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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Thursday 9th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Thursday 9th February 2023 update, Shubhra says I have decided Biji, I am not staying. I am coming back to Pune. Chandrani says you said when Kuldeep finds out the reality of Samaira he will leave her. Anand is there to expose her. Try one more time, trust your Biji one more time. Shubhra says okay Biji as you. Chandrani says it’s a weird thing to say but save Vedika from her own mother.

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Shubhra says don’t worry I will take care of her. Chandrani says give the phone to Anand. Shubhra gives him the phone. She says something to him. Anand says okay sure. Chandrani says you have to make her cry blood tears. The slap should be heard here. He says but how? Chandrani says you have to take revenge for the injustice she did to your daughter and my DIL. He says yes. She says louder.

The doctor checks Samaira and says she’s okay. I don’t know why is she not conscious. Anand comes in and says I can bring her to her senses. You got to see the doctor off. Kuldeep says I won’t leave Samaira alone. Anand says how long have you know her? Kuldeep says few months. HE says I know her for years. Go and drop the doctor. Phirki is here. Anand says I have perfect treament. He takes his shoe near Smaira. She says don’t you dare. Samaira locks the door and asks what’s your problem? Why are you here? He says your memory brought me here. she says you promised me. You won’t ever show me your face if I don’t abort the baby. I have no relationship with you and your baby. I love Kuldeep. Anand says selfishness isn’t love. Even seeing your own child doesn’t melt your heart? Kuldeep has a wife. Samaira says he is very happy with me. Shubhra couldn’t give him all that I did.

Scene 2
Shubhra looks at kids playing. She sits with Vedika. Shubhra says hi.. You’re Rishi Roli’s friend now. They call me mama, so I am like your mother as well. Vedika hugs her. Roli says don’t worry mama. Vedika is in our team already. Shubhra hugs her. Rishi says Aai why are you teary? She says sometimes they are happy tears. I am very happy today.

Anand says he has become blind. The day he gets to know your reality, he will stop loving you. She tries to slap him. Anand holds her hand. He says I am not that old Anand. Don’t even try to do a mistake like this again. I can expose you in front of everyone. Imagine Kuldeep knowing you left your daughter for money. Would he like to stay with you?

Shubhra says our team is big and strong now so we have more chances of winning now. People starting supporting Ram ji.
Kuldeep comes in and says which truth is he talking about? Anand says she gets stressed with work and faints. Does Kuldeep know about your condition? He will take care of your treatment and meds. Samaira says I didn’t want to worry you. I should take meds regularly. Bring my prescription, please. Kuldeep says I live with you still don’t know as well as this Anand does.

Kuldeep comes downstairs. Roli says papa see, what I made. He says don’t shout, Sam isn’t well. Always being loud. Eat the food. Roli gets upset. Shubhra serves food and says stop being mad at kids. He says control them. Shubhra says they are kids.You always said they can have fun in this age only. I think you’re irritated by someone. Shubhra gives food to all the kids.

Samaira comes downstairs. Anand sits with her. Kuldeep doesn’t like it. He sits on the other side.

Scene 3
Chandrani and Madhura enjoy noodles together. Chandrani says if you have to tune with the kids learn to eat the noodles. Madhura doesn’t like it. Chandrnai tells her how to eat.

Samaira says Anand has some work here so he will stay here for 5 to 6 days. Anand says and nights as well. Tonight I will stay in Meera’s room. There’s a lot to listen and say. We need to talk. Kuldeep coughs. Shubhra says don’t you like it? He says why would I not like what Anand said. She says I asked about food. Kuldeep says you can talk to her and spend time with but why stay in room? He says haven’t you ever done night out with your close friends? It’s the same thing. We are doing night in. Shubhra asys Kuldeep will also get a chance to spend time with Rishi and Roli. They’d get so happy. Samaira is angry.

Shubha comes to Samaira’s room. She says what are you here for? She says I came here to see if you’re okay. Samaira says I am fine. Shubhra says yeah I can see that but you consider others idiot but not everyone is. Kuldeep trusts you. Only him and Phirki believed you fainted. I came to ask if you’re okay mentally.

Samaira says what do you mean? Shubhra says why this drama? Your ex is here. And your daughter Vedika are here so you must be shocked. Samaira is shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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