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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Wednesday 26th April 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Wednesday 26th April 2023 update, Kuldeep hugs Shubhra and tells her to tie him with her love, take me to your life where it’s just our family. Shubhra smiles and hugs him. Kuldeep finds a box and asks what is this? Shubhra says it has some gifts from the kids and a biggest gift from me, they are those papers. Kuldeep says you are James Bond, now Sam will be out of our lives. We will be together now and not like before.

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Shubhra smiles and says I have to leave, keep these papers hidden. Kuldeep holds her hand and asks her to stay. Shubhra says I wish I could but we have to fight this war. Kuldeep says you are right, I will keep these papers safe.

Kuldeep opens the box to find cards from Rishi and Roli. He finds papers that Sam used against him. He is excited seeing everything. He says I wish I could talk to Beeji and kids. Let me try getting the phone from Sam. He comes to Sam’s room. Phirki says you can’t sleep with her tonight, she is very tired. Kuldeep sighs and leaves from there. Kuldeep recalls how Sam said she could poison his family. Kuldeep says I need to talk to Shubhra. Kuldeep comes to Sam’s room and tries to unlock Sam’s phone. Sam is sleeping. Kuldeep sees her phone not working. Kuldeep says she talked about giving them poison.

Rishi and Roli are eating food that Sam made. Chandrani is drinking alcohol. Suddenly Chandrani falls down and faints. Rishi and Roli run to her. Shubhra comes home and rushes to her. Shubhra calls a doctor and asks Chandrani to wake up. Shubhra says I am taking her to the hospital, take care of yourself. The ambulance takes Chandrani from there. Shubhra prays to God and leaves the house.

Scene 2
Shubhra is in the hospital. The doctor says she had a heart attack, we are trying our best. Shubhra thinks I need to inform Kuldeep but how?

Harsh gets Shubhra’s call. She tells him about Chandrani. He says don’t worry, I am bringing Kuldeep there.

Rishi and Roli pray for Chandrani.

Kuldeep and Harsh come to the hospital. Shubhra hugs him. Kuldeep says I know she has been poisoned. The doctor comes there and says she had a heart attack. Kuldeep says no, she must be poisoned. Harsh asks him to calm down, he is a good doctor. Kuldeep says I know what Sam did with me, she must have done the same with her.. Shubhra glares at him and says you are still hiding things from me? What did Sam do with you? Kuldeep looks away. He tells her about Sam giving him poison. Shubhra is stunned and says she loves you so how can she poison you? We did so much with her, she was planning to take revenge. She might have mixed poison in the food today. I didn’t eat food that’s why I am safe. Kuldeep is angry and says I won’t spare Sam now. Harsh asks him to calm down. Shubhra says we have to go home, the kids can’t eat that food.

Shubhra, Kuldeep and Harsh come home. They see Rishi and Roli sleeping on the floor and think they are poisoned also. They rush to the kids. Rishi wakes up and says we slept here only. Roli asks when will Dadi come back? Kuldeep says soon. Shubhra takes the food and says I want to know if Sam poisoned this food or not? Harsh looks on.

Shubhra brings the food that Sam made and is about to taste it to see it had poison or not. Kuldeep stops her. Harsh says I will get it tested in the lab. He takes the sample and goes to Chandrani in the hospital. Kuldeep hugs Shubhra as she cries. He says everything will be fine. Shubhra says we won’t let her do anything. Kuldeep says oh God.. I left the papers at Sam’s house without hiding them. Shubhra says those papers were our last hope. Kuldeep says Sam was sleeping so it must be there only. Shubhra gives him a phone.

Kuldeep comes to Sam’s house and finds the papers at the table only. He takes all the papers. Kuldeep comes to Sam’s room and sees her sleeping. Sam wakes up and says you are back? She asks him to sleep as she saw he got the papers, we will talk tomorrow calmly. Let’s just sleep now. She tries to hold his hand but Kuldeep starts leaving. Sam says keep the papers safe, it’s important for you.

Kuldeep hides the papers under his pillow and sleeps on the sofa.

Shubhra makes the kids sleep. She prays to God for a better morning. Harsh calls Shubhra and says I have sent the food samples to the lab, if it has poison then I will get Sam arrested. Shubhra says you know everything, what do you say about my life? Harsh says every bad moment makes us learn something. Shubhra says what do you think about me and Kuldeep? Harsh smiles and says Kuldeep went on the wrong path but he has realized his mistake, he wants to change, he is a new Kuldeep. Shubhra smiles and says to inform Chandrani that his son passed with flying colors this time. Harsh says don’t worry about her, I am with her. Shubhra ends the call. Harsh tells Chandrani that her son has passed the test.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kuldeep is looking at the papers. Sam comes there and asks about his night. Kuldeep says I am close to my victory. Sam says it’s good that you got the papers. Kuldeep says I am shocked to see you this calm. I foolishly signed all the papers you wanted but see the magic now. He tears all the papers in front of her and burns them. Sam smirks and says the fire alarm will start now. Was this your magic? You thought I would let you have papers so easily? these are fake papers, I have many papers that you signed, they are in my bank locker so you can’t get them. Kuldeep says I want to kill you, you gave poison to my Beeji, she is in the hospital. Sam says that’s a news for me, I didn’t give any poison. Chandrani is in the hospital because of drinking cheap alcohol. Kuldeep looks away. Sam says what if I burn myself and then blame you? She says I will come after getting ready, then we will have an important discussion.

