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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Thursday 29th December 2022 update

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TV series

Barrister Babu on joy prime Thursday 29th December 2022 update, Thakumaa asking Bondita to choose a lesser sorrow path for her life. She says these days, a room is made for women to stay during periods, in our times, they used to leave us in the jungle, you are getting comforts here, don’t cry, else you will lose respect, sleep on the mat and wash the utensils with the coal. Bondita asks where will I go for washroom.

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Thakumaa says you have to use the sand and old clothes kept there, if you try to go out, then I will throw you in that pit. Bondita calls her out. Thakumaa leaves. She locks Bondita. Bondita says Anirudh is a man, but he understands about women’s periods, its a natural thing, Thakumaa is a woman but thinks its a sin. She cries and calls out Anirudh.

Trilochan says a person can make his heart a stone, but melts seeing child’s tears. Bihari says he asked me to lock the door, he couldn’t see Anirudh’s tears. Triochan says he is my son, if he gets caught by Thakumaa there, then his hands won’t be cut, my hands will get cut, I had promised Shubra that I will protect her children. Anirudh says I promise, Thakumaa can’t harm us. Trilochan asks him to go. He laughs. Anirudh runs to see Bondita. He sees Thakumaa and thinks she had gone to Calcutta for two days, how did she come back soon. Thakumaa says you would be thinking how I came back soon, elders have to keep eyes open and doors closed, else jewellery and respect get stolen, I knew something is wrong, I left responsibility to you, something bad was going to happen. Anirudh says you are Antaryami, I have no comparison with you, what happened. Thakumaa says Bondita is having her periods, I have locked her in the dark room, she won’t come out until she gets fine. Anirudh thinks Bondita needs care at this time, but Thakumaa had locked her there.

Bondita knocks the door and calls out Thakumaa. Rimjhim hears her. She goes to Thakumaa. She says Bondita is knocking the door. Thakumaa says this girl is a wild cat, I have to tie the bell in her neck. She goes to see. Anirudh sees Bondita in pain. Thakumaa asks what happened to you now. Bondita says I have much pain. Anirudh says she would be in pain. Thakumaa says pain stays with a woman all her life, she can tolerate this pain. Anirudh says she is a little kid, she can get ill. Thakumaa says periods isn’t an illness, its a way of Lord to show women that he has written just pain in their fate, women tolerates pain always, they should adorn pain on themselves as clothes. Anirudh thinks how can’t she understand a woman’s pain. Thakumaa says this pain will make you calm and patient, keep your pain to yourself, you have to tolerate this pain, else you keep a hand over your mouth. Anirudh cries and goes out.

He thinks I m feeling so helpless, I can’t help Bondita. He throws a pickle container in anger. Thakumaa and Rimjhim come out and see this. Thakumaa asks what’s this. Anirudh says it happened by mistake. Thakumaa says you are irresponsible, my trust broke, you get out of here now. She beats Anirudh. He says forgive me. Bondita hears them and worries. Anirudh lies in pain. He thinks Thakumaa is behaving badly with her. Thakumaa asks Anirudh to go home. He says no, I have sworn to serve you and Bondita, I will not break my promise till I die, I won’t go from here. Thakumaa says fine, stay here till your funeral things come.

He thinks to convince her. He says fine, you step over me. She says I don’t like this drama. She kicks him. He says I won’t go until you ask me to come inside the house. Thakumaa goes. She does the tulsi puja. Bondita imagines Anirudh asking her to do yogaasan to get rid of the pain. He teaches her. Tupur comes there and sees Bondita. She goes to Thakumaa. She says Bondita is doing exercise, did she get caught by a ghost. Thakumaa says I asked her not to move, just sit, but she likes to break rules. She asks Anirudh to go her home. She goes to Bondita.

She asks what’s happening. Bondita worries. Anirudh thinks I have to go inside the house to take care of Bondita, I have to convince Thakumaa for this. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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