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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Tuesday 11th October 2022 update

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Cage Of Beauty

Episode starts with Mayura and Neel seeing Omkar outside the PS. Mayura tells Neel that she shall not go infront of Omkar. She says Omkar wanted to get me for my beauty and now for his repentance, but he is still the same. Neel asks him to act infront of Omkar, as if she don’t have any memory gain.

Neel says we have called his father here. He says we shall think about handling Aishwarya now and needs sometime. Mayura says you said right and tells that Omkar just loves himself and not anybody else. She thanks and hugs him. Neel thinks he will take revenge on Omkar, and will take revenge on her also. He says nothing is bigger than his aim, not even her.

Akhilesh tells Neel that they shall postpone the wedding, until Omkar is here. Mayura says thank god, our marriage didn’t happen in that condition. Neel says I understand. Akhilesh takes Mayura from there. Neel thinks he couldn’t make Mayura wear garland, but will make Omkar have the destruction garland. He drives his car and sees Omkar standing on the road.

He stops his car. Omkar says you would have hit me. Neel tells that nobody cares for your life or death. Omkar says Mayura cares. Neel says she don’t remember you. Omkar says Mayura knows that she is mine, do whatever you want, but she will never become yours. He asks him to move from his way. Neel asks what will you do? He says you can’t change the truth, Mayura has forgotten old Omkar and hates new Omkar, that’s why you have to move from the way.

Omkar says I will make Mayura confess the truth and asks him to check, if someone got time bomb fixed in his car. Neel says time has started for your destruction and asks him to count the reverse countdown.

Omkar tells Pandit ji in the temple that he will do puja with his wife Mayura. Mayura does aarti of the God in their inhouse temple and gives aarti to everyone. She imagines Omkar telling her that she can get angry on him, but can’t forget him. Akhilesh and Surekha ask if you are fine. Nisha comes there and asks her to see outside. They come out and see Mayura and Omkar’s marriage pics on the walls and on the rope. Akhilesh thinks Mayura can remember everything seeing this. The neighbor asks Akhilesh, when did Mayura marry MP Ratan? Akhilesh says these are all fake? Mayura tears the photos, flower petals fall on her, as the banner opens up. Omkar comes there and says you will remember this moment, if not other. Akhilesh says I will call Neel. Omkar tells Mayura that she was looking very happy on the marriage day and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Mayura asks him to stop his nonsense and says these pics don’t matter to me. Omkar says you couldn’t separate Mayura and Omkar even after tearing the pics. Everyone see the lower side of pics torn and their pics are still there. Omkar says I can see clearly that you love me still and says I won’t be quiet until I believe that your memory is back. Mayura takes the firewood and burns the banner. She says this is the truth between us. The banner falls down burning. Omkar puts his hand in the fire to save the banner. Mayura gets shocked. He saves Mayura’s face banner and says I can’t see anything happening to you, even if I die. Mayura thinks he is still the same, this is not his love, but possessiveness. Neel comes there and tells Omkar that he will set up the fire next time, and will burn him. He takes Mayura inside. Omkar thinks you have to accept our love and relation truth. Aishwarya thinks Omkar’s madness is increasing for Mayura, I have to play a big game to separate them. She tears their pics and throws away.

Akhilesh tells Mayura that the pics was not right. Mayura says it must be photoshopped. Dadi says she had kept puja for Mayura and Neel in the temple. Akhilesh says we will not go. Mayura says we will go and will not get afraid of Omkar. Nisha says Omkar has gone away. Mayura says lets go for puja. Mayura and Neel sit for the puja. Pandit ji asks Mayura to give her hand and tells that their lives will be connected for many births. Mayura takes back her hand. Neel asks her to give her hand else the family will doubt. Dadi says she wanted Mayura and Neel to do the puja as husband and wife, but. Omkar comes there and tells that he will fulfill her wish. He tells Pandit ji that he and his wife, both are here. Mayura gets shocked.