Shubhra and the kids come to the hospital to see Chandrani. Harsh tells Shubhra that the food didn’t have poison. Shubhra says I feel something is wrong. I feel there is something that we are not able to see. Chandrani says I want to talk to Kuldeep. Shubhra calls him. Chandrani says I am happy that you passed the test, just come back home soon. Kuldeep says I will be back today only, he ends the call. Sam says I have an offer for you. Kuldeep says I am going to my family. Sam says I will send the police there to arrest you for fraud. Kuldeep looks on.

Kuldeep tells Sam that he is going to his family. Sam says if you go to see your Beeji at the hospital then I will send the police there, they will arrest you and Beeji will die. Kuldeep says you won’t do any such thing. I have listened to you a lot but not anymore. Sam says love was never the reason for us to stay together. You loved fame and rich life, you wanted luxuries so you signed so many wrong papers and cheques. She sits in his lap and says I am not Shubhra, you left her and she didn’t do anything. She says I really want Shubhra and Harsh’s love story to bloom so that Shubhra won’t accept you, only then I will leave you. You will be alone then. Kuldeep says you know we will separate some day so why this drama? Sam says because I love drama. I know we don’t love each other but I don’t forgive people who cheat me. I can stoop to any low and take you down with me if you try to leave me. Just remember you won’t have peace if you try to leave me. You are trapped with me now. Kuldeep says you can keep your threats to yourself. I am going to my family, just go back to Mumbai and play your games there. He glares at her and leaves. Sam is angry. Phirki says he is going to fly if you don’t trap him soon.

Shubhra brings Chandrani home. They all pray to God. Chandrani looks at Shubhra and smiles. Rishi asks her to promise to not drink alcohol. Chandrani says don’t make me promise that. I am totally fine now. Shubhra says I will drink with you then. Rishi and Roli say we will keep drinking coldrink if you don’t stop. They all hug her. Chandrani says you all want my best but after my husband died, I was alone so I started drinking alcohol and it became an addiction. She says but I don’t need it anymore as my family is with me. I promise to never drink again. All cheer for her. She asks Shubhra where is Kuldeep? Shubhra says he will be here soon and then he will never leave. Rishi and Roli are excited.

Kuldeep takes his bag and starts leaving. Sam says where are going? Kuldeep says I am not going to stay back. I am threatening you that don’t dare hurt my family otherwise I will strangle you till you die. He leaves. Sam says he will come back to me soon.

Scene 2
Kuldeep arrives at Shubhra’s home. The kids hug him. Shubhra smiles at him. Phir le aya dil plays. Shubhra hugs him tightly. Chandrani comes there so Shubhra tries to move away but her hair get stuck in Kuldeep’s shirt. He smiles at her. Shubhra untangles her hair. Chandrani gives aarti plate to her. Shubhra does his aarti. Roli brings garh parvesh pot and says he will kick it too before entering the house. Kuldeep kicks it and laughs. They all welcome him. Kuldeep hugs Chandrani and asks how is she? She says I am fine now that you are here. Chandrani says I will go to sleep now. She asks the kids to go and sleep also. Roli says why should we? Chandrani says we need more sleep time. Let the parents talk. She takes the kids from there. Kuldeep and Shubhra are shy. Kuldeep comes to their room and looks at their photos. He is hesitant. Shubhra asks what? He shakes his head and smiles. Shubhra turns to leave but Kuldeep holds her hand. He pulls her closer. Shubhra hugs him tightly. humsafar plays as they both get closer. Kuldeep caresses her face. They both sit down on the bed. Shubhra lies on his chest and sighs. Shubhra caresses his face and says you are really back home, this isn’t a dream? Kuldeep says no, this is not a dream. I am back at our house. I am not going anywhere now. Nobody can separate us now. Shubhra hugs him. They both sleep in each others’ arms.

In the morning, Shubhra and Kuldeep wake up the kids. The kids are excited to see Kuldeep there. Shubhra says breakfast is ready. Roli says we will have special breakfast today. Shubhra says fine but you have to drink healthy juice. The kids go to get ready. Kuldeep says I will help them in getting ready. Shubhra says you’re are not making breakfast? Kuldeep gets tensed. Shubhra laughs and says I will make it.

Rishi and Roli are taking their online classes. Rishi is disturbed by Roli’s laptop. Kuldeep gives his headphone to Rishi.

Shubhra gives her headphone to Roli. Kuldeep and Shubhra give each other high-five. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.