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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Wednesday 8th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Wednesday 8th February 2023 update, Anand says so you are her new bf? Shubhra wonders why is Samaira so scared? Anand says nothing changed in you. He says give us some space. Phirki says didi who is he? And why are you so scared? Kuldeep says who is he? Samaira says my old friend. Anand says namasty to SHubhra. He says who are you? Kuldeep says my kids’ mother.

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Anand says so you have no relationship with her? Pati, Patni or wooh all in the same house. Kuldeep says sit. We don’t send uninvited guests without refreshments. He sits with Samaira and says I am not in a hurry either. Why are you scared? I am your past, not a ghsot. Consider it your own house. Samaira says how are you? He says finally you asked. He says you didn’t meet Vedika right? Come here Vedika. Anand says that’s my daughter Vedika. Vedika says who are you? She says just good friends. Shubhra asks Vedika if she likes milkshakes? She takes her to the kids.

Anand says I was planning to stay in a hotel then I recalled you. I can stay here for a couple of days. He says what? He says to her if I tell everyone how deep our relationship is, they would all stop me here. Kuldeep says you’re her friend right? Anand says you don’t know how close we were. Samaira faints. Kuldeep picks her. Phirki and Kuldeep take Samaira to the room.

Rishi and Roli are fighting. Shubhra says don’t fight Roli. Roli says mama you said we will take papa together. Sita didn’t wait for Ram? Anand says she did. And so will your mom. He says hello. Anand says someone told me you’re missing friends from Pune. So we got you a friend from there. This is Vedika. Roli and Rishi meet her. Vedika says why are you Roli (crying)? Anand asks them to show her around. They take her to the house tour. Shubhra says why are you giving my kids false home?

Roli says this is our kitchen. Roli shows her everything. She says we have two eams in the house, Sita team and ravan team. Sita team has good people. Rishi says be careful of the ravan aunty. She is evil.

Phirki says what will happen to me if something happens to didi. Kuldeep is gone to bring the doctor. Samaira gets up. Samaira says I need Carbon di Oxide. Phirki says who is that? Samaira says that girl Vedika, she’s my daughter and Anand is her dad. Phirki falls down in shock. Samaira says if Kuldeep finds out I have an illegitimate child, he would leave me. Samaira says Anand can’t come on his own. There is something behind all this. Where is Anand? Go and keep an eye on him.

Scene 2
Anand says she didn’t get emotional at all seeing her daughter after so many years. I could expose her right there and then but Vedika stopped me. She kept believing that her mom has died instead of abandoning her. Shubra says I know you want me to carry on with this fight. But after knowing all this, I don’t want to stay here at all. The woman who has no love for her own child, she can harm my kids. Anand says you’re nto alone in this. If a 60 yo isn’t giving up, why are you? Your Biji loves you a lot and sent me here with a lot of hope. If you leave her hope would die.

Kids ask Vedika which team she’d be in? She says Sita. Rishi says but we are going from here. Vedika asks who else is in Ravan aunty’s team. Roli says that Phirki. Kids make Phirki falls. She asks Vedika where is your dad? She says I don’t know. Roli says I will tell you but please open this first. The juice falls on her. Kids laugh.

Anand says I can’t believe this is me. I was an introvert. Your both moms have trained me. He recalls Biji and Madhura dressed him, trained him. Shubhra says I guess what you’re saying but.. He gets a call. He says ji mata ji. She says speak loud and bold. He says boldy yes mata ji. She says well done.

Chandrani says to Shubhra Anand is our ace card. Kuldeep will get rid of that witch now. Shubhra says I did all you asked but I can’t do this anymore. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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