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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Wednesday 26th October 2022 update

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Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu

Episode starts with Anirudh scolding Bondita. He says the Bondita I knew used to love everyone and never do wrong, she never hurt anyone. He says I m much disappointed with you. She cries. He sits sad. She says you told me to not hide things and take any blame for the sake of dear ones. He asks her to leave.

She says I can’t take the burden on me, I can’t take the blame without any mistake, I didn’t get angry like you, it doesn’t mean that I did wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just said what I have seen and understood, what will I show in the school tomorrow, my broken house model. She cries and sits to repair the house model. Anirudh looks on. He also joins her and repairs the house. Mami comes to see them. Anirudh sleeps. Bondita comes to him. She asks for her scissors. He gives it. She smiles and goes. Rishta tera mera….plays….

Mami gets angry seeing this. Bondita smiles. She says we are upset with each other, if we get together, then we will make this house again. Mami says they are bonding again, like she made the house model today, she will mend broken relation also, Sampoorna isn’t listening to me, I can’t make Bondita away from Anirudh this way. Bondita says I will see if he had the food. She goes to check. She says he didn’t eat the food, I feel hurt. Mami brainwashes Sampoorna again. She asks Sampoorna to just do as she says and rule in the house. Bondita hears this and says it means Sampoorna is involved in Mama and Mami’s lies. She moves and a showpiece falls. Sampoorna hears the sound and goes out. Bondita asks why did you lie and support Mama and Mami in the wrong work, Anirudh got angry, we had a big fight, Anirudh accused Trilochan, you didn’t tell anything, why. Sampoorna lies to Bondita. She says you can punish me if you think I m lying, I didn’t know anything and just did what my dad told me. Bondita asks why will you get punished when you aren’t wrong, we both are in sorrow today. Bondita says I will tell the truth to Anirudh, else our family will be in problem, I will tell about Mama and Mami’s lies. Sampoorna asks her not to tell anything, else she will get cursed. Bondita says no, I had hidden the truth once, you don’t worry, Anirudh respects you, he trusts you. Its morning, Bondita wakes up. She gets stomach ache. She says I didn’t had any food at night, because Anirudh didn’t eat anything, why is my stomach aching so much. She calls out Anirudh. She turns and sees the blood on her bed. She gets shocked. She says did I get hurt by the scissor at night. Anirudh says I feel restless at this time. Bondita says I can’t even walk, don’t know why is this happening. Anirudh goes to see.

Sampoorna comes to Bondita’s room and calls her out. She says maybe she has gone to tell the truth to Anirudh. She gets shocked seeing the blood marks on the bed. She says it means Bondita… Anirudh doesn’t know about her periods. Bondita cries. Sampoorna hides the blood marks by sheets. Anirudh comes to the room and doesn’t see Bondita. He says it means she woke up, thank God, everything is fine, I was getting worried. He goes. Sampoorna says before Anirudh and Bondita meet, I have to meet Bondita and take advantage of this change in life. She comes to Bondita. She says I was supporting lies, they are my parents, what happened, tell me.

Bondita tells everything and asks what happened. Sampoorna says I will explain you, come with me. She says don’t talk in front of everyone, wrong has happened with you.

Sampoorna fooling Bondita about the disease. She asks her not to tell anyone about the disease, else she will be abandoned. Bondita cries. Sampoorna says you got cursed by Durga Maa, you got my parents insulted, you got punished. She sees the keys. She recalls Mami’s words. Sampoorna says Bondita isn’t the same now. Mami asks her to stop Bondita from telling truth to Anirudh. Sampoorna says if the matter comes out, then we will be thrown out of the village. Mami asks her to regard Bondita her enemy from now, stop Bondita and Anirudh from uniting. FB ends. Sampoorna says I have a solution to stop this. Bondita asks her to say if there is any solution. Sampoorna says yes, I will tell you, you have to do what I say, you will get fine in 4-5 days. Bondita says I will do as you say. Sampoorna says don’t say this to anyone, stay away from any man, no man’s shadow should fall on you. Bondita says Anirudh is my husband, friend and teacher. Sampoorna says you have to be away from him, you can’t do any puja now, you don’t have to go anywhere out, not even to school, you can’t go out from the room, else everyone will know about your disease, who knows, you and Anirudh get abandoned.

Bondita says if I stay in the room, everyone will come to ask me, why am I staying here. Sampoorna says you have to manage it and stay away. Bondita asks will I get fine if I do this. Trilochan calls out Bondita. Sampoorna asks her to take rest. She says I will tell everyone that you aren’t fine. Trilochan calls Bondita for aarti. Sampoorna comes to do the aarti. She says Bondita isn’t fine, I will do the aarti today. Mami plays shank. Trilochan cries. Sampoorna thinks Durga Maa supported me, I will rule in this house now. Bondita cries and says how shall I stop the bleeding. Mami congratulates Sampoorna. Sampoorna says I will go and help Bondita. Mami says no need, let her stay in pain, she will get scared and listen to you. Sampoorna nods. Bondita recalls Anirudh. FB shows Anirudh asking her to use cotton to soak the ink. The cotton soaks the ink from the book. Bondita says nature has given us much solutions. Bondita gets the cotton from the pillow. Anirudh waits for Bondita. Bondita tears the curtain cloth. Rishta tera mera…plays… She takes the cotton. Koyli comes to Anirudh.

She says I m going home for some days. Anirudh asks her to go. He comes to Bondita’s room and knocks the door. She cries and says I can’t talk to any man. He asks her to open the door, else he will break it. She says no, I will not go to school today. She goes and opens the door. He asks why didn’t you open the door. She steps back when he comes inside the room. He asks what happened, are you unwell, what happened, why are you stepping back. She lies on the bed. He asks what happened, tell me.

She says I have stomach ache, just go, I will take rest and get fine. He says fine, don’t go to school, we will call a doctor. She says no. Trilochan comes and says its fine, we won’t call the doctor, she will take rest and get fine. Anirudh says I know you won’t like it if doctor checks her. Trilochan and Anirudh argue. They say we will let Bondita rest, we can fight later. Trilochan goes. Anirudh sees the pillow fallen. He thinks to ask her. Trilochan calls him out. Anirudh goes. Bondita cries. She prays to Durga maa. She says Sumati will have a solution for this problem. She says I can talk to my mum by writing a letter.

She writes a letter … I wish you were here, I m in a big problem, you would have made everything fine, I know you are away, but always with me. Sampoorna goes to the old house. She sees Sumati. Sumati calls out Bondita. Bondita cries and misses Sumati. Sampoorna recalls hiding in Binoy’s car. She thinks to talk to him when the car stops. Binoy hits Sumati by mistake. He gets shocked. He says what did I do, I had killed Sumati. Sampoorna gets down the car and shouts.

Mama and Mami fool Binoy that Sumati died. Bondita writes… just come back to me soon, I need your support and courage. She cries. Sumati says Bondita.