive inside for more than half an hour, you can’t enter there as you don’t have permission. Krisha tries to fight him and screams for Devraj. Devraj hears her and throws away his ring which lands outside the door. Krisha looks at it and recalls indirectly confessing to her that he loves her. Krisha told him that she will wait for him to confess one day. Devraj says what if I can’t? Krisha says like your ring, our love is like a diamond which will never stop shining. The flashback ends. Krisha tries to go inside the morgue but the security doesn’t allow her. They try to take her from there. Inside, Devraj is too cold and is dying. Aarav arrives there. Krisha tells him that Devraj is in a morgue, we have to do something. Aarav distracts the guards and Krisha runs to the morgue. She tries to open the door. She holds a fire extinguisher and breaks the glass. She opens the lock and finds Devraj lying on the floor. She rushes to him and hugs him tightly. She opens his cuffs. He is shivering with cold. Krisha hugs him and cries.

Devraj is brought back to the house. The doctor checks Devraj and says Krisha saved him at the right time. He is fine now. Jaya thanks Krisha. Krisha cries and says what if anything happened to him? Devraj wipes her tears and thinks the person who did this with me will have to pay for making Krisha cry. Jaya says today is a special day. Devraj says I am hungry. Rati says I have made kheer. Krisha says I will go and look at what we are cooking. She leaves from there. Jaya says Krisha is taking care of responsibilities. Devraj says yes, we would be incomplete without her. Daksh glares at him and says I will kill him.

Some managers are called by Krisha to the house. Krisha tells them that I am talking to you as Devraj’s wife so I want you all to do your duty and be loyal to him like I am. She shows them Akhil’s sketch and says he is the culprit behind kidnapping Devraj, he wants to harm him. The managers say we won’t spare him. Jaya tells the security to check everyone before letting them in the house. He nods, they all leave. Roma is tensed hearing all that. She looks at Akhil’s sketch and says I have to find him before Krisha does.

Daksh calls Akhil. Akhil says I kidnapped Devraj for you but you are not giving me money now? Daksh says I told you to kidnap Devraj but you failed my plan so I won’t give you any money. Akhil says if you don’t give me the money then I won’t spare you. Daksh looks on.

Devraj is standing in his room and recalls his kidnapping. Krisha comes there and Devraj gets scared and defensive before seeing her. Krisha says it’s okay, no one can attack you in this house.

Akhil arrives at Devraj’s house and thinks I will get my money or kill someone here.

Devraj teases Krisha. Krisha gives him his medicine. He holds her hand and smiles. They both stare at each other. Krisha blushes.

A man arrives at Devraj’s house. Akhil sees tight security outside the house and sees his posters around. He disguises himself as a flower man and tries to go inside. He shoes a fake ID and goes into the house.

Devraj tells Krisha that I know you are worried for me. Krisha says I want to attack the person who tried to harm you. Devraj says you will beat the goons? Krisha says you are doubting me? Try to eve-tease me like a goon. Devraj awkwardly tries to tease her but Krisha laughs at his acting and says if you tease like this then a girl will fall in love with you instead of being angry. He smiles at her. Krisha blushes and tries to leave but she slips and he holds her in his arms. Daksh arrives there and sees them like this. He makes some noise and says sorry. Krisha goes from there. Daksh glares at Devraj smiling at Krisha.

Akhil enters the house with his man. Krisha sees him but doesn’t doubt anything.

Daksh tells Devraj that we have so many memories. Do you know what happened on 28th Feb? Maya got me paints on this day. I was scared, who were the people trying to hurt you? Devraj says I will find them out and won’t spare them. Daksh says it’s good that you are safe. He asks where is Maya’s painting? Devraj says I removed it. Daksh says it was Maya’s room? Devraj says yes but now it’s Krisha and I’s room. You never told me that you loved Maya? Daksh says I wanted to tell you but then the accident happened. Devraj says it’s okay, you can make new memories in life. Daksh says you have fallen for Krisha? Devraj says I fell for her but I was scared to love her, Krisha won my heart and I couldn’t stop her. Daksh says what will you do now? Devraj says I will propose to her, I want to do something special for her so will you help me? Daksh says I will help you and smirks. He leaves from there.

Daksh comes to his room and looks at Maya’s painting. He says I live with your memories. Krisha comes there with juice. She sees him sitting in front of Maya’s painting and asks if everything is fine?

Daksh says yes and no. Krisha says you can share things with me as a friend. Daksh thinks you can’t find out what I am thinking about. I will not spare you and Devraj. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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