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Close to my heart on star life, Wednesday 8th March 2023 update

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Close to my heart on star life Wednesday 8th March 2023 update, Sam tells Adi that she left a toxic relationship, unlike his mom, if she had done the same then she would have been with you today. I have told you everything so you decide what you want to do now. Adi glares at her and leaves from there.

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Goldie is waiting for Simran to come but she is nowhere to be seen. Ginni prays for Goldie’s happiness. Goldie asks Ginni why is Simran not here? Ginni says she promised me. Goldie says what if she doesn’t come? We can go and bring her. Gulabo asks Goldie to wait for some time. Goldie says I can’t wait anymore, he tries to leave but Ginni slaps him to bring him back to his senses. Goldie says I can’t wait anymore, I am sorry. Ginni says I am sorry for slapping you, I will go and bring her. Goldie says I will die without her now.

Pasha calls Adi and asks what he wants to do for the dhaba? Adi ends the call and gets drunk. Akash tells him that this is bad. Adi goes to his room and looks at his mother’s photo. He hugs her clothes and cries. He imagines his alter-ego telling him to focus on his dream only, get that dhaba. His other ego tells him to focus on the baby so that baby doesn’t suffer as he did. Adi is about to drink more but recalls Akash’s words and throws it away.

Ginni comes to Darji’s house and is looking around for Simran. She asks Akash about Sam but he says I didn’t see her. He says the monster is angry and in his room.

Adi is drunk and cuts his hand. Ginni comes there and says I want to talk about Simran. Adi says I know Sam and Goldie were married. Ginni says I am here to take her. Adi says they were divorced. Ginni says that’s not true. Adi says Sam is my would-be wife so don’t even think about taking her from there, you have no right to talk about her. Ginni pushes him away and says you have no heart, you just snatch happiness from others. You couldn’t take our dhaba so you are doing this? Adi says who are you to taunt me? Ginni says you are a cheap man to snatch someone else’s wife. Your papa was right to throw you out of the house, you are a monster. Adi pins her to the wall and says I have no interest in you or your dhaba. Sam was someone’s wife but I don’t care. I will get married to her tomorrow so stay away from me and her. He says don’t show your face ever again. He gives her the lucky coin back and says this is a warning. Ginni glares at him and leaves from there.

Adi sits alone and recalls everything. He lies down and cries silently. Otherside Ginni comes outside of Adi’s house and recalls Adi’s words. She cries silently recalling Goldie pleading her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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