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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Monday 2nd January 2023 update

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TV series

Barrister Babu on joy prime Monday 2nd January 2023, Anirudh trying to stick around baba by an excuse. Rimjhim competes with Roopa/Anirudh. Thakumaa says baba can come to me if he needs any help. She asks him to go and rest. Baba goes. Anirudh goes to check on baba. He doesn’t see baba in the room. He sees Baba secretly going out.

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Anirudh thinks is he going to Bondita’s room. He takes a stick and follows Baba. Thakumaa also covers herself and goes upstairs. Anirudh gets busy in tucking the saree. Thakumaa doesn’t see him there and goes ahead. Thakumaa goes other way. Anirudh thinks why is he going to Rimjhim’s room. He gets confused seeing baba and Thakumaa, both covered up by the shawls. He says whoever goes to Bondita’s room, I will follow him. He hits someone. He gets shocked seeing Thakumaa. Thakumaa gets angry and asks why did you beat me. Bondita wakes up and says I saw some thief has come.

Thakumaa says I thought to see Bondita once before I sleep, I covered myself with the shawl because its cold. Anirudh says sorry, I will get haldi milk. Thakumaa goes. Anirudh says I had come here following Baba, he didn’t come here, he went to Rimjhim’s room. Bondita asks why didn’t Rimjhim shout. He says something is wrong. Its morning, Sumati comes to meet Bondita. Bondita asks where were you, I didn’t know about periods, I m in same pain again, I need you. Sumati cries and says I know you are much hurt, so I have come here. Bondita says come to me, tell me what’s my mistake if Lord has given me this pain. Sumati says don’t get scared of this room, we all stay here during our periods. Bondita says I feel suffocated here, I don’t get sleep here, make me rest in your lap. Sumati says don’t I wish to do all this. Bondita says but what. Sumati says Thakumaa is doing this for your betterment. Bondita asks what’s my betterment in this. Sumati says yes, she is doing this for your good, she loves us a lot. Bondita asks how can I forgot things taught by Anirudh. Sumati goes away. Bondita shouts and cries.

Anirudh thinks I was going to Thakumaa to apologize, I didn’t know I will come to this place where women take a bath. He says I will go. Thakumaa says just women come here, come. Anirudh makes stories. Thakumaa laughs. She gives her jewellery to Roopa. She asks Roopa to massage her back. Anirudh worries. He says I can’t do this. Thakumaa asks why. Anirudh says my hands have become rough, your back will get hurt by my hands, I won’t hurt you. Thakumaa says you had hit on my head yesterday right. Anirudh says sorry, I had beaten myself to punish for that, I will go, I have much work. Thakumaa says I m not going anywhere until baba is at home, I will see that Baba makes Bondita fine, you better wash my clothes, don’t go that side, water is deep there. Anirudh says sure.

Trilochan does the surya puja. Anirudh comes to him. He recalls Bondita’s words. He asks Trilochan to argue with Thakumaa and distract her for some time. Trilochan says no way, did you lose your mind, I don’t want to talk to her. Anirudh says we want this anger, just argue with her, it will become a fight. Anirudh recalls Bondita asking him to convince Trilochan by using his weakness. Anirudh says I know you are scared of Thakumaa, I thought you are Dabangg, but you are scared. Trilochan says I m not scared of anyone. Anirudh says just fight with her. Trilochan says I m not scared, I will fight with her. Anirudh sees baba and thinks to find out what he is up to. Baba gets some green chillies and says Bondita has to eat this today. Thakumaa gives it to Bondita.

Baba says this chillies will make you lose your adamancy, it will make you tolerant and controlled. Thakumaa says he is right. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words, its wrong to bear injustice, rigidity is good and makes you do anything. He explains her with the paper boats. He says we have to balance tolerance and adamancy. FB ends. Anirudh worries for Bondita.

Bondita refusing to eat the chillies. Thakumaa says then Tapur will eat it. Bondita stops her and says I will eat it. She eats the chillies and cries. Tupur comes and asks Thakumaa to come out fast, someone has put the garbage in front of their house. Thakumaa says I will punish the neighbors for doing this. She goes. Anirudh says I will see Thakumaa and come, keep an eye on Bondita till then. Trilochan and Bihari wait for Thakumaa. They recall keeping the fish bones outside the house. Thakumaa gets the gun. She shoots the tea cup. Trilochan asks Bihari to get the gun. Bihari gets it. Trilochan shoots somewhere else. He argues with Thakumaa.

She asks him to sweep the floor. He asks why would I do that. She says you have thrown the fish bones here, you will sweep. He says you lock your tongue. She argues. Anirudh says I forgot to tell something big to Thakumaa. Rimjhim asks why. Anirudh says I got a man’s hair from your room. Rimjhim asks how can this happen, where is the hair. Anirudh says I kept it near your pillow. Rimjhim thinks to find the hair, else she will be gone. She says I have to prepare lunch, I m going. Anirudh says I will help you. She says no need, I will handle it. Baba says I will also go to make the vaastu better, keep an eye on this girl. Anirudh asks Tapur to go, Thakumaa is calling her. Tapur goes. Anirudh gives water to Bondita.

Anirudh thinks of Rimjhim and baba’s connection. Rimjhim and baba look for the hair. They have a talk. Rimjhim says I don’t want to become a widow, don’t say that. He says you are my wife, just think about saving me. Anirudh thinks this fake man is Bondita’s Kaka, Rimjhim’s husband, why did he come like this in disguise. Baba says I should have not come here, find the hair, else Thakumaa can see me. Bondita asks what, is the fake baba my Kaka. Anirudh says yes, he had given you pain, I will bring his truth out to Thakumaa. Bondita says no, don’t do this, you find out how does Kaka know about Roopa getting baba home, its not a big thing. Trilochan asks Thakumaa to heal her own wounds. She taunts him. They point gun at each other. Bondita says you have to know everything before the fight gets serious.

Anirudh comes to baba and says you should be scared of me, I know your secret. Baba asks what secret. Anirudh says you are Shomik Babu, not any baba, right. Baba says no, you got mad. Anirudh pulls his beard. He asks Baba to talk to him. Shomik says don’t tell Thakumaa, else she will beat me, Thakumaa lets me meet my wife by seeing Grah nakshatra, she thinks that we shall meet in that grahnakshatra when we can have a son, you know my truth, I know you lied for the job, I won’t tell your lie to anyone. Anirudh asks how do you know about my fake story. Shomik says Rimjhim had seen you, so she asked me to come here as baba. Anirudh thinks thank God, Rimjhim doesn’t know that I m Anirudh. Shomik says let me stay with my wife, please.

Anirudh says yes, but I have a condition, you have to give me the keys of Bondita’s room, I m worried for her, she didn’t get water to drink, I want to get freedom for Bondita. Shomik asks why do you care for Bondita. Anirudh says because I m a woman, so I m able to understand Rimjhim’s pain, so I m not telling your truth to Thakumaa, come and see Bondita’s state, look at her. Bondita coughs and cries. Anirudh says I pity her state, she is your nephew, you don’t pity her, you have two daughters, Tupur and Tapur, would you do this with them. Shomik says no, sorry, I had to torture Bondita to hide my lie. Anirudh says if you want to repent your sins, then I have a way, give me the room keys. Bondita smiles. Anirudh says I want to serve Bondita.

Shomik says I will give the keys, don’t let my truth come out, else Thakumaa will kill us. Anirudh says our truths will not come out, promise. He gives the keys. Bondita sees Thakumaa coming. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.