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Destined by Fate on starlife, Saturday 10th June 2023 update

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Destined by Fate on starlife Saturday 10th June 2023 update, Kusum serves buttermilk to Saroj and asks her not to think much about mannerless Sayuri and burn her blood because of her. Anjali calls Saroj and says servant hasn’t delivered the business files yet. Saroj says she thought Anjali truly loves Kanha, but she was wrong. Anjali asks what happened. Saroj disconnects call. Anjali thinks she truly loves Kanha.

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Sayuri and Kanha visit home temple. Kanha gifts a gold chain and peacock feather shaped pendant to Sayuri. She asks why peacock feather shaped pendant. He says he thought she likes peacock feathers. She says its the best and asks him to help her wear it. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage.. song plays in the background. Anjali feels disheartened seeing that. Sayuri notices Anjali, greets her, and goes to serve prasad to her family. She visits Indu’s house and offers prasad to the family. Bhanu likes pendant. Rashmi says Kanha gifted it. They all mock her that her husband is giving her gifts continuously. Sayuri nervously says a friend and not husband. Indu goes to bring aam panna for Sayuri. Sayuri looks towards temple.

Anjali tells Kanha that he always dreamt of marrying him and its obvious when her dream is shattered; she made mistakes out of stupidity and that doesn’t mean he breaks up his friendship with her. He says if she wants to be just his friend, then he doesn’t mind. Sayuri likes aam panna. Indu suggests her to pursue her dream of teaching in college. Sayuri asks how can she after marriage. Indu excuses herself. Bhanu walks behind her and asks why don’t she clearly tell Sayuri that she needs money for pay for her medicines, Rashmi and Pihu’s fees, and other household expenses. Indu says Sayuri is married now and she cannot burden her with responsibilities and wants her to better her relationship with her husband and in-laws. Nakul hears their conversation.

Anjali talks about about a marble expo in Agra and suggests Kanha to attend its party to socialize and make new clients. She says her papa and Chiru were very excited about the expo and wanted to attend it. Kanha agrees and says he wants to grow the empire which Chiru established. Anjali feels happy and leaves. Dhanraj says he is doing right and asks if he will go alone. He says Sayuri will accompany him. Saroj and Kusum get jealous hearing that and Kusum asks why Sayuri as she is a professor and not businesswoman. Kanha says Sayuri has a good business sense as she used to handle Sayuri masala business before marriage.

Sayuri hears their conversation and feels happy that Kanha thinks good about her. She gets Rashmi’s call and looks shocked. Kanha walks to her and informs her about the expo. She says she knows as she heard their conversation.

He says dress code is formal and asks her to tell him if she wants to buy a new drss. She asks him to stop whatever he is doing. He asks what did he do. She asks why did he send money in Indu’s account. Kanha looks at Nakul, and Nakul walks away nervously. Sayuri says she can take care of her own expenses and asks him not to bother about her and her family.

He asks her to stop it and be herself and says she should pursue her dream of teaching and support her family as they are dependant on her. She says she didn’t think about it. He gifts her ID card and says her papa wanted her to study well and be self-relient. She gets emotional and says he gave her 2 gifts today.

He asks her to get back to work from Monday. Saroj warns to dare not think of it as Chaudhry family women don’t work outside. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.