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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Saturday 14th January 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Saturday 14th January 2023 update, Krisha trying to save her God’s idol, while Devraj and Yash waits for her inside the car. The attacker smirks seeing the bomb inside Devraj’s car and wait for it to blast. Yash goes towards Krisha to help her, while Devraj also follows him. Meanwhile, the bomb gets blast making everyone shocked. The attacker gets annoyed as her plan fails and goes away, while Krisha and Devraj looks at each other being scared.

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Here, Mr. Singh assures Krisha and her family that everything is under control and ask them not to worry about the attack. He states that Devraj have handled everything and tells not to notify anything about it to the police as it can ruin Devraj.

Krisha goes to meet Devraj but he avoids her. He denies to marry her declaring that he don’t want to risk her life. He says that she is important to him and won’t let her in danger. He sits inside the car, while she says that she won’t let him leave her. She says that she will always be there to protect him, while he leaves from there.

Elsewhere, Krisha cries and faces the attacker. She proclaims to protect Devraj and declares that she won’t let her harm him anymore. The attacker follows Devraj, while Krisha also goes to stop her. Devraj stops his car and faces the attacker, while Krisha also comes there. He shields her, while attacker hides her face from Devraj. She points the gun towards Devraj, while suddenly Devraj’s guards comes there to protect them. The attacker runs away from there.

Devraj says that he can’t take any risk regarding Krisha’s life. He says that he can’t see Krisha getting harmed because of him and ask her to stay out of his problems. She declares that the priest told her about his life being in danger for one month and states that she can’t leave him. He tries to make her understand, but she stays adamant on her decision. She hugs him pouring her love towards him and says that their love is stronger then any danger.

Ahead, Krisha and Devraj sits to fix a date for their marriage along with her family and Mr. Singh. The priest notify them about the danger in Devraj’s family and says that he is saved only because of Krisha. Her parents doesn’t agree to get her married in hurry, while she tries to convince them. Her father says that they can’t do the marriage without the absence of Devraj’s family, while he says that everything will be on him.

Krisha says that when she and Devraj are together as their strength then no on exam come in between them. Devraj assures Krisha’s family and says that he will look after her. He says that he will prepare for the wedding. Later, Krisha’s mother gets her ready and becomes emotional. Krisha comforts her and says that dreams do comes true. Her mother worries about Krisha and blesses her.

Further, Devraj waits for Krisha being ready in groom’s attire. Krisha comes there along with her family in bridal attire. He smiles seeing her and adores her beauty, while she looks at him being shy. She moves towards him, while he keeps staring at her.

Krisha and Devraj doing all the rituals to complete their marriage. Devraj fills her hairline and makes her wear the nuptial chain. They takes rounds around the fire and completes all the phera’s. The priest declares them husband and wife, while Krisha’s family gets emotional as they sends her away with Devraj. Krisha meets her parents and ask them to look after themselves. Meanwhile, she ask her brother Yash to concentrate on his studies. She hugs him being sentimental, while Devraj promises them to look after her.

Here, Devraj thinks about all the secrets he is hiding from Krisha and wishes if he can tell it to her. Later, they reaches his palace in Ambikapur. His family welcomes them grandly, while Krisha gets astonished seeing the huge palace.

Devraj’s Jaya Maa comes there and shows her disappointment towards Devraj for not informing her about his marriage. She says that she have others ways to find out about his activities. He tries to explain himself, while she makes him quite stating that they will talk afterwards. She ask Krisha to come inside the house by proper rituals. Krisha does as per the ritual and comes inside the house along with Devraj.

Elsewhere, Jaya introduces Krisha with all the family members. First she introduces her with Devraj’s uncle Gajvardhan Rathore and then takes her towards his wife Meenakshika. They both blesses Krisha and Devraj. Meanwhile, she introduces her to Devraj’s aunty Ugra, who seems to be unpleased by Krisha. Jaya then makes Krisha meet Raghav and Rati, son and daughter-in-law of Ugra. They welcomes Krisha happily.

