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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Monday 16th January 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Monday 16th January 2023 update, Krisha hugs Devraj. She says sorry I doubted you. I trust you more than myself. She holds her ears. Devraj holds her hands. Krisha hugs him. Devraj says before all the rituals, it’s not okay for us to be together. You should go back to your room. Krisha goes to her room.

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Jaya is in Krisha’s room. She says on call we are also excited to meet you. She says Krisha is here, she says it’s your family. Krisha’s dad and Yash say she’s so nice. She invited us to come there. Are you happy? Krisha says very happy. Yash says how nice is Devraj? Krisha says shut up. Yash says how many troubles did you create there? Krisha says bye. Jaya says your family is very nice. Krisha says really? My papa is the best chef. He makes the best food. My mom makes good food too. My brother is very funny. Sorry.. I got excited. Jaya says you’re to cute, I like it. It might make Devraj fun too. Pandit ji took out mahorat for your next ritual. It’s your cooking ritual tomorrow. You know Maharaj and cooks make it for us. But it’s a ritual. And you don’t need to worry. Your dad is such a big chef. You must make good food too. Get ready for the ritual tomorrow. She leaves.

Krisha is worried. Krisha says how do I tell her that I can’t cook at all. Roma comes in and says many rituals are left. Krisha says looks like you know everything about this house? She says most of the things. Roma says you look nervous. Krisha says why would I be? I have my dad’s recipe book. Roma says then you don’t need to worry.

Scene 2
Everyone gets done with breakfast. Jaya says the kitchen is yours now. Maharaj will help you. And this.. Devraj says your assistant. Jaya says what are you doing here? He says came to get water. Jaya says when you lie you blink. Minakshi says looks like Krisha will only serve. Devraj says why? Minakshi says I want to see Ugra showering with daal. Jaya says let’s take a photo. They take Krisha’s photo. Krisha says this frame is empty on the wall. Jaya says we will put your photo in this frame. All the best. They leave. Jaya says to Devraj assistant ji don’t help too much.

Krisha asks Devraj what are you doing here? He gives her chickpeas that she eats when she’s nervous. Devraj says you need them. Krisha says I am not that nervous. He says then return it? Krisha says a bit nervous. She says why are you here? It’s my ritual, won’t they have a problem? He says we are one. I like to do lunch on time. Might have to do it late. Krisha says I have my dad’s book. He says where? Krisha says in my room.

Scene 3
Jaya comes to Ugra and says don’t let tree of anger spread its roots. I heard you didn’t eat. Why mad at food? Come let’s eat. Ugra says when tree of irresponsibility also spreads, it ruins things too. Looks like no one cares about what’s happening here. Jaya says what’s happening? Ugra says I am scared. Jaya says scared of what? Ugra says don’t act like you don’t know. Jaya says I don’t. You make fuss out of nothing. Rati listens in. Jaya says you can tell me your fuss. Ugra says looks like some secrets about to open. Our past would be out. Jaya says that’s gone. We are a family and we will all support Devraj. Is there anyone who’s going against Devraj?

Krisha reads the ingredients and checks. Aarav comes. He says bhabhi make good food please. Aarav and Devraj help her. Jaya says you’re hiding something, she sees a box and says what is this box doing here? Devraj says to Krisha something is left. He makes her wear an apprin. Aarav says something went in my eyes. Krisha says let’s start cooking. She reads 4 spoons sugar and 1 spoon phitakri. Devraj and Aarav are shocked. Devraj says what are you doing? She says don’t disturb me.

Ugra says nothing. Jaya takes the box and says how did it come here? How do you have it? Ugra gets worried. Jaya says Raghav. How did he have it? Ugra says I don’t know. I found it in his room. He has hidden it. I found it and brought it here. Jaya says your son keeps creating problems, why does he need this box then? I didn’t even know it is in this house. Did you open and see? She says yes. It has Devraj’s old things and some of hers. Jaya says I am taking this box. It will stay with me.

Krisha says let me make laddu as well. She follows the recipe. Devraj says sugar and haldi? Are you sure? She says my dad is a chef. If his book says it, it might be right. Roma looks at her and smiles. She stuck the pages and mixed the recipes.