Neel raising his hand on Omkar, just then Bali and his guards come there and hold Neel. Neel asks him to fight alone. Omkar says first you had called the security and not me. Mayura asks what do you think that I will get ready to sit for puja with you. She asks how much you will stoop? Omkar says if you had agreed then I wouldn’t have done this. Neel says this puja doesn’t mean anything. Omkar says the puja is of no meaning, which you was doing with her. His guards hold everyone, while Omkar makes Mayura sit with him forcibly. Pandit ji completes the puja. Omkar asks him to bless them. Pandit ji blesses for their happy marriage. Omkar says one thing is remaining, empty forehead and empty maang. Neel gets angry. Mayura asks Omkar to leave her. Omkar asks Pandit ji to give the sindoor and tells that he is not doing anything forcibly, he is filling sindoor in his wife’s maang. Mayura asks him not to cross the limits. Omkar says I am doing what is right, and is not doing anything wrong. He fills her maang with sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra. Mayura gets tears in her eyes. He says just tell me once, that you remember me and our relation. Neel asks him not to answer him and says he is trapping you like before. Mayura thinks he is stubborn always and asks him to leave her hand. Omkar shows that he had left her hand. She runs out. Neel, Akhilesh and others go behind her. Omkar thinks your tests will fail infront of my love.

Mayura reaches home and wipes sindoor from her maang crying. Neel and Akhilesh asks her to open the door. She comes out and says she can’t think that Omkar will do this. Neel says he can do anything to fulfill his wish. Akhilesh says we have to find a way out. Mayura says there is a way. only Omkar can defeat Omkar, we have to think like him. She says I have an idea. Later Neel and Akhilesh sends someone out of the house. Omkar comes there. Akhilesh calls her Minty and asks her to run. Omkar says did you think that I will not know. Neel says Mayura don’t want to be with you. Omkar says why don’t you understand that nobody can take my Mayura away, when she remembers me. He asks the veiled lady, until when she will hide from him and asks her to accept him. Neel smiles. Akhilesh looks on. Omkar lifts the veil and finds Nisha. Neel asks how did you like my game? Omkar asks where is my Mayura? Neel says go and find her. Omkar goes inside the house and searches for her. Dadi asks him to drink sherbet to calm down his mind. Omkar asks him to say where is Mayura? Neel asks him to have patience and gives him letter written by mayura. Omkar reads her letter that she is going away from him and don’t want to be caged by him. She says she can’t become his. Omkar says Mayura can’t go away from me.

After 3 days, Omkar asks Bali what his men are doing, as Mayura is still missing. Bali says Mayura will be found, don’t worry. Omkar gets down infront of the temple and cuts his hand with the marble. He says I won’t let mayura go away from me. Just then someone comes there. Surekha says until when we will hide Mayura from Omkar. Neel says Omkar can’t think where is she? Mayura says I had told that we have to think like Omkar, if we want to defeat him. A fb is shown, Omkar searches for Mayura in the house and goes. Later Akhilesh and Surekha come to the door and take out Mayura from the cabinet of the bed. Fb ends. Mayura says now Omkar will search her everywhere, but not here. Neel asks Mayura to sign on marriage annulment papers and tells that she has to tell Omkar that she was already married to him (Neel). He says omkar like man can never change. Mayura gets tensed. Neel asks her to think about her family and asks her to believe him, says your happiness lies in staying away from Omkar. He gives her pen and thinks once she signs on the papers, then will go away from him. She is about to sign on the papers, when someone knocks on the door. Mayura gets shocked and drops the pen, it falls under the table. Police comes there and tells that Omkar is missing. Neel says this is Omkar’s trick. Shankar comes there and says this is not Omkar’s trick. He tells Akhilesh that Omkar is missing, he had gone to temple to pray for Mayura, don’t know what he did with himself or someone might have done something with him. He says whatever he had done with Mayura. Akhilesh says we will inform you, just as he comes to know about him.

Shankar leaves. Neel tells that this is Omkar’s trick. Akhilesh says Shankar ji is a good man, but must be doing this for his son. Mayura thinks what to do