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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Monday 25th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Bondita asking do I need to become a good housewife. Trilochan asks her to stay silent first, its imp as much as the sunrise, the family is the biggest joy of the woman, remember, you have to become the best in house duties, that’s the most beautiful jewel for the woman. She asks does this jewellery look good, you gave me fake jewellery since I m young. He says no, jewellery is real and also the teaching, I won’t let any stain get on our pride. He goes.

Barrister Babu series
Barrister Babu series

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She thinks I have to do so much after the marriage, I used to play and hear stories from Maa, how will I do it. He gets a Karchi/ladle and says this is your real jewellery now, you will become a good housewife, a new phase of your life will begin today. She sees it. Anirudh comes. He says I got something for you. She tries to see and says show it, is it Rasgulla or any toy.

He says no, its not any food or toy, its a slate and chalk, a new phase of your life will begin, you will become a good housewife and also get deserved status in the society. Trilochan signs no. Anirudh says this will become path for you, you will reach big heights, hold it, this is your real adornment. She gets confused. She says you said becoming a housewife is the real adornment, Anirudh says studies is the real adornment, what shall I learn. Trilochan says running home. Anirudh says studies. She says its tough. He says a person’s mind gets sharp when he studies. Trilochan says its fine if the house gets ruined.

Anirudh and Trilochan argue and explain her. Trilochan says one can’t do anything without food. Anirudh says you can study and become a doctor, engineer or barrister, do you like to become like me, barrister babu. Trilochan asks what did you do after becoming a barrister, she can become a good wife, bahu and mother. Anirudh says she can touch the sky by becoming educated. They argue. Bondita looks at them. Trilochan says you have to learn house duties first. Anirudh says you will listen to me, master ji will come to teach you, you will focus on studies, fine, someone else should distract you.

Trilochan says amazing, you made me someone else, I didn’t love you and your brothers since childhood, I didn’t get married, I have no child, I regarded you my child, you made me someone else. Anirudh says you know I didn’t mean it, would I like to hurt your heart, no, you have to understand that Bondita needs to study, become her strength, not a wall to stop her. Trilochan asks what’s the need to study. He says we already have educated people, we don’t need anyone else, we need a homemaker. Anirudh says studies are also necessary, if she studies, then she can also manage work, every girl should go to school and get education, there should be no biasing between boys and girls, everyone should have same right on education. Trilochan says woman’s happiness has the path through temple and kitchen, she has to fill your mum’s place, she can keep this house pure like a temple, tell me if I m wrong. Anirudh says no, but… Trilochan says then don’t argue, Bondita has to take training to become a good housewife. He goes. Anirudh says Master ji will come. She asks will he teach me cooking, if I learn making good sweets then I will make it and eat. He says there are servants to cook food, you need to study, master ji will teach you, pick the chalk and slate, you have to study well, I will convince Trilochan, its final that you will study.

Saudamini cries recalling everything. She pours water on her head. She says Anirudh is my love and my need, I can’t let him go away, never, I can do anything to get him. Bondita says what shall I do. She goes to sleep. Maid comes to wake her up in the morning. Trilochan drops a glass. Bondita asks why are you waking me up. Trilochan says its me, your new phase of life is starting today, take a bath and come to the kitchen. She asks do I eat food so early. He says you have to cook food. She asks maid to make it, she will taste and say how is it. He says you have to cook it. She asks what, so early, its dark outside, none would wake up by now. He asks her to work before everyone wakes up, get up now. She goes to take the bath. She shivers by cold water. She says how shall I take bath now. Saurabh sees Anirudh sleeping. He keeps the books in shelf. He gets a book and thinks this book can help Sampoorna in knowing how a woman conceives a child. Anirudh wakes up and asks in which book you are interested. Saurabh says no, I was just keeping it.

Anirudh asks him to show it. He smiles and asks why are you shy, everyone should read about such topics, none wants to talk about s*x education, such topics should be taught in school, maybe families break since people don’t know right things from it, it can be dangerous to get wrong or incomplete knowledge, don’t be shy, take this book, tell me, did you arrange a tutor. Saurabh says I forgot to tell you, master ji is coming to teach Bondita. Anirudh says its great news, she will become self sufficient. Saudamini comes to meet Binoy. She asks him to check the envelop. He sees Saudamini weds Anirudh written. He asks who decided this marriage. She says it was already decided, I just gave a date, you want it right. He says yes, but how can this happen, Bondita is Anirudh’s wife now.

She asks don’t you trust me, I can do it. He says what’s left in our hands. She says you are a good hunter, you know when a tigress gets hurt, she attacks with double strength. He asks do you have any plan.

She says I thought to attract Anirudh, he is emotional and thinks by heart, he loves me, not my beauty, we didn’t get married, but he would worry for me, I will take advantage of his worry, we proved Bondita a poor girl, so he felt bad, he always come to save her. He asks what will we show now. She says we will show him a spoilt, naughty and arrogant Bondita, then he will not like her. He says your idea is good, how will you do it. She says I will tell you, till then prepare for the wedding, don’t forget the date. He smiles. Bondita sprinkles water on her face. She says none will know it now. Trilochan says I didn’t hear any sound of water falling, don’t sprinkle water on your face, put the water on your head, else I won’t believe it. She worries.

Bondita taking the bath and going to do puja. Trilochan guides her. She feels sleepy. He sprinkles water on her face and asks her to wake up if she wants to become a good housewife. She says you asked me to run away. He says I told wake up, now I will do the aartis. She says when Lord is one, why so many aartis for many Lords. He asks her not to talk. She says it will be trouble if I call different Lords for help. He asks what. She says which Lord will come to help me, they will be confused. He says Lord will know it, he has to look after entire world, he comes in any avatar to help, you do what I say. Anirudh comes. Trilochan says I m in dilemma now. Bondita asks did you see many Gods. He says no, I saw your husband in the temple at the time of aarti, instead playing at the British club. He asks Anirudh to take the flower. Anirudh asks her to understand and do all the aartis.

He says do Saraswati aarti. She asks why. Trilochan says Saraswati Maa is a Goddess of knowledge and education. Anirudh says its imp for you, master ji is coming to teach you. Trilochan says keep the flower back, you have come for your motive, I thought you have come for puja. Anirudh says Bondita should be educated, else how will she read the granth. Trilochan asks him not to talk such things at the time of puja. He scolds Anirudh. He asks Bondita to come for aarti. He does aarti. Saudamini comes to meet Anirudh. She flirts with him. She says I have come to steal you from Bondita. He gets shocked. She laughs and says you think I m a thief. He says no, you said so. She says our tennis match is there. He says you have come as a clever player, you think I don’t know your heart. He laughs and says I was joking, I can’t come for few days, master ji is coming to teach Bondita, I will come and win also.

She says great, Bondita will need you, I came to say that I m learning baking, I made cashew cookies, do you have time to taste. He jokes on her halwa experiment. She asks him to come along and taste the cookies. She gets hurt. Anirudh asks her to see and walk. Binoy looks on. She says I feel like I got blind. He says don’t say this again. She says fine, I won’t say. He asks her to be careful. She goes. Binoy says she has made a good plan. She smiles and thinks I got hurt for your sake, I will get Anirudh, we will marry after ten days. Trilochan does aarti. Bondita feels sleepy. She thinks this puja plate is so heavy, Trilochan is singing aarti so well like lullaby. Somnath sees her and thinks Anirudh was going to slap me, I won’t forgive her. He hits the water pot. He asks Bondita to do puja, aarti is over. She goes and slips by the water. The aarti plate falls. Trilochan scolds her and asks her to pick things soon. The Mata chunri gets torn by her bangle. Trilochan shouts Bahu. He gets scared of Maa’s anger. Bondita worries.

Saurabh comes to Sampoorna. She asks him not to touch her, else she will tell Surmani and Biraj. He says I won’t touch you, I came to give this book. She says I can’t read. He asks her to see the pics and understand it. She asks what. He says you aren’t pregnant. She says if you say it again, I will tell them, don’t you care for me and our child. He says how shall I explain you, think Lord has sent this to you to get sense. She goes away. Trilochan gets worried. Anirudh says new chunar will come. Somnath says she dropped aarti plate and was sleeping during puja. Anirudh says she isn’t habitual to wake up early, she is a kid. Trilochan says chunri got torn, it means Devi maa is giving us a sign. Binoy smiles. Anirudh asks what are you saying. Trilochan says its her anger, you are taking women to the path of destruction, women should learn household duties, you won’t let Bondita learn the qualities of housewife, you want to make her study like a man, will Devimaa not curse you. Anirudh gets shocked. Sampoorna says everything got fine that the baby is coming, Surmani will pamper me. She takes the book. Saurabh says she will get some sense. Biraj comes and asks about the book. Saurabh looks on. Sampoorna says he gave me this book, he said there are many pics in it. Biraj says you should see good pics. Sampoorna asks them to see the pics and read Katha. Saurabh worries and pours ink on his kurta. He asks them to see the ink. Surmani says I will get water from the well.

Biraj goes to get his clothes. Saurabh asks did you go mad, you can’t see this book with mum, I got this for you. Sampoorna asks why, you said its a good book, mum said she will tell katha to me. He says I will read Katha for you, check the book first. She nods. Binoy asks Anirudh to stop questioning other’s faith. He says you are right and everyone is wrong. Trilochan says no master will come to teach Bondita, take it as my command. Anirudh says listen to me, its Devimaa’s anger, we should end it right. Binoy thinks Anirudh is worried for Dharm, how did he change his tune. Anirudh says Bondita will get the new chunar for Maa, she will go to the market. Bondita looks at him. Trilochan says yes. Anirudh says Bondita made a mistake, she should pay for it. Trilochan asks her to go with Bihari and get items to make new chunar. He gives her 2rs and asks her to get good items.

Bondita thinks where did Anirudh trap me now. Anirudh thinks now they will understand it that she needs to study. He smile. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.