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Broken Bonds On Zee world, Friday 10th February 2023 update

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Broken Bonds On Zee world Friday 10th February 2023 update, Samaira is shocked at Shubhra’s words. Samaira says how do you know about Vedika? Shubhra grasps her face and says I guessed it by your expressions. But now you have accepted. Samaira says don’t you dare to tell Kuldeep. Shubhra says I won’t tell him because I don’t want to hurt him. Shubhra says but you should tell Kuldeep yourself before he finds out from somewhere else. It’d be worse.

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Samaira says just go from here. Shubhra says I was going to Mumbai but I won’t now. I would wait to see your defeated face. Shubhra leaves, Samaira gets angry.

Kuldeep plays with the kids and recalls Samaira and Anand being close. He is upset. He loses the match from roli. Roli says yayy I wont. Shubhra comes and hugs her. Shubhra asks Kuldeep to give treat to the kids for losing. Roli says I want candy ice cream. He says okay. He says lets go roli and asks Rishi. Rishi says no. Kuldeep says Shubhra will get boring kulfi. She nods. Shubhra tells Rishi they are staying here. She says we will expose Samaora and get kuldeep with them. She says God has sent Anand to help us. She says take care if Veeika. Rishi says okay. Shubhra says Vedika is also in our team. We have to defeat Samaira. Kuldeep comes inside. She asks you.. he shows her earpods indicating he’s on call. He goes inside.

Scene 2
Samaira looks at Vedika in her room and gets angry. Vedika says you’re special for my dad. Anand smiles. Samaira shows her certificates and trophies to Vedika. Vedika says why aren’t you asking about? Samaira says I will later. Vedika says anand says tell her Samaira. Samaira says no I don’t have a baby. Anand asks Vedika to play with the kids. She leaves. Anand says you treat her like a stranger. Samaira says you’re both strangers to me. Anand says you’re so heartless.

Rishi and roli eat their ice cream. Kuldeep says kulfi is so boring pointing at Shubhra. Vedika comes. Shubhra offers her ice cream. She says no it troubles my breathing. Shubhra gets sad for her. She says come sit with her. Rishi makes a family tree. Vedika says we also have one at home. Kuldeep says who is your mom? Vedika gets silent.

Scene 3
Samaira says to Anand stop this drama and leave from here. I will give you the money. She gives him cash. He says I will expose you. Samaira says Kuldeep is not gonna believe you. He says but he will believe the DNA test.

Vedika sits in Shubhra’s lap. Vedika says I only want to see my mom once. Rishi and roli are so lucky to have a mom like you. Roli says you can consider her your mom too. Vedika says my dad is the vest father. Kuldeep says where is he? Vedika says with Samaira. Kuldeep gets angry.

Kuldeep drinks thinking about anand and samaira. He gets angry. Shubhra comes and says are you drinking because of Samaira? Where is she? You left me for her, will she leave you for him? Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.