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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Friday 3rd February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Friday 3rd February 2023 update, Kuldeep tries to make paratha. The kids tell him to knead the floor. It becomes a mess. Roli says get potatoes. He picks Roli and says give me the phone.

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Shubhra touches Rajdaksh’s dad’s feet. He gives her blessings. Shubhra leaves. She looks back and says all relations have to be kept safe, whether it’s husband, father, or land. If you can’t see your dad’s pain how would you see mine? She leaves. Her dad says she’s special. If I were in your place I would pay attention to what she said.

Rishi says now chop green chili. Roli says I like the red color. Rishi says you are so irritating. Roli eats an orange. She says to add some cheese. Kuldeep says any other demands princess? Kids start fighting. Kuldeep says let me cook. He says let me cook it, it will burn. They run around Kuldeep.

Scene 2
Vedika’s dad says it’s dada ji’s phone. She goes in to talk. Chandrani asks him is there something? He says I want to apologize. you asked about my wife and I ran. It happens always. When people talk about her I get worried and I run. I am sorry. Chandrani says it’s okay. She is in heaven. You have to move forward for your daughter. He says my wife is alive. Chandrani is shocked. He says but her soul is dead. The way she left me and my daughter, I won’t be able to trust any woman. I can’t put up with this pain again. Chandrani says such women are a stain on the name of womanhood. My son’s life is also revolving around such a witch.

Scene 3
Samaira says where were you shubhra? You left your kids here, how irresponsible. Rajdaksh comes in and says wait a minute. Before calling Shubhra irresponsible you should appreciate her. She was at my place to convince me to make a deal with you. Kuldeep is shocked. Samaira says please sit. He says stop. Kuldeep says coffee? He says no thanks. He says Miss Samaira to impress me you tried to take Shubhra’s place and insulted her and you.. you made fun of a marriage Kuldeep. You both have done so bad to her. But all she cares about is your happiness Kuldeep. This is what a true wife is. She only cares about you and her duty not what is being happened to her. She is an example and you don’t value a diamond. Everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Chandrani asks what is your wife’s name? He says Meera. She says you have a photo of hers? He says yes. He takes out the wallet. He is about to show the photo but Vedika comes. She says let me make the house with dadi.

Rajdaksh says Shubhra I am bad about their lies but you were right, someone personal’s life can’t gauge their professional life. He takes out a file and gives it to Shubhra. Shubhra says thank you. Rajdaksh says I am ready to make this deal with your company. Kuldeep is shocked and happy. He looks at Shubhra. Samaira smiles as well. Kuldeep says thank you so much. Rajdaksh says only because of you real wife, Shubhra. Shubhra gives the file to Kuldeep and he signs it. She touches Rajdaksh’s feet. He says never feel like you are alone in this fight. Call me whenever you want. I am always with you. He gives her the card. Shubhra says thank you. He leaves.

Kuldeep walks past Shubhra and hugs Samaira. He says congratulations we have done it. Shubhra gets teary and goes inside.

Scene 4
Roli calls Chandrani. She says it’s a video call. Look in the phone. Chandrani says oh.. Rishi and Roli say say east or west, mama is the best. Roli says do you know what mama did? Rishi says she got papa a new client. He will get a lot of profit. Uncle appreciated mama so much. Roli says Samaira was so mad. rishi says my aai got the project. She’s a superwoman. Shubhra says what were you doing? She says peg.. Shubhra says what? She says I mean paharay (tables).. roli says what’s that? Shubhra says tables. Roli says but why are you learning them? Let’s play a quiz. Chandrani says some other time. Is everything okay? Rishi says show us your place. She says in her heart it will ruin the surprise. Rishi says show us around na.. Roli says is there a quake at your place? There’s the same paint at your place and the same wall as us? Chandrani asks Anand to turn off the video. HE turns off the video. Rishi says open it, please.. Chandrani says it closed I don’t know how to open it. She says go sleep. Chandrani says to Anand my grandkids are so smart. They are like me. She says what did you roli mean? She says that you don’t know technology at all. She says teach me before Roli teases me all the time.

Shubhra looks at Kuldeep drunk. He picks a teddy and says statue, you can’t come in my way. Shubhra says Kuldeep.. He says yes Shubhra. She says kids are asleep. He says good night kiss. Stay here, he gives a good night kiss to the kids. Shubhra holds him. She says you drank a lot. He says I have to say something. A little.. She says let me get water. He says stop. Listen first. She says we can talk tomorrow. He says now you solve Rishi’s maths problems? Today you finalized my deal. You helped me in my business, that wasn’t you work yet you did. So, for that, I have to say something. Shubhra holds him. He says thank you Shubhra. For doing what you did. He falls on her. Shubhra holds him. Samaira looks at them angrily.

Kuldeep packs his bags. Samaira says where are you going? He says after all that happened I have realized. SHe says realized what? HE says Rajdakash was right that I have a wife like Shubhra. I didn’t value her. Samaira says what? He says I did so wrong to her yet she still cares about me. She cares for my happiness. Because of her, I got this project. She never wanted bad for me, how can I do so wrong with her? How do I break your heart? I have to fix my mistake. She says how would you? He says my being a good husband and the best father. He says you have done a lot of favors on me but today I realized what marriage is. How important is Shubhra for me, I realized now. He packs his bag. Kuldeep says I am leaving you Samaira. She’s shocked. He says even if I have to leave this job, I would. Samaira says you are drunk. That’s why you are saying that. He says you have done a lot for me but I am sorry. Please. Try to understand. She says you can’t leave me.. Stop.. He leaves. Samaira wakes it. It was her dream. Kuldeep says thank you Samaira in his sleep. Samaira says this dream can’t become reality. I have to do something. but what?

Scene 2
Shubhra comes to kids. They are doing homework. Shubhra says I have to ask Kuldeep is he said thanks while drunk or was it real. Samaira says are you looking for Kuldeep? He ins’ home. For personal reasons, I have sent him on an official tour. She says you know I watched in a documentary some animals can cross any limit to save their partner. Shubhra says why are you talking about animals? She says so you know if animals love their relationship so much. I am a human. Don’t think I am not getting your game. Shubhra says what game didi? Samaira says to trap me, cook, impressing the client, this all is a game. What do you wanna prove? That you are great and I am nothing? I know why are you here with your kids. To take Kuldeep with you. Stop putting me down. Shubhra says with my kids I didn’t come to persuade my husband, I am here to get them their rights. A father should be with his kids. There’s nothing abnormal about it. My house, my marriage, and my relationship, and my kids’ future are related to it. Samaira says do you have self-respect? Your husband left you and held my hand. Forget about Kuldeep. You have lost already. Shubhra says you are wrong. Self-respect has nothing to do with you. If you had, you won’t have accepted Rajdaksh’s offer. When you snatch someone’s right you can’t decorate your house with it. Relationships nurture with the truth. Samaira claps and says you did PhD in relationships. If that was so, your husband won’t have cheated on you. Shubhra says even after choosing a way for life, you get lost. People make mistakes and so did Kuldeep. So I had to make him realize we can’t ruin our kids’ future. He has to come back home. Samaira says what if he rejects you again? Shubhra says ever heard of black widow spider? It attracts a partner, has fun and then eats it when hungry. You are the same spider in his life and I won’t let you ruin his life. Samaira says he’s far away from your life. I don’t lose. Shubhra says I also challenge you, I will bring Kuldeep on the right track. You have hurt my kids you will have to pay back for every tear. You will face defeat this time. My family will win over your greed.

Scene 3
Phirki comes back home. Samaira thinks about everything. Phirki says did you have to surrender. Samaira says shut up. Did you bring what I asked for? Phirki shows her the toys. Phirki says why did you get these things for those demons? She says they have ruined my life but your Kuldeep sir loves them. But they SHubhra’s strength. I have to turn it into her weakness. Shubhra insulted me. I will give her a wound that will never heal. She’s alone now and this is my time.

Scene 4
Anand makes Facebook account for Chandrani. He says you can make any friends. She says I have to search for people and will find everything about them? Chandrani opens Samaira’s profile. She’s shocked. She’s the same girl she saw with Kuldeep. Chandrani says it was the same girl who was with Kuldeep. She says why didn’t I slap her that day. Anand is busy on a call. Chandrani writes you, idiot. Anand says don’t write anything. You will be blocked. He takes the laptop but didn’t see the photo.

Phirki says everything is messed in the kitchen. She keeps Shubhra busy in the kitchen so Samaira gets time with kids. Phirki says please help me find tea. Shubhra keeps finding it but it’s nowhere. Rishi comes as ghost to Roli and says what do you want? Roli says a unicorn. He says close your eyes.. Someone comes in with a lot of gifts. It’s Samaira. It has a unicorn too. Samaira says we should become friends? It’s been long. Take gifts from cool mama.

Rishi says you have hurt our aai. We don’t want anything from you. Right roli? Roli is playing with the unicorn. Rishi says Roli stop. Roli says no friendship with you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.