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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Thursday 13th October 2022 update

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Cage Of Beautyad

Episode starts with Neel keeping Mayura and her family captive in a factory. They all are tied. Mayura says you can’t do this. Akhilesh says we trust you so much. Neel says I have won your trust, by saving your daughter’s life. Mayura says you have saved me so that you can take revenge from Omkar through me.

She says you will not get anything from revenge. Neel says I will get peace. Mayura says Omkar will reach here. Neel says not in this birth, will see in next birth. He says what do you think that I will not know about the things which you had thrown on the way. He says you don’t know what my men will do with him.

Neel’s goon punctures Omkar’s car tyre and he meets with an accident. Mayura says you will not kill him, as you want to take revenge. Neel says he will make his life more miserable than death. He asks her to get ready, as mandap is waiting for her. He asks if she don’t want to see and pulls the cloth. Mayura sees the pinjara/cage decorated with flowers. Neel says you will be shocked as you are coming from Omkar’s cage to my cage.

Mayura says I will not marry you. Neel says who said that I am marrying you. His goon brings Kundan. Neel says you know the groom well. He lifts the sehra and they all see Kundan. Mayura says Kundan. Neel says yes, he is my brother and your would be groom. Mayura says I can understand your pain, but you are doing wrong.

Neel says he just wants revenge and says Omkar had accused my brother that he likes your beauty, so I will get you married to him. Surekha pleads infront of him to leave Mayura. Neel asks the lady goon to get her ready for the marriage. The lady goon takes Mayura inside the room and asks her to get ready. Mayura refuses.

The lady goon makes her see on the screen that everyone is on the target. Neel asks the goon to make his brother ready for his marriage. He calls another goon and tells that Omkar shall not die. Mayura gets ready and says Omkar…

Omkar gains consciousness and beats up the goons. Other goon hits him on his head and makes him faint. Goon calls Neel and shows him on video call. Mayura shouts Omkar…Goon says Omkar is in our captivity, he can’t reach there. Neel asks Mayura to smile, else her family can’t smile. Mayura smiles. He brings Mayura to the caged Mandap. Pandit ji asks Surekha to do groom’s aarti. Akhilesh makes the thaali fall down. The goon beats Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks Mayura not to marry. Mayura shouts Papa and tells Neel that he can’t do this. Neel asks Surekha to do the aarti. Surekha does the aarti of the groom…..Pandit ji asks everyone to chant Om before the marriage rituals begin. Neel says this om will not be chanted. Just then the light flickers, the goon comes there and tells that Omkar fled and went to call Police. Mayura says my Omkar will come and save me. Neel says he can’t come here before the marriage completes. He asks Pandit ji to make them take the rounds. The goon beats Akhilesh to convince Mayura. Pandit ji asks Neel to do their ghatbandhan..Neel ties their ghatbandhan. They start taking rounds. Akhilesh, Surekha and Dadi ask Mayura to stop. Dadi tells Neel that he won’t be spared by God. Mayura looks at the door and thinks Omkar shall come, as she is becoming of someone else. Pandit ji says this is the last round. Neel says Omkar can’t come here, don’t be hopeful. Mayura cries and sits down after the 7th round. Pandit ji asks the groom to fill Mayura’s maang with sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Neel holds groom’s hand to make him fill her maang, but Omkar tells that he don’t need his help to fill his Mayura’s maang and says he will fill it himself. Neel asks how did this happen? Omkar recalls coming there and taking Kundan to a room, and wearing groom’s clothes. Mayura smiles…Omkar takes sindoor and fills Mayura’s forehead. Neel is shocked. Omkar takes the mangalsutra in his hand. Neel holds his hand and says this marriage can’t happen. Mayura takes the firewood from havan and asks him to move back, don’t dare to stop their marriage.

Omkar making Mayura wear the mangalsutra. Neel asks him to tell where is his brother? Omkar asks him to relax and says your brother is fine. Neel says this marriage can’t happen and asks Pandit ji to take the reverse rounds and make the marriage end. Pandit ji says this is not possible. Neel holds Mayura’s neck. Mayura shouts…Omkar shouts Neel..Neel says Omkar’s life is you, so I will end your life and end all the drama. Omkar fights with the goons and comes to Neel. He beats up Neel. Mayura asks Omkar not to beat Neel, and says he will die. She asks Omkar to stop beating him, says I am fine. Omkar stops beating him. He says my aim was to make Kundan go away from Mayura, I didn’t mean to trouble him. Neel says that was enough to make him lose his mental balance. Omkar says I am sorry for that from my heart and will every possible things to make him fine. Neel says Mayura can melt by your words, but not me. He is about to hit him, when Police Inspector comes there. Neel asks Inspector to arrest Omkar for kidnapping his brother. Inspector says your brother is safe with us and brings Kundan there. He says they are taking him to hospital. Neel snatches gun from Inspector and aims gun at Omkar. Inspector asks Neel not to take any wrong step. Mayura shouts no, Neel. Neel says I won’t let you win so easily and changes aim to Mayura. Omkar is shocked and asks him to put the gun down or kill him, but not Mayura. Neel shouts at Mayura, but Omkar comes infront of her and takes bullet on his chest. Mayura shouts Omkar and says nothing can happen to him.

Akhilesh says call the ambulance. Neel says your Omkar is dead, my brother’s revenge is taken. Inspector arrests him and takes him away. Mayura asks Akhilesh to call Ambulance and asks Surekha to bring water. Omkar opens his eyes and says I have less time. Mayura says nothing will happen to you. Omkar apologizes to her for his sins and faints…Mayura shouts Omkar and asks him to get up. He is taken to the hospital. Doctor operates on Omkar. Mayura lights diyas on her hand and says Omkar had done tapasya to get me, today is my turn to bring him back to life. She promises to become savitri and not let anything happen to her husband. Doctor comes out of OT and informs something to Akhilesh and Surekha. They come to Mayura. Akhilesh says Omkar…Mata Rani heard your prayers, Omkar is out of danger. Mayura folds her hands thanking Mata Rani. She hugs Surekha and goes to meet Omkar. Omkar opens his eyes and sees Mayura coming there. Mayura hugs him and cries. Omkar smiles and says I want to ask you if you have forgiven me or not, I got the answer. He asks did you forgive me? Mayura says I have forgiven you from my heart. Surekha asks him to be fine and says then your Mayura will be yours. Akhilesh says if you had not enquired about Neel at the right time, then don’t know what have happened. He says we shall make a new start. She says your parents went to devimaa’s temple to pray for you, so we will give this good news to them.

Just then Omkar gets Maa Agrima devi’s call. Mayura picks it and gives call to Omkar. Maa Agrima tells that Manjari called her and tells that she had come to know that his life is in danger. She says she will do Tapasya and give him a mani ring. Omkar tells that he don’t need him, as Mayura made him realize that there is no power than love. He says he wants him to make her meet his wife and invites her to his house. Maa Agrima gets angry and says she will come.

Mayura tells Omkar that Maa and Papa went to pray to various temples for him. She does his aarti to ward off the evil sight off from him. Mayura says nobody bad sight shall come on us. He does Mayura’s aarti. They enter the house together. Mayura gets tensed and tells that she is feeling something wrong will happen. Omkar says everything will be fine with us. Later Mayura gives him medicine. Omkar says I am fine. Mayura says I am the doctor here. Omkar says body is mine, I am feeling good. Mayura asks him to have medicine. Omkar says I will lift you and walk. Mayura says if this is bullet effect. Omkar says it is her love effect. He gets romantic, she pushes him. They dance and hug before going to bed. They start their married life again.

Omkar and Mayura doing puja together. Mayura tells that she has brought gifts for Dadi online, for her birthday. She sees the saree, orthopedia pillow etc. Omkar says he got the eggless cake made for her. Mayura says she is very excited as Dadi is having 70th birthday. Mata Agrima comes there and tells that the bahu shall go out in the night. Omkar touches her feet, calling her Gurumaa. He introduces Gurumaa to Mayura. He asks Mayura to touch her feet. Mayura touches her feet. Omkar asks her to sit. Gurumaa says you had said that you don’t need mani and just needs my blessings, but how can a mother see the clouds of troubles on you and that’s why I have come. Omkar says I have your blessings and Mayura’s support. He says he stopped believing on Nakshatra. Gurumaa looks at him upset. Mayura says I will make something for Gurumaa and faints. Gurumaa says I told that clouds of troubles. He calls lady doctor. Lady doctor checks her and tells Omkar that the matter is serious, and gives the prescription. Omkar reads tamarind, love, care etc. Doctor says you both are going to be parents. Omkar and Mayura gets happy. Doctor leaves. Omkar and Mayura hug each other happily hearing the good news. Mayura says this is our baby. Gurumaa is still sitting out. Omkar gives her good news and takes her blessings. Mayura says I will give good news to Dadi, she will be very happy. Gurumaa asks Omkar to think about baby too and says it is inauspicious to go out during the evening. Mayura apologizes to Gurumaa and says I have to go out, today is my Dadi’s birthday. Gurumaa says it is my work to alert you and tells that my astrology truth will come out infront of you soon. She asks can I apply tilak to you. Mayura says ok. Gurumaa applies tilak to Mayura and smirks. Mayura hugs Omkar.

Mayura and Omkar come to Akhilesh’s house. Omkar asks Mayura to be careful. They wish dado together. Dadi asks what happened? Mayura says she is wearing heels and that’s why Omkar asked me to be careful. Dadi cuts the cake. Mayura gives her laddo gopal’s idol and Omkar shows the sash of happy birthday parnani. They all get happy hearing the good news. They all dance celebrating the birthday of Dadi. Mayura faints. Omkar gets worried and says northing will happen to you. Gurumaa calls Omkar and asks if Mayura is fine. She says she had warned them and asks him to agree to their sayings, else…Omkar says Mayura fell down just as we come here. He says Mayura don’t believe on all this. Gurumaa says a child is everything in life and asks him if he wants to give the same childhood like his baby like him. Omkar says we will do as you say Gurumaa. Gurumaa thinks her tika worked which she applied to Mayura. Akhilesh calls Doctor. Doctor checks her and says don’t know why she fainted, but may be due to stress.

Next morning, Omkar comes to the room and asks Mayura not to step down her foot. He says he has brought this for his baby’s mummy. Mayura asks for the tea. He asks her to drink juice and says tea is not good for the baby. He says everything is my responsibility now. Mayura says if you love me so much then I will love you more. Omkar says baby’s news made me realized that nothing can be big news than this. Mayura says yes. Omkar gets afraid that…Mayura says everything will be fine with Mata Rani’s blessings and says our baby is lucky to have you as the father. She looks at the toys and something kept on the table.

Omkar says this is given by Gurumaa for our protection of our baby. Mayura fears that he will become like old Omkar.