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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Friday 17th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Friday 17th February 2023 update, Krisha comes to Daksh and says you can share anything you want with me. Jaya brings clothes for Daksh and says it’s for pooja. Krisha says can Daksh do havan today? Jaya says only Prince can do it so Devraj has to do it. Daksh knows that. Krisha sees Daksh sad and asks him to help her with preparations. She thinks he must be missing Maya. She tries to talk to him.

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Daksh sees Akhil there disguised as a seller. He glares at him. Akhil says you thought you could get away without giving me money? Daksh whispers that I am bringing your money and then leave. Krisha approaches them so Akhil moves away. Krisha leaves.

Devraj gets ready. Jaya says you look nice and don’t worry about your attacker, we will find him soon. Devraj says he is dangerous, I am worried that he can hurt our family. Jaya says don’t worry, God is with you.

Krisha comes outside the house to get something. Akhil comes out and thinks to get his money from Daksh soon. Krisha prays to protect Devraj. Akhil bumps into her and his fake beard falls off. Krisha grabs him and says you tried to harm Devraj? I won’t spare you. Akhil says I am not the mastermind behind all this, if you promise me freedom then I will tell you everything. Daksh comes there and hides. Akhil tells Krisha to write a statement that he won’t be jailed. Daksh throws some patrol on the ground and starts fire near Krisha and Akhil. Akhil catches fire and screams. Krisha tries to save Akhil. Devraj comes there and pulls Krisha back. The guards try to doze off the fire. Devraj hugs Krisha as she cries. The police arrive there and Akhil’s body is taken away. Krisha cries and tells Devraj that he told me there is some mastermind behind all this. Devraj says don’t trust his words, he was a goon. Let’s go and do pooja. Krisha nods and starts leaving. She finds an axe on the ground and looks on.

Daksh comes to his den and sees that it caught fire also. His Maya’s poster was burned too. He is angry seeing all that. He says I will snatch Devraj’s love from him. He took my memories with Maya away. Devraj won’t get Krisha at all. He says I have hated Devraj since childhood.

Devraj and Krisha do pooja together. Devraj prays to protect Krisha always. Krisha looks at him and recalls how he protected her, he asks what happened? She says love.. He smiles. Krisha goes to check on Daksh.

Daksh is sitting in his den and makes Maya’s sketch on the ground with ashes. Krisha is looking for him and says he must be heartbroken as Maya’s posters were burned. Daksh looks at Maya’s sketch and says her memories will never die for me. We were separated but her memories will be mine.

Krisha thinks that Daksh must be heartbroken as his room got burned with Maya’s memories destroyed. She comes outside his den and sees him roaming around her burned photos. She finds an axe in his room and recalls how it was near Akhil’s accident too. She thinks who owns this axe? I have to find the mastermind behind these crimes. A servant calls her so she leaves from there. Daksh glares at the axe and says this accident will repeat soon and Krisha will be responsible. She wants to remove Maya’s memories to make a place in Devraj’s heart? I will keep him in fear and he will never get happy.

Devraj does pooja with the family. Jaya tells him to do the final pooja with Krisha. I have called Raj Guru for that, he will be here in 2 hours and then Krisha can break her fast. Devraj says she is fasting? It must be difficult for her.

Krisha is thinking about the axe and looks at the food. She says I am so hungry. The servant says you can taste the food and nobody will know. Krisha is about to eat but says I can’t break the fast, I am fasting for Devraj so I can’t break it.

The Raj Guru enters the house. All family members go to welcome him. Raj Guru blesses everyone. Jaya comes to Krisha and says I have to introduce you to him. His future predictions are never wrong, come and get a blessing. Krisha thinks he will answer me. Devraj comes to her and asks what happened? Krisha says nothing, I am fine. Devraj says I can read your eyes and they are saying you are hungry? Krisha looks away. Devraj says you must be thinking I will scold you if you eat. He whispers to her that he wouldn’t mind if she ate. Krisha smiles. Devraj brings her to the kitchen and asks her to eat. Krisha says don’t even think that I am weak and can’t fast. She goes from there. Devraj goes behind her. A man enters the kitchen and takes some kheer.

Scene 2
Minakshi talks to Raj Guru and asks when will gold prices go down? Jaya asks her to stop it. Krisha and Devraj come there. Krisha takes his blessings. Raj Guru says if you don’t know your enemy then keep an eye on everyone, protect Devraj. Krisha looks on.

Krisha hears Daksh talking to a man, he tells him to do his work and get that item from the room. Krisha is confused and says who is that man?

Devraj and Krisha sit to do pooja together. Daksh glares at them and thinks I will do this pooja soon. He hints at his man and calls him. He asks him to do his work as soon as he gives him a hint. Daksh nods at the man. The man starts approaching Devraj and throws a big vase at him. Devraj is injured. The man runs from there. Krisha runs behind him. She tries to grab him but the man takes an axe and runs away. Krisha finds the axe and recalls how she heard Daksh talking to a man before. Jaya and others rush to Devraj. Jaya says his head is bleeding. Kuch goes to call a doctor. Devraj goes from there. Minakshi says this pooja was not completed. Raj Guru says we can’t leave it incomplete. Jaya says if Devraj can’t do the pooja then Daksh is next in line to do this pooja. Daksh smirks.

Daksh arrives at the pooja and smirks. He starts doing pooja happily and thinks I will own everything soon, I will burn Devraj’s happiness and take away Krisha from him. Kuch and others start leaving the pooja. Daksh glares at them.

Krisha sits with Devraj and says I can’t take any risk, we have to find your attacker, I will not spare him as he tried to hurt you. Devraj says you are my responsibility, you can’t do anything wrong that will harm you, promise me. Krisha promises him but crosses her fingers. She thinks Devraj is my all so I can’t let him get hurt again, I have to find that mastermind. She asks him to rest and leaves.

Aarav is angry, Rati sees him stressed and asks what happened? Aarav says I love a girl Aditi, we love each other but my parents won’t accept her because she is not from a royal family. They are already looking for a rich girl for me. Devraj is a prince but I will lose my love because of all this. Rati says true love never loses, we will win for sure. Raghav comes there and hears her. Rati tells Aarav to say no to any girl that his parents choose for him. Raghav thinks Rati doesn’t want Aarav to marry any other girl? Are they having an affair?

Krisha thinks about Daksh’s actions and says he can’t be behind Devraj’s attacks. She jumps inside his den and looks around. It’s all dark there. Krisha steps on a photo and sees Devraj’s face canceled. She says why would Daksh do this?

Krisha comes to Daksh’s room and looks around for anything useful. Suddenly lights go off. Krisha sees a light source and moves the wall to see a hidden room behind. She finds Maya’s pictures and all her memories there. She says Daksh loved Maya this much? She opens a drawer and finds a phone there. She calls a number inside and a man picks up thinking it’s Daksh.

He says I can’t talk to you right now, I have given you a poison bottle, you can use it to kill Devraj and then you will own everything. Krisha cries and recalls he is the same man who tried to attack Devraj. She rushes from there. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.