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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Saturday 18th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Saturday 18th February 2023 update, Samaira wears the saree Kuldeep got her. She says perfect. She takes a selfie. Bell rings. Samaira says it must be Kuldeep. It’s Chandrani. She says some of our stuff is here. The kids are also there. They start looking. Kuldeep also comes there. Samaira is scared. She asks Kuldeep to go.

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Chandrani says why are you talking to the door? Kuldeep steps back. He falls down. Chandrani says who fell? Phirki says me. Roli says she keeps falling.

Rishi drops the ball. Roli goes to catch it. They come towards Kuldeep. Phirki jumps and picks the ball. Chandrani says she’s just a monkey. They leave. Kuldeep comes out. He says let me go downstairs. Call me when they leave.

Shubhra wears the dress Kuldeep brought for her. She says I can’t carry this. I should tell Biji I can’t wear it.
Chandrani is in the house. The kids look for Kuldeep. Chandrani says to Samaira why are you so ready? Are you going somewhere to celebrate valentine’s day? Is fashion of wearing blouse over? saving clothes? She asks Phirki to go and work. Samaira says there’s no stuff of yours here. I will send it if I find anything. Chandrani says okay. Let’s go kids. Chandrani says in heart I will see how Kuldeep comes there. She says oh God my head.. The kids scream.. Chandrani faints. Samaira says are you okay? She’s pretending. Samaira says Biji get up.

Kuldeep is downstairs. He says what is Biji doing here? Samaira texts him it will take more time. He says what’s happening. Shubhra calls Kuldeep and says the light is gone. Can you please send an electrician? He says who would come to this house? She says you will come late. He says I am coming. Kuldeep leaves.

Scene 2
Kuldeep comes home. He checks the board. He asks Shubhra to holds the flowers. Shubhra shows him the light. He tries to fix it. Shubhra says thank you. I was scared. I tried calling Biji. He says she’s busy with her search party. Kuldeep looks at the flowers in her hands. Her dupatta falls. Kuldeep falls on her. They roll over each other. Shubhra says you sent it so I wore it. No one was home. Kuldeep says in heart I ordered it for Samaira and Shubhra’s saree went to her. Shubhra says this water tastes so weird. Kuldeep also drinks the water. Chandrani mixed something in it. Thye get drunk.

Scene 3
Chandrani enjoys tea and says they must have drunk it. A romantic film would have started. Samaira says are you okay? She says yeah I got tired. Chandrai says I think we should go now. Roli says dadi.. My stomach hurts.. I need to go to rest room. Chandrani says go fast. They sit down again. Chandrani says Kuldeep and Shubhra are home getting alone time. This day is so special for two lovers.

Kuldeep and Shubhra are close. She caresses his face. Shubhra hugs him. They kiss each other. Kuldeep picks her and takes her to the bed. Samaira was imagining it. She says what if it becomes a reality? I hope not.

Kuldeep and Shubhra laugh. He says this valentines’ day is nonsense. I used to get you things from my pocket money. and then keep worrying if she would say yes? She says what if she does? He says she becomes wife. And one she becomes a wife, then valentine’s value is over. They both laugh. He says how is this love day? Rubbish. She says either you say yes or no when a guy gives you a rose. If you say no then.. He says then? He ran away with my rose.

Samaira says Kuldeep is alone with Shubhra. I don’t know what’s happening there. I should text him. Rishi collides with her and her phone falls in the water. Samaira says oh God.

Rishi is scared. He says sorry aunty. Shubhra and Kuldeep keep talking Shubhra says cancel.. Phirki says didi control your anger. We have to control this situation. Samaira says careful Rishi. You could also fall. Chandrani says he’s happy. His parents are celebrating valentine’s day. Roli comes. Chandrani says we are leaving now. Samaira is angry.

Shubhra says Kuldeep I will suicide. She jumps from bed. Kuldeep holds her. He says nothing will happen to you. They both lay on bed. Shubhra says you saved me. Why didn’t you save our relationship? He says it’s very difficutl. I don’t know. She says how don’t you know? I am mad. He says I saved your life. He holds her and says please. This is cheating. He kisses her and wipes her tears. He comes close to kiss her. She says what are you doing? He says kissing you. I am your husband. She says I am not Samaira. He says so what? I am your husband.

Scene 2
Samaira gets drunk and breaks things in anger. She says I was so excited to celebrate valentine’s day with Kuldeep. She came between me and my love. I failed. If this keeps happening, she will part me and Kuldeep. I can’t live without you. Phirki says nothing will happen. He will come back. Take these meds. We have to teach that old woman a lesson. Samaira says you are right.

Scene 3
Madhura says what must be happening there. Chandrani calls Madhura. She asks is everything okay? Chandrani says yes, I have sparked their love again. Madhura says I hope her family gets happy again. Chandrani says I am with her. Nothing will go wrong. Madhura is happy. Aaju ba comes there.

Samaira comes downstairs and says they must have recalled all their happy moments together. Everything will shatter. I will break their relationship. I will make it over for them. She throws oil and picks a candal. Phirki says please stop there is oil everywhere. She says all of this will burn. Phirki says you will burn your own house? She says I will burn them. She burns the house. Phirki runs out. She takes Samaira out as well.

Scene 4
Bell rings. Kuldeep opens the door. It’s Phirki. Kuldeep says you? Samaira is also there. Kuldeep says what happened? They tell him the house is on fire. Ebverything is burned. Samaira says I was worried. I didn’t know where else to go? Can I stay here? Chanddrani says what? Kuldeep says how did it happen? She says I don’t know. My house is burned and I am homeless. It hurts badly. Can I stay here? Chandrani says you’re rich. You can get a hotel. Why would you live in this small house?

We don’t even have extra rooms. She says why would I stay in guestroom? I will stay with Kuldeep in his room. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.