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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Tuesday 14th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Tuesday 14th February 2023 update, Vedika says I alwasy asked about mama but I won’t ask now. It’s okay if i don’t have mama. Chandrani says I have world’s best dad. He says call dadi ji and tell her everything is fine. We are comine to Pune. Shubhra says Anant, I am sorry for all that you had to go through. Thank you for all that you did. Anant says don’t treat me like strangers. I did it all for mata ji. I don’t know if Vedika will ever have a mother, but your biji gave her a grandmom.

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She told me how you didn’t give up. I will have no regrets now that I didn’t try. Shubhra says parents have to forget their pain for their kids. He says I don’t know what’s the price you had to pay to get me out but I will always be grateful. Shubhra says you call me friend and then thank me. This is wrong. Always take care of yourself and Vedika. She’s an amazing girl. Vedika hugs her. Shubhra says Rishi and Roli will miss you a lot. She kisses Vedika. They leave. Shubhra says what will I tell Rishi Roli? We are going but without papa. How will I convince Roli.

Scene 2
Shubhra tells the kids we are going to Pune. But papa won’t go. Roli says but you said papa will come with us. We won. Shubhra says everything changed. Roli says you lied to me? So I get ready to go to Pune? We never won. Papa isn’t coming. Shubhra says it isn’t like that. Roli says you lie and cheat. Rshi says shut up. Aai isn’t a liar. Roli says I won’t go with you. I will stay with papa.

Roli comes to Kuldeep and says papa if you don’t come I won’t go to Pune. He says Pune? Were we going? She says yes mama said we will go to Pune. Now she’s saying you won’t go. I want to stay with you. I am your princess.

Shubhra says how do I tell Roli that we lost? Her papa couldn’t go with us. How do I tell her that we lost and for someone’s happiness we had to give up. She will get her father’s love in episodes now. Shubhra is upset in her room. Rishi comes and ties a thread around her. She says what are you doing? He says what bappa did. Bappa never gave up. If papa can’t come with us to Pune right now, it’s okay. We three will live together. Our world is almost complete. When I fail in surprise test it feels bad, but when amul does as well it feels better. We all failed together so it’s okay. Let’s start packing. Shubhra hugs him.

Kuldeep says Roli listen please. He makes her wear tiara and says you’re a princess. She says I won’t go anywhere without you. Kuldeep says your friends are missing you. Your teacher called and told me they are all missing you. She says I won’t go if you don’t. He says I have to stay here to manage my kingdom. To earn, papa needs to work a lot. If you go to Pune I will come there on weekends and spend all time with you. She says you promised that earlier too you never came. Kuldeep says it’s a promise. She says pinky promise? He say come on get ready. She goes in. Shubhra says don’t make false promises. He says I will come on weekends. Is the house still vacant? She says yes. He says this extra cash, you won’t have any problem. She says in heart no money can fill this void. She says don’t need it. Just keep your promise.

Shubhra and kids come out with bags. Samaira says I got lunch and candies packed. A big chocolate box for your friends as well. She gives gifts to the kids. Roli hugs Kuldeep. She says will you forget your promise? He says never. Shubhra says in heart all my hopes died. I accepted that our story is over. Nothing is left. There’s still a little hope in heart that says you will come and cry to come back to me. I hope I have no feelings for you that day. All I would have would be this cold attitude that you had for me here.

Kids and Shubhra leave. Shubhra looks back at Kuldeep.

Phirki says to Samaira you won. You are such a sikandar. How do you think Shubhra would give up on it all for that Anant and his daughter? She says the woman who lives in her husband’s gf’s house and sees him with another woman every day just for her kids, she can’t be selfish. She can’t make another kid sad. It was a good dead. Phirki says you are amazing. Bell rings.

Kuldeep opens the door. He is shocked. It’s Chandrani. Phirki says are they back? Samaira says why would they? She comes downstairs. Kuldeep says Biji you? She says saw a ghost? Why are you so shocked? I am your mom. Samaira says Kuldeep’s mom? Chadrani says forgot my face? Should I slap and remind? He says you here? She says where would I go at this age. Would live with my son even if he’s useless. She says won’t you touch my feet? Kuldeep touches her feet. Phirki says one problem goes another comes. Chandrani says nice a house. You made me so happy. She hugs him. Kuldeep gets teary. Kuldeep says I am so happy to see you here. She says I won’t ever go away from you. Kuldeep hugs her. He says please sit. She says where is she? Your.. Kuldeep says who? She says you’re asking as if you have two wives. Call your Marathan wife, Shubhra. Ask her to touch my feet. She’s my DIL after all. Everyone makes mistakes. I am here to make that relationship again. Go call her. Kuldeep is confused. Phirki says what will happen now? Chandrani says I will spend the rest of my life with my son, DIL, and the rest of the kids. Why are you so shocked? isn’t she home? Call her to meet her MIL.

Scene 2
Shubhra and kids are at the train station. Roli says it’s so hot. We could go in Samaira aunty’s car. Papa could get us a cold drink. Rishi says it’s not good for health. He makes her laugh. Roli says I miss papa. He must be missing us as well.

Kuldeep says Biji actually.. I have kicked her out of the house. She says what? He says I don’t love Shubhra anymore. Chandrani slaps him. She says shameless, first, you left your parents and ran away with that girl. Now you left her as well because now after 12 years and 2 kids, you realized you don’t love her either? Are you even my son? was this my brought up? You don’t love your parents, wife? Who is she? Kuldeep says Samaira.. I love her. Chandrani says who? What? Kuldeep says Samaira. I love her. Chandrani says so you live with her? Did you marry her? She slaps him again. Were these the manners I gave you? To live with a woman without marrying? Thank God your father died. I will go back to Pune. I can’t stay in this filth. He says no Biji.. No.. She says what no? Kuldeep was imagining all this. Chandrani says call your Marathan?

Scene 3
Rishi and Roli play with their bags. Shubhra says in heart I tried everything to get you your papa but I failed. Rishi says dadi will play with us. Roli says we will ask her to stay with us. Shubhra says Rishi my son.. He’s hiding his pain and taking care of Roli. Shubhra sees Kuldeep’s 4 missed calls. She says what does he want now? Her phone turns off.

Scene 4
Chandrani says you don’t know where your wife is? He says she went out with the kids. Her phone is off. She says such a big house and no one here. He brings her water. She says are you hiding something? He says no got emotional. She says I am your mother. I know when you’re lyig. What is it? He gets confused.

She says you want to susu? go to the washroom. Kuldeep runs upstairs. Chandrani says where is Shubhra? She calls her but her phone is off. Chandrani says did I get late? Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.