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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Saturday 18th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Saturday 18th February 2023 update, Devraj tells Jaya that he is fine and she shouldn’t worry. Daksh brings kheer for him and it’s laced with poison. Daksh says I am scared for you. Devraj says you all are with me so don’t worry. Jaya says we will protect him.


Daksh thinks they can’t protect him. Krisha must have figured out everything till now, she should know by now that I want to hurt Devraj. Let’s have a face-to-face battle now. Daksh is about to feed the kheer to Devraj, Krisha is running to save his life. She comes there and screams stop, this kheer has poison in it. all are shocked. Krisha says yes.

Daksh says I brought this parsad, how can you say that? Krisha says stop this drama, she says Daksh was behind the attacks, he wanted to harm Devraj. Devraj says don’t say all that, he is my brother. Krisha says you love him but he wants to kill you. Daksh cries and says she is alleging me without any reason. Krisha says this kheer has poison. Daksh says I will prove that I never want to harm Devraj. He eats the kheer and all look on as nothing happens to him. Jaya asks Krisha to stop it now.

Daksh says I didn’t mix anything in the kheer.. suddenly he starts coughing and falls down. Minakshi says it had poison in it? Krisha tries to rush to him to Devraj shouts at her to move away. Raghav calls a doctor. Devraj worries for Daksh. Krisha thinks Devraj can’t see the truth.

Devraj and Jaya scold the security team. Devraj says I am sparing your life but you can’t work here anymore, get lost. The doctor comes there and says I have taken out the poison from Daksh’s body, he is fine now. I left him with Krisha. Devraj runs from there.

Krisha is sitting with Daksh who is sleeping, she recalls everything and thinks I have proof against him. Devraj comes there and says you don’t need to do anything for Daksh, just leave. Krisha sadly leaves from there. Devraj sits beside Daksh. Krisha stops and looks at him. She sadly leaves. Devraj tells Daksh that you are my life. I can’t let anything happen to you. Jaya says don’t say that. Devraj says I won’t spare the person who did it. Daksh is awake and thinks I wanted this. I will not spare him.

Krisha is sitting in her room and is tense. She says I will talk to Devraj and clear this air. I just want him to be protected. Devraj comes there and aoivds her. Krisha cries and says you are angry with me? Devraj says don’t ever blame Daksh for anything. Krisha says he is your brother, he is important to you but if he tries to harm you then I won’t let him. Devraj says if he had put that poison in the kheer then he wouldn’t have eaten it. Krisha puts her hand on diya and says I am not lying, he wants to harm you. Devraj rushes to her and takes her hand away. He holds it tenderly. He tells Krisha that Daksh has been with me since birth. If you blame him then you are blaming me. Krisha says I will show you the proof. She takes him from there and brings him to Daksh’s room. Krisha says I came to his room and found an axe, then I found a phone and he was talking to your attacker. I will show you that phone. She looks for the phone but can’t find it. She says it was here only. Devraj says enough,

Daksh has the phone and says Devraj won’t believe Krisha. He watches them through a hidden camera. Krisha is looking around for the phone but can’t find it. Krisha tells Devraj to trust her as his wife. Devraj says you can talk to me but you can’t lie about Daksh. Krisha says I am not lying, I know you love Daksh and he is not emotionally stable, maybe that’s why he is doing all that. I love you that’s why I want to protect you. I think Daksh needs medical attention, he is not stable. Devraj glares at her and says what do you want to say? Daksh smirks watching them. Devraj shouts at Krisha to stay within her limits, he is not mental, no one is above my brother for me. He leaves from there. Krisha looks on.

In the morning, Kuch and Minakshi are having tea. Kuch asks why did Krisha blame Daksh? Minakshi says it will break Devraj and Krisha apart. Kuch says that’s good for us. Devraj will break down if Krisha leaves and then we can own everything here. Aarav will become the prince. Aarav hears that. Kuch says we will get Aarav married to a princess. Aarav thinks I will marry Aditi only.

Jaya comes to Krisha and says don’t come between Devraj and Daksh otherwise it will severe your relationship with Devraj. They hear Daksh screaming. Some nurses are taking Daksh away. The doctor says we are taking him to a mental hospital. Jaya says what? Devraj comes there and stop. Daksh says I am not mental. Devraj asks the doctor to get lost. The doctor says your wife called us. Devraj says what? the doctor says Krisha called us here. All are shocked.

Devraj asks the doctor who called them here? The doctor says Krisha called us here. She is stunned and says I didn’t call them. The doctor leaves. Devraj shouts at Krisha that you wanted to send my brother to a mental hospital? I told you to not attack him. Daksh smirks at Krisha, she is shocked.

Krisha says why did the doctor take my name? She recalls everything Daksh did and says all proofs are saying Daksh is behind all that, why is he going his brother when Devraj loves him so much? Krisha gets Daksh’s message that I hope you are enjoying the game but I won’t let Devraj have peace in life. She tries to take the screenshot but he deletes his message just in time. She says it’s proven that he is behind all that.

Daksh cries and tells Devraj that Krisha thinks I am mental, why is she doing all that? Devraj looks away and says if you want then I will get separated from Krisha. Daksh says no no, it was her first mistake so forgive her. He leaves from there. Devraj says he is so intelligent and Krisha thinks he is mental. Daksh calls Krisha there and says tell him it was your mistake. Devraj tells Krisha that I know you must have mistakenly done it so you should apologize to Daksh. Krisha cries and tells Daksh that I did a mistake by hurting you so I have decided to leave the house. Devraj stops her and says it was your mistake as a human so I can forgive you, I can’t live without you. Krisha hugs him and cries, she thinks Devraj will be hurt to know what his brother is up to. I can’t let him hurt Devraj, he started this game but I will finish it.

Scene 2
Krisha makes food for Devraj and says I can’t trust anyone now. She says where is he? Devraj comes there in a towel. He says I shouldn’t have shouted at you, please forgive me. Krisha nods and turns to see him in a towel, all wet. She blushes and looks away. She tries to take his photo, he tries to stop her and says you can’t do it. He pulls her closer. They both stare at each other. Devraj says you should keep smiling like this. Krisha tries to leave but Devraj stops her and says how will I be forgiven? Krisha says when you confess your love to me. Devraj pulls her closer but she pushes him away and leaves.

Daksh comes to Krisha and says I want to talk to you. She says okay and goes into his room. Daksh turns off the lights and asks if she is scared? Krisha says I believe in fighting, I feel pity that you are hiding and attacking like cowards. Daksh says it’s good that we are openly talking. Do you want to see my surprise? He asks her to turn on the lights, she does and sees Daksh doing push-ups and he is totally fine physically. Krisha is shocked. Daksh smirks and says I am totally perfect. Krisha says you are hurting people who love you? Daksh says I just want to hurt Devraj as he deserves it. Krisha says why?

Daksh says I am not in the mood to tell you. Krisha sits in front of him and glares at him, she says I thought you were ill but you are a cheap man, you can stoop as low as you want but you can’t Devraj because his wife will protect him. Daksh laughs. Krisha says I will either make you come on the right path or get you thrown out of this house.

She tells him that you are a coward man so you can’t scare me or Devraj. Daksh glares at her. Krisha asks him to take care and leaves. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.