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Barrister Babu October 2022 Teasers

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Barrister Babu series
Barrister Babu series

A stranger who claims to be Anirudh’s mother pops up from nowhere. Binoy gets married to Sampurna. After experiencing her first menstruation, Bondita believes she is cursed and does the unthinkable. Read Barrister Babu October 2022 Teasers

Barrister Babu October 2022 Teasers

Monday 3rd October 2022

When Anirudh and Bondita win, the villagers felicitate them for their efforts. Later, Greenwood is forced to leave his post. Saudamini manages to abduct Bondita and keeps her locked in a factory. Later, when Anirudh arrives, Saudamini challenges him to find Bondita.

Tuesday 4th October 2022

While Anirudh finds himself in trouble, his friend, Saurabh, arrives. Later, Saurav makes a stunning sacrifice to save Anirudh and Bondita. When Bondita’s health begins to deteriorate, Anirudh prays to Goddess Durga. Later, Anirudh and Bondita realize that Sampurna has been taken for sati.

Wednesday 5th October 2022

A crestfallen Bondita is left in tears when Sampurna faces the harsh ritual of sati. However, Anirudh vows to protect Sampurna. While Anirudh and Bondita return with Saurabh’s ashes, the villagers banish Sampurna.

Thursday 6th October 2022

Later, a girl named Shubhra arrives at the house. The family members are left stunned when Shubhra reveals some shocking facts. However, a startled Anirudh is reluctant to believe her claims.

Friday 7th October 2022

As the girl who claims to be Anirudh’s mother meets Bondita and asks her to do a favor for his safety. Bondita is scared and is in a dilemma when she learns that Anirudh had a small accident. Anirudh finds the right opportunity to prove Shubra wrong. Subsequently, Anirudh challenges Shubra to unlock the treasury without Trilochan’s help.

Monday 10th October 2022

While Anirudh becomes suspicious, Bondita makes a plan to spend time with Shubra. Later, Shubra decides to poison Anirudh.

Tuesday 11th October 2022

Anirudh grows suspicious about who could be helping the mysterious girl in the house and begins to narrow down the names of all the family members. A clever Bondita almost catches the mystery girl red-handed. Later, a determined Anirudh and Bondita plan to expose the mystery girl.

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Anirudh starts feeling weak after consuming the first dose of poison. Later, Shubra spikes Anirudh’s food with more poison to end his life. When Shubra spikes the kheer with poison, Anirudh deliberately drops it on the floor. Later, Bondita and Anirudh decide to search Shubra’s room.

Thursday 13th October 2022

Bondita becomes suspicious when she spots Shubra talking to a woman. When Anirudh tries to chase Munshi, Surmani hits the former on the head. Later, while Anirudh falls unconscious, everyone is left worried.

Friday 14th October 2022

When Trilochan is about to send Sampurna away, Bondita tries to convince him otherwise. Bondita tries her best to find the man who tried to attack Anirudh. After some time, Bondita is shocked when Trilochan asks Sampurna to get married to the house servant.

Barrister Babu October 2022 Teasers

Monday 17th October 2022

Bondita finds out that Shubra is planning to poison Anirudh. After finding out that Shubra is trying to poison Anirudh, Bondita executes her plan. Later, Bondita tries to distract Munshi and expose Shubra.

Tuesday 18th October 2022

Anirudh expresses his wish to Bondita that he hopes to see her becoming a lawyer. Later, Anirudh is left astounded when his father gets married to Sampurna. Sampurna enters the mansion with an ulterior motive.

Wednesday 19th October 2022

However, while Trilochan refuses to be a part of the rituals, Anirudh supports Sampurna. Sampurna feels powerful after completing the first step of her plan by marrying Binoy.

Thursday 20th October 2022

Mami instigates Bondita to ask Trilochan to hand over the house keys to her. Later, Bondita manages to get Trilochan to perform the rituals. Later, Bondita makes a promise to Trilochan that she will not give the house keys to anyone.