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Every Girls Dream On Zee world, Friday 10th February 2023 update

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Every Girls Dream On Zee world Friday 10th February 2023 update, Krisha is looking around the room to find the key for the papers. She says where would Maya keep it? She finds Maya’s photo on the wall and says it’s in front of everyone but nobody can doubt this. She takes off the poster and finds the key behind it. She says where do I have to use this key? She tries all the drawers and says I have to think like Maya.

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Rati is massaging Ugra’s feet. Ugra says I forgot my glasses in my room. Rati goes to get it for her. Ugra puts some medicine in Rati’s milk.

Krisha is trying the key in every drawer in the house but can’t succeed.

In the morning, Ugra wakes up and finds Rati in a deep slumber. She smirks.

Devraj comes to Krisha and asks why does she look worried about the papers? Krisha says this property matters to you. Devraj says I won’t fight my family over it, if they want it then it’s fine. Krisha says it will be your loss. Devraj says don’t worry about it, he leaves. Krisha looks on.

Scene 2
The lawyer comes to the house. Kach says we have got shares in the business but we have a right on family property. The lawyer says if dada has given property to Devraj then you can’t claim it. If he has any paper then you can’t do anything. Jaya comes there with Devraj, she tells him that I am sorry for losing those papers.

Krisha is looking for papers and says what should I do? Daksh comes there and thinks I have trapped her. He says you called me? You look worried. Krisha says I am trying to use this key but I don’t remember where to use it. Daksh says it’s your box key. Krisha says I can’t find it, can you help me? He says sure and goes with her.

The lawyer tells Devraj if he has any will that claims he owns the family property. Jaya says they have stooped low. Kach says you don’t have any paper so just sign these and give us our share.

Daksh gives some hints to Krisha and says the box must be around here only. Krisha looks around for the box. Daksh thinks she won’t be able to find the papers, I will waste her time. Krisha says there is no box in the room. Daksh finds a box and gives it to her. She opens it but it’s a make-up box. He asks her to check nicely.

Ugra calls Naina and says Rati is not waking up, I think our work is done. Let the property thing settle and then I will act like crying over losing Rati. Naina says just come downstairs to sign the papers. Ugra turns and sees Rati gone from the bed. She is stunned.

Krisha finds a compartment in the box and uses a key to open it. She looks at the papers and says this must be it. She takes the papers from there. Daksh smirks and says I hid these papers for years. He says these papers will benefit me.

The lawyer tells Devraj that you couldn’t present the papers so we have to divide the property among all family members. Jaya says this is wrong. Kach says he has lost the battle so you can’t do anything. Devraj asks her to just sign the papers. Krisha is running with the papers but recalls how Devraj said to stay out of it. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up the call. She says I have to stop them.

The lawyer is about to make Devraj sign over the property to the family but Krisha arrives there and says I have will papers. I found them. She mistakenly drops the papers. Devraj gives them to her and glares at her. Daksh hides and watches everything. Krisha gives the papers to the lawyer. Daksh says now everyone will find out what these papers have. Kach says they are just wasting time, those papers were never made. Jaya says how can you say that? you look surprised that our father made a will? Kach looks on. Daksh finds that property papers fell down near the couch. The lawyer says these papers are not related to the will. Kach says they are just wasting time, let’s start the process. Krisha says how can you people do this with Devraj? I might be middle class but I value my family unlike you all. Krisha asks the lawyer to give her some time. He says I can give you time till evening only. Krisha runs from there.

Devraj tells Krisha that I told you to not get involved in all this. Krisha says I couldn’t let them snatch everything from you. You are a king of this place. Devraj says do you want to rule this palace like a queen? Are you greedy? Krisha says yes, I want this palace but for you, as it’s your right. Devraj says sorry, I didn’t mean that. Krisha says we have to look for the papers. Aarav comes there.

Ugra tells Naina that Rati was in the room but suddenly she went missing. She was not moving after taking the medicine. Naina says just think about the property papers for now.

Aarav tells Krisha that Kach was so sure that there were no property papers which means that he might be hiding those papers. I will go and check his room. Krisha guards him.

Scene 2
The lawyer comes back and asks if they found the papers? Krisha comes there. He asks if she has the papers? Krisha says I was looking for papers but someone else is bringing them. Aarav brings a file there. All look on. Kach asks Aarav to not get involved in all this. Aarav says I found these papers in your room. Jaya says you stole the papers? Kach says I don’t know about these papers. Krisha asks the lawyer to look at the papers. Minakshi snatches the papers from Aarav and says these are not real papers, I won’t give them to the lawyer. Krisha tries to take it from her and says why are not letting him check those papers. Minakshi gets angry and says I am telling you these papers are not real as I burned the real papers. All are shocked to hear that. Krisha looks at Devraj and smiles. He nods at her. Kach opens the file and it’s empty. Krisha tells Kach that I had to do a drama to bring out the truth. Jaya tells Minakshi that it’s a crime to tamper with legal papers, you might go to jail because of your greed. Minakshi gets scared and says I can’t go to jail. Krisha says then sign a new paper which says that you people can never claim the property again. Kach is angry. Jaya smirks. Krisha shows the papers to Kach and says if you don’t sign these papers then you might have to go to jail. Kach says fine. They all sign the papers, agreeing that they will never claim the property. All leave from there. Jaya tells Krisha that you did a great job. Daksh says wait, there are some papers behind the sofa. Krisha checks the papers and is shocked. Daksh asks what happened? Devraj checks the papers and looks on. Daksh checks the papers and says these are Dev and Maya’s divorce papers. All look on.

Krisha asks Devraj if he and Maya signed divorce papers? He says yes. Krisha says you always hide things from me. I know you don’t like to share your feelings but you lied to me. Devraj says nothing was right between me and Maya so we signed those papers. Then she got into an accident so I forgot about these papers. I didn’t even know that these papers were in the house but it doesn’t matter now. Jaya comes there and says it does matter. She says it will matter to Daksh. If two people who are going through a divorce shouldn’t have this connection that you both have, when I look at you both, I find a connection between you both so how will you pretend in front of Daksh? Devraj says Daksh has seen me fighting with Maya before. Jaya says but he would question Maya living here when you both are going through a divorce. Devraj says so you want us to fight? I am tired of lying. Krisha says I think it’s time to end this drama. Jaya says you think if Daksh is ready? Krisha says we don’t know but we can’t keep hiding it for long. Jaya says I am with you both, she leaves. Devraj tells Krisha that Daksh should move on. Krisha asks if he is ready to give a place to Krisha in his life? Devraj says don’t start again. Krisha says we have to unite so tell me now. Devraj says what? Krisha says confess that you love me.

Devraj leaves from there. Krisha says I love him and I know he loves me too. Daksh has hidden a microphone in their room and hears all that. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.