Krisha says you both gave me confidence so you both will taste it first. Devraj and Aarav taste it. Krisha says how is it? Devraj says too.. nice. She says let me get the other dish too. He says let’s make another two dishes that you can make that other people can try too. Krisha sees Aarav spitting. He says no no it’s so good. Krisha tastes it. She says it’s so bad. How did you eat it? Aarav says the pages are stuck. You mixed the recipes. Krisha says it’s all ruined. What will we do now?

Krisha imagines everyone being mad at her. She says what will be do now? Devraj says just do as I say. She says I thought you are a prince. You only order around. He says Jaya ma used to go for work so I learned to cook. Devraj guides her and she cooks.

Scene 2
Jaya hears Minakshit screaming for help. Jaya leaves the box. She goes to Minakshi. Minakshi is doing power yoga. She says I thought Krisha would add too much oil. I hurt my back. Jaya says Aarav could you help you. Kach comes in. Jaya says your wife was screaming in pain and you didn’t come? He says I was busy. Minakshi says he must be busy with work. He laughs with his friends on call.

Krisha garnishes the food adn says I finally learned. He says you must have learned this one. She says why? He says it’s my favorite. Krisha says we did it. He says you did it. Always keep smiling. Your smile is special. Aarav says let me tell everyone that lunch is ready. Krisha says thank you for sending Devraj to me God. Aarav and Devraj go out. Krisha drops tomatoes. She picks them from under the fridge. Krisha sees aphoto. It’s a year old photo of somoene doing cooking ritual. Krisha says this photo is a year old. Who did their ritual a year ago int his house? The face is torn.

Rati is about to open the box. She says why was Raghav hiding her things? What if Krisha saw them. Krisha says Rati also got married 3 years ago. Then who is this? It can’t be Minakshi or Rati. then who? She says I should focus on lunch. Aarav comes. Minakshi and Jaya come too. Minakshi says it looks nice. Jaya says I know it’s amazing. She asks the servants to bring the food. She says you come with us.

Scene 2
Aarav says Naina has gone to get ready. Ugra says someone people have actual work. Naina is on urgent business call. Jaya asks Gaitri to tell everyone that food is ready. Krisha says I forgot daal, let me get it. Naina comes too. Gaitri asks Rati to come for food. Something falls in the daal. It splashes on Naina. Naina says you can’t do anything without messing? You ruined my dress. Krisha says I didn’t do anything. Minakshi says what fell in the daal? was it a lizard. Krisha says let me see. She takes out a mangalsutra from it. Everyone is shocked. Jaya says this mangalsutra was in that box. It fell from Rati’s hands. Krisha says whose mangalsutra is this. Jaya sees Rati. Rati says sorry. Jaya looks at Ugra. Devraj gets upset looking at the mangalsutra. Krisha is confused. Jaya says Dehanchand, give it to me. He says Krisha, complete your ritual. Serve everyone desserts.

Rati comes downstairs. Krisha serves Devraj but he’s upset. Devraj says I am not well, I will eat later. He leaves. Krisha says but this was your favorite. Jaya says you complete the ritual. Let him rest. You serve everyoen. Krisha serves everyone.

Scene 3
Krisha says all my rituals are going wrong. What’s happening. It wasn’t even my fault today. What is it? I didn’t follow the rules. I shouldn’t have taken Devraj’s help. Everyone’s mood was ruined because of me. Rati says it didn’t happen because of you. Krisha says I made Devraj upset. He left the food. He’s not picking my call either. Rati says calm down. He’s fine. He had a headache. He sent something for you. Krisha gets a text from Devraj. I am sorry for my behavior. You must be tired. I sent you a gift, hope you will feel relaxed. Krisha sees the gift. She says he cares so much for me. He’s not well himself.

Rati says he has to worry about you. Krisha says what? Rati says you’re the princess of this house. I am sorry your ritual didn’t go well. Krish says it’s not just it. there’s something more. Rati says what? Krisha says his mood was fine, it went off when he saw that mangalsutra. Rati says no no.. I don’t know why you feel that way. Krisha says whose mangalsutra was it? Rati says that.. it was old. No one remembers. Krisha says it wasn’t a random necklace. It’s mangalsutra. How can anyone forget it? I think you all know this mangalstura and specially Devraj. I saw a woman’s photo. And then recipe’s pages were stuck. I know Roma did that. I was gonna ask about that photo.

Rati says don’t talk like it’s a secrets mansion. You should relax. I will send your stuff. Krisha says I will ask Devraj whose mangalsutra was it. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.