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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Friday 22nd July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Saudamini acting to get hurt. Anirudh helps her. She says thanks for coming on time and saving me. He asks her to take care. Anirudh says Bondita, I really liked it, you have to give speech with confidence, all the best. Saudamini smiles and thinks this girl will give a wrong speech now. Anirudh welcomes everyone and thanks for giving their time. He says Bondita will come and talk to you.

Barrister Babu series
Barrister Babu series

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Surmani says we will agree to her. Anirudh says no, she is here as a village girl, if you feel she is right or wrong, then give your opinion, everyone is same here. He says I m sure that everyone will listen to you.

Bondita introduces herself. She says I m just like you, will my problems be different from you, the solution will be for you also. Biraj says she is talking of our problems, she is like us. Bondita says I don’t like to feel ashamed and run away, I was always scared to take a bath at the river. Somnath signs Saudamini. Anirudh smiles. Bondita says this doesn’t happen with me now, Anirudh arranged a washroom for me here, I felt bad and refused, I cried, but he didn’t listen, he commanded that I will use the washroom. Biraj says she is talking in our favor. Anirudh says she is talking well, just the way I said, better than I expected, very nice. Saudamini thinks your hope will break. Bondita says Anirudh wants to make a public toilets, he can’t command you, I will tell you about it. She recalls Somnath’s words and says public toilets is a torture. Anirudh gets shocked. He says what is she saying, I wrote that its a good civility. She recalls Somnath teaching her and not telling her the meaning of words. She tells wrong words. Anirudh says I have written about self-esteem, but egoistic. Saudamini says maybe you have written wrong. Anirudh asks what are you saying, what is she saying. Bondita gives the wrong speech.

Bondita thinks everyone is smiling after liking my speech. She laughs. Anirudh says what is she saying, people will get against public toilets. Bondita recalls Somnath asking her to just memorize the lines. Anirudh worries hearing her say wrong words. The people ask did you call us to say such bad things. Anirudh asks what are you saying, I have written this, do you know the meaning of what you are saying. She says I said what you have written. He says what, there is no time for this, read this speech in front of everyone. She asks what. He says its a sorry speech for your mistake. He stops the people and says I m sorry from her side, she is a little kid, she told some wrong words, give her another chance to apologize. He says this chance won’t come back, don’t say any wrong word, okay. She thinks how can I read. She recalls Saudamini’s words. He asks her to read it. Saudamini smiles. He asks Bondita not to get scared and read it. Bondita cries and says I don’t know to read it. He asks why won’t you know it. She says I m an illiterate. He gets shocked.

Saudamini thinks Anirudh will never tolerate an illiterate wife. Anirudh tears the paper. The men scold him and ask him to end the darkness in his own house first. They ask him to talk of women rights by educating his wife first. They leave. Saudamini smiles happily. Bondita cries. Anirudh comes and asks why did you lie to me. He shouts on her. Biraj says don’t worry for Bondita, worry for yourself, tie this thread after bath, it will save you from bad sight, have ghee badam laddoo, baby will be healthy. Sampoorna smiles. Surmani comes and acts good. Biraj says its good Surmani has changed. Surmani goes and says I will be the same, I have fed you medicines so that everyone thinks you are pregnant, Biraj will also believe so. Anirudh asks Bondita not to lie now. He says I don’t tolerate lies, tell me. Somnath worries. Bondita says I didn’t lie, it was my letter. Anirudh asks when did you write, in your dream.

Bondita asks when did I say that I wrote it, I got it written from school boys. He says when I gave you the paper to memorize, why didn’t you say that you can’t read it, tell me. She says I wanted to help you, you did a lot for me, I wanted to do something for you, if I said I can’t read it, you would have been angry, you had much hope, how would I upset you. She cries. She says Somnath said he will help me, like you wrote, he read it and made me memorize it well, I have told the same words which he told, then don’t know how I made a mistake. Anirudh gets angry and sees Somnath. She says I wