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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Sunday 12th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Sunday 12th February 2023 update, Rati calls Krisha. Ugra is shouting at Rati and tells her that you were trying to scare me? Rati says why do you think so? Ugra says I know you got to know about my plan. Rati says what? Naina says don’t act over smart, you drank that milk then how come you are alive? Rati says it means you were trying to kill me? Ugra says yes. Rati cries and says I can’t believe you were trying to kill me.

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Ugra says you won’t be alive for long, did you eat Krisha’s parsad today? I know you never deny parsad, I mixed poison in it. Rati is stunned and cries. Krisha and Aarav run to get to Rati. Ugra tells her that Raghav is coming back. Rati says what? She holds her stomach and cries. Ugra says my son will be free from you so he can start his new life. Ugra says soon you will die. Rati runs from there. Ugra says it’s too late for her and smirks.

Rati is running to find Krisha. Krisha and Aarav see her coughing and rush to her. Krisha asks what happened to you? Rati faints.

A doctor checks Rati while all family members are there. Krisha asks if she will be fine? Devraj asks her to calm down. Krisha thinks if something happens to Rati then I won’t be able to forgive myself. Jaya tells the family that Rati and the baby are fine. Minakshi says Rati is pregnant? No one knew about it. Ugra and Naina come there. Krisha says Rati didn’t tell anyone about her baby because she wanted Raghav to return first. Jaya says so you knew about it? Krisha says yes and I also know who did this to her. All look on. Krisha says Ugra and Naina did this to her. They were giving her some poison slowly to kill her. Ugra says you are lying. Aarav says Krisha is saying the truth, we were keeping an eye on Rati. Krisha says Ugra was behind her and she gave her something to kill her. Ugra says enough, you are making up stories to trap her. Jaya says this is a huge allegation. Ugra says ask her if she has any proof? Does she have any test done on the food I gave to Rati? Aarav says yes, we got the food tested and it was clean. Krisha says still I doubt her. Ugra says wow, you have no proof against me but you keep blaming me? She tells Minakshi to control her son. Krisha says you can make up stories but I will bring out the truth. Rati also knows about this. Naina says what proof do you have? Krisha says we do have proof. All look on.

Scene 2
Aarav asks Krisha what proof does she have? Krisha says we planned on Rati calling us when Ugra was hurting her. Aarav says but we couldn’t hear anything. Krisha says Rati’s phone records all the calls, we just have to find her phone. Aarav says let’s go and find it. Krisha says I can’t trust Ugra, keep an eye on Rati while I will go and look for her phone. Aarav asks her to take care and leaves.

Krisha is looking for Rati’s phone but Daksh stops her. He says I have brought your costume for valentine’s party. Krisha says Rati is not well so we shouldn’t party. Daksh says she will be fine when she comes to the party. Krisha tries to leave but Daksh grabs her and says you have to try this dress first. Krisha is scared and says leave my hand. Daksh shouts no.. Devraj comes there so Daksh moves away. Daksh tells Devraj that I will prepare for the party, he tells Krisha that you can try the dress, later on, he leaves. Krisha tells Devraj that I have to find something, she leaves.

Krisha comes to Rati’s room and looks for her phone. She says what if Ugra got her phone? I have to find it. She calls Rati’s phone and it rings. She looks around and finds the phone under the bed. she checks and finds the recording of Ugra threatening Rati. She tries to leave but Naina stops her. Krisha says you can’t stop me, Rati will wake up soon and tell the truth to everyone. Naina says mom will take care of Rati today only. I will take care of you here. Krisha tries to leave but Naina grabs her. Ugra comes to Rati’s room and is about to give her an injection to kill her. Krisha pushes Naina away and runs. Ugra is about to kill Rati but Raghav arrives there. Ugra is happy to see him. Aarav comes there and tells Raghav that you must have seen what she was about to do. Ugra says Raghav you are back? I am so happy. Krisha comes there too. Raghav asks Ugra what were you doing? Ugra says I.. Krisha says I will tell you what your mom and sister were doing with Rati these last few days. All look on.

The valentine’s party starts, Devraj-Krisha enter the party together. Devraj tells Krisha that it must be Daksh’s plan. All family members enter the party. A huge gift box arrives there, Krisha opens it and Daksh comes out of it. All smile. Daksh starts dancing with Krisha. Raghav thanks Krisha for taking care of Rati and his baby. Krisha says it’s good that you have realized your mistake. Devraj tells him that you are back but don’t do anything wrong. Raghav says I am repenting my mistake so forgive me. Raghav starts dancing with Rati. Ugra glares at them and Krisha is responsible for all this so I will take my revenge. All are enjoying the party. Jaya changes the music to a romantic song. Krisha dances with Devraj and smiles. Daksh is angry seeing them together. Raghav is romantically dancing with Rati also. Devraj covers Krisha’s eyes and gifts her a diamond necklace. She smiles at him.

Naina comes to Ugra and says Raghav has flipped on us. Ugra says we have to make a plan, I just need an ace card to work with.

Devraj decorates a table and thinks I wish she would like it. He is waiting for Krisha. Krisha is looking around for Devraj and thinks he must have decorated all this. Devraj is practicing to confess his love for her. Krisha arrives there and smiles. She says it was your surprise? Devraj says it’s just part of it, I want to tell you something. He takes a deep breath and says Krisha.. Daksh arrives there and says come with me Maya. Krisha says wait.. Daksh drags her from there and smirks.

Daksh brings Krisha to the hall and says there will be something special happening now. He brings a big box there. Minakshi says what is this? Daksh tells Krisha that this is your biggest surprise. He opens the box and they all find a picture of Daksh proposing to Krisha. Daksh sits on his knees and says marry me Maya. Krisha is stunned. Daksh says Dev never wants you, you both have signed the divorce papers and we already decided that we will marry each other. Krisha says but.. Daksh says we already planned all this, we are perfect for each other. I was heartbroken when you married Dev but you both are not together. Dev says it’s not like that. Daksh says I was sad and lonely before Maya but now I have her, I am proposing her because I know Maya likes me too. Krisha says no.. he tries to make her wear the ring but Krisha it away. Daksh gets angry and says I will marry her right now. He starts dragging her but Devraj stops him, holding Krisha’s hand. He says enough. Daksh says you can’t stop us, we will get married. Maya and I like each other. He starts taking her away but Devraj shouts that she is not Maya. All are shocked. Daksh says you are lying. Devraj says she is not Maya, she is Krisha and she is my wife. Daksh says don’t lie, she is my Maya. Devraj says she looks like Maya but she is Krisha, leave her hand.

Daksh says I won’t. Devraj says she doesn’t have a tattoo on her hand. He shows her hand to him but there is a tattoo on it. Devraj is shocked. Daksh thinks I knew if she has a tattoo then he won’t have any proof that she is Krisha. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.