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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Friday 20th January 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Friday 20th January 2023 update, Kuldeep comes to Samaira and says I looked for you everywhere. What happened? She says nothing, leave me alone. Kuldeep says I won’t go until you tell me. She says I said.. Something falls from her hand. He says what’s in your hand? She says nothing. He takes it from her. It’s a pregnancy test kit. Kuldeep is shocked and says why? Samaira says I am pregnant. He says how? She says really? He says what will we do now? She says nothing you go to your wife, I will stay here. Kuldeep says how can I leave you alone? She says I will manage. I know you want to go to your family. I am not so selfish. I can’t leave you alone. He says I can’t be selfish and leave you alone in this condition. She hugs him and says thank you for being with me.

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Rishi says aai papa can’t come here because of work. You can go there. Shubra says how can I? Rishi says it’s your special day. How is my idea? Shubhra says but I can’t go alone.

Scene 2
Samaira and Kuldeep come home. He says thank God, doctor did so many tests. Finally, we found it was a false alarm. You’re not pregnant. How can a pregnancy kit be wrong?
How is it possible? She says tell me something, what if it was correct? What would you do? He says what do you mean? She says if you ever have to choose between me and Samaira who would you choose?

Sanjana and kids push Shubhra to go. Shubra says how would kids stay without me? Roli wakes up at night. Roli says I will be okay. Shubra says who will prepare Rishi for his test? Sanjana says I can. Shubhra says I don’t have the address. Rishi says we found the company address from Google. Shubra says so much preparation. Rishi says you should go and celebrate with him. I know you miss him.

Scene 3
Shubhra is leaving. Sanjana says I will stay here with the kids. Don’t worry. The family photo frame falls. Shubra says this isn’t a good sign. Sanjana says don’t worry I will get another one. Taxi is here. Shubhra asks kids to take care of each other. She leaves.

Kuldeep hugs Samaira and says I am the luckiest man. I got love twice. And got both. I made her my wife and the second one lives with me. Why would I have to choose one. She says wow lucky you but answers me. What if I was actually pregnant. He says I don’t want a baby from this relationship. We aren’t married. We have to focus on our goals. I know you’re upset. But I have a plan for us. Let’s stay home today, order food, and enjoy ourselves together. She hugs him.

Scene 4
Shubra comes to the office. She says I want to meet Kuldeep. A woman says Mr. Kuldeep didn’t come today. Samaira madam didn’t come either. Shubhra says can I have his address? Secretary says we can only give it to family members if you have proof. She gives her ID and says I am his wife. The secretary gives her the address. The secretaries look at each other and say oh she’s the one.

Shubra calls Sanjana and says are kids okay? I hope they aren’t teasing you. Roli is dancing. Rishi says I am so happy. Papa will be surprised. Roli says we can ask mama to make a video. Rishi says mama would be busy. Roli says in heart I have to tell papa about the surprise. She looks at the phone. Roli picks the phone and calls Kuldeep.

Samaira comes to the elevator. Kuldeep says thank you my princess. What’s the surprise? She says mama is coming to you to celebrate. Kuldeep is shocked. Rishi takes the phone from her. Kuldeep looks at Samaira. He moisturizes her body and looks at him seductively. Samaira smiles at him. She comes close. Rishi takes the phone and says yes papa. Kuldeep says what happened to mama? I only heard mama.. What was Roli saying? Rishi says mama went out. She’s upset. Mama is out for groceries. Rishi says were you telling papa? Roli says to surprise him myself. Kuldeep says Shubra went out at his hour? Where could she go? Samaira makes Kuldeep drinks. Shubra comes on the floor. Kuldeep says I have to call Shubra. SAmaira says she must be out for some work. I will be upset if you think about your wife when I am here. Bell rings. Shubra is outside. Kuldeep says let me check. She says the maid will check. The maid opens the door. Shubra says I have to meet my husband. Kuldeep he lives here right? She says yes. Shubra says I am his wife. The maid is shocked. Samaira says we need romantic music. That will make this night even more beautiful. Shubra enters the house and says company has given such a good guest house. She sits in the lounge. The maid is scared. She says tell Kuldeep. She says can’t tell right now.

The maid says he isn’t home. Shubhra says I will do Pooja till then. Maid says that isn’t allowed here. Go from here. Shubhra says what. Kuldeep and Samaira come close. Shubhra says I will wait upstairs. She goes upstairs. The maid says you can’t meet them right now. Maid says them who? Maid says please don’t do. Shubhra says let me call Kuldeep. Shubhra calls Kuldeep but he doesn’t pick. He is busy with Samaira. Kuldeep says one more drink? She says sure. Kuldeep says it’s over. Let me get it from downstairs. You will have to wait a little longer. She says come fast, I am waiting. Kuldeep comes out and sees his phone. Shubhra is there. He’s shocked to see her. Shubhra says finally you are here.

Scene 2
Rishi and Roli play teasing game. Sanjana says we will sit here and play another game. She goes to bring something. Rishi says Roli I will balance this dice on my face. Roli says it’s falling.. Falling.. The dice goes inside his throat. Roli says Rishi? What happened? Where did the dice go?

Kuldeep says Shubhra you here? Why didn’t you tell me? Are kids okay? You got the address. Shubhra says relax. Let me see your face and meet you. I missed you. She says happy karwa chauth. He says happy karwa chauth. Maid says why are you doing this here? What if madam finds out? Shubhra says what is saying? She stopped me from meeting you. Maid says it’s madam’s order. Kuldeep says this guest house is Samaira’s. Shubhra says I saw her name outside as well. Kuldeep says family members can’t come here. Shubhra says I am sorry. Kids said you couldn’t come, I can go myself. She says let me call Samaira and get permission from her. Let’s go to your room and celebrate till the moon is out. Kuldeep says no. I mean.. Other colleagues live here. Samaira breaks the glass. Shubhra says what was that noise? He says must be a cat. Another colleague has a cat. He says let’s go to hotel. We can stay there. Let’s go fast.

Samaira comes to corridor and sees them together. Shubhra sees Kuldeep’s open corridor. Shubhra says close the buttons before leaving. Samaira says you think you can come to my place and take Kuldeep away from me? Shubhra says I think I shouldn’t have come. I shocked you instead of surprising. You didn’t even hug me. He says I am just surprised but very happy. He hugs Shubhra. He says can’t believe you’re here. Samaira sees them hugging.

Roli tells Sanjana that Rishi gulped in the dice. Sanjana calls Shubhra. Shubhra says are the kids okay? Samaira comes to Kuldeep and says you came to bring wine bottle. It takes this long? She comes close to him. Shubhra turns back and sees them. She’s shocked, the phone falls from her hands. Kuldeep says it isn’t what you think. A lot of people live here, Samaira also has a room, she comes when there’s a project. She came to discuss. Shubhra sees the kiss mark on his cheek. Shubhra says what am I getting? You got it right? Am I wrong? She wipes his face violently. Kuldeep says what are you doing? Shubhra slaps him. Samaira says are you mad? Shubhra says yes I am. I was stupid. I kept getting hits, kept getting signs but I trusted this man who’s my husband.

Shubhra says I left everyone. I left my parents for you. Even today, I left kids just to see your face. i keep forgiving you. Keep considering your lies a truth.

I stood with you with the belief that if are together, everything is okay. I was crazy. Shubhra faints. Kuldeep says call a doctor. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.