Jaya takes Krisha and Devraj towards Naina, who is supposed to be Ugra’s daughter. She fakes her smile and welcomes Krisha to their family. Ahead, Aarav introduces himself and says that he always looks upto Devraj and follows his path. He also takes blessings from Krisha stating that she is elder to him according to their relation. Later, Roma comes there and hugs Krisha, who is revealed to be the same women who tried to attack Devraj several times. Ugra introduces her as Devraj’s friend and states that she stays with them.

Ahead, Jaya takes Devraj and Krisha upstairs towards his room. Meanwhile, Krisha takes blessings from the God. Jaya instructs Krisha to behave like a royal and explain them about their rules and regulations. She notify her about the habits of Devraj and tells about his interest of reading books. Whereas, Devraj whispers to Krisha that his interest is shifted towards her.

Jaya says that Devraj and Krisha have to stay in different rooms, till all the rituals gets over. She takes Krisha inside Devraj’s room, while ask Devraj to go to some other room. She takes Krisha inside Devraj’s room and sends all the staffs out. She comforts Krisha and tells about her own story.

Further, Krisha ask if she can talk to Devraj? To which Jaya nods positively. She just ask Krisha to not let him come inside the room before all the rituals gets over. She ask Krisha to get ready for “Muh Dekhai” rituals and says that she will send Rati to take her down for the ritual. She leaves while Krisha sits on the bed removing her veil.

Krisha sitting inside Devraj’s room. She takes her bag and brings out God’s idol. She keeps it on the table happily, while someone keeps an eye on her. Meanwhile, Jaya scolds the servant Dhyaanchand for bringing different flowers. She says that she have to handle everything and goes away from there. Devraj comes to talk to her, but she says that she will have a conversation later. She states that she have a lot to ask from him, while he declares that he wants to say about Krisha. He ask her to trust his decision and praises Krisha, while she says that she trusts his choice.

Here, Ugra and Meenakshika discuss about their disappointment regarding Devraj’s marriage. At that time Jaya comes there, while Meenakshika changes her attitude. She shows her approval towards Krisha, while Ugra confronts her. She says that they all are acting as if they aren’t affected by Devraj’s decision. Jaya replies her back and says that she trusts Devraj.

Ugra says about her complaint list, while Jaya ask her to stop her hatred. Ugra states that they all have done bad with her and ask to give some respect to her, while Jaya reminds that how everyone have treated her well. At that time Gajvardhan comes there and gets surprised seeing the ladies together. Ugra leaves from there, while Meenakshika praises her husband.

Elsewhere, Aarav fixes the lights while Raghav ask him to get married but he denies stating that he wants his freedom. Naina comes there and ask Aarav to have some reputation. She ask him to stop doing electricity chores, while he replies that he have interest in it.

Jaya gives a gift to Rati and ask her to wear on the “Muhdekhaye” function. Later, Krisha and Rati gets ready together but doesn’t see eachother’s faces. Krisha talks about all the rules and regulations inside their house, while Rati says that she is adjusted in it. She assures Krisha that soon she will also get used to it.

Ahead, Aarav keeps fixing the lights while Naina gets irked by his behaviour. Meanwhile, Roma keeps an eye on Devraj. They all starts dancing as the celebration starts. Naina shakes her leg on “Galla Godiya” song, while Jaya stops Meenakshika from dancing in public.

Rati gives jewelleries to maid asking them to get Krisha ready, while Krisha excitedly comes face to face with Rati. Rati gets shocked seeing her and runs away from there. Meanwhile, Krisha worries about it and goes downstairs to check.

Further, Ugra pours her frustration out stating that when she married the guy whom she loved, no body supported her but in Devraj’s case everyone is fine. She ask Jaya to do the justice, while she declares that Devraj’s decision will be the last. He proclaims that Krisha is his wife and he won’t leave her. Aarav supports him, while Raghav ask him not to butter Devraj. Aarav replies him back making Raghav furious, but Rati stops him from losing his control.

Krisha hears their conversation and runs away from there. Devraj follows her, while she blames herself for ruining the celebration.

She cries stating that she always ruins everything, while he stops her and wipes her tears. He puts veil upon her head and takes her downstairs in front of his family. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.