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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Friday 9th December 2022 update

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TV series

Cage of beauty Friday 9th December 2022 update; Omkar kicking on Mayura’s car tyre. Mayura holds his collar and asks how dare you to kick Mayura’s car. Omkar holds her hand and leave it. He says you have kick my bicycle and I kicked your cheap car, now scores are settled. He picks the money and keeps on Mayura’s hand. He says you got this money by destiny, respect it. He wears googles and says God shall never make me see you again. Mayura says she don’t want to see him again.

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Omkar thanks Manager for giving him job and tells that whatever he will earn, he will use it for his studies. Manager says you will get the money, if you can stay here for a week. He says this hotel’s owner’s daughter is coming here, and if you could praise her, then you are on the job. Omkar says let her come, she will not forget Omkar.

The Manager says she is here? Mayura comes there. Manager welcomes her with a bouquet. Omkar looks at her face and gets tensed. He hides and thinks this is destiny mishap and asks why she is the owner’s daughter. Manager asks why she got late. Mayura says she met with a roadside guy who punctured her car and that’s why she got late. Omkar tries to hide from her and collides with a bird trap/Cage. Omkar and Mayura both look at the pinjara ( Cage) .

Omkar comes infront of Mayura. Mayura asks Manager what this guy is doing here and says he is the one who has punctured my car gifted by my Dad. Omkar says what about my bicycle, which you hurt it, which was gifted by my mother with her hard earned money. She asks who is he? Manager says he is Omkar. Mayura says she will handover him to Police. Manager asks Omkar to say sorry to her, and says if you get arrested even for a day, then your career will end. Omkar runs behind Mayura and asks her to listen, and calls her Mayura. Mayura asks what did you say? Omkar says Mayura ji. She asks if she is aunty? He calls her Mayura Maam.

Mayura says she is not interested to see his face and says you are fired. Omkar apologizes to her and says he will not interfere in her work and asks her not to fire him. Mayura asks what you can do to save your job. Omkar says I will do just as you say. Mayura says you have to do as I say, you have to impress me else you will be fired. Omkar thinks this part time job is very necessary for me, thinks his dreams are big and can’t lose it due to this arrogant girl. Mayura gives her car keys and asks him to bring the bags and other stuff to her hotel room. He says without using lift, right. She says you are not dumb like you see. He says you are not arrogant like you see, but you are more arrogant.

She asks what did you say? Omkar says I was praising you. Mayura stamps her feet on the ground and says I will take out all his smartness. Omkar opens the car decky and finds so many bags. Mayura thinks his smartness will end, if you do up and down the stairs while carrying the bags. Omkar comes there with all the bags together. Her friend says he is macho, to carry all the bags. Mayura says it is my order and goes to room. Pooja tells Mayura that she has been punishing Omkar wrongly, he might be in need of this job. Other friend asks what is my mistake? Mayura says my dad gives me everything without I ask, tells that she has given him a chance to secure his job. She says lets go and see if he fell down the stairs.

Omkar comes there and says it is not easy to make Omkar fell, bend etc. He says I heard that you was worrying about me, tells that his bag’s handle broke and asks if she bought it in sales, cheap stuff.

Mayura gets up angrily and gives him 2000 Rs, says you might not have seen it before. Omkar says I have seen it and knows its value too. He says you don’t know it and asks her to value it. She says you have much ego. He says not Aatma sammaan. She asks if there is any soul in my stuff. He says he is talking about his self respect. She asks him to massage his foot massage, as she has to stand on the road with high heels. He says I will book your appointment in the Spa. She asks him to massage her feet and asks if his self respect is hurt, then leave the job.

Omkar says no job is small or big. She asks him to bring the cream and apply on her feet. Omkar brings cream and pours on his hand. She says don’t apply so much cream. He says I will cut it and will put it inside. She asks what? He starts massaging her feet. She says enough and asks him to bring lemonade. She gets up and is about to wear her shoe, when she slips and falls down. He says you fell down on my feet. She asks if he broke her heels. He says yes, I do all the bad work. He gets his mummy’s call and tells Mayura that he will bring her lemonade. Mayura thinks who gets excited with his mother’s call.

Omkar talks to his mother and tells that he is on trial now, but soon his job will be permanent. He says he has to end the call.

Mayura sees the hotel’s old worker falling down while trying to take the grass. Mayura asks him to go home and rest. She says your age is not to work. She says she will talk to Manager and his salary will not cut. Omkar comes there and offers to drop Kaka to his house. Mayura watches him and thinks he has a heart too. Pooja and other Tanya asks Mayura to watch Omkar taking money from Kaka. Mayura says I thought him kind.

Omkar gives 500 change to Kaka. Mayura doesn’t see this and decides to teach him a lesson from taking money from Kaka. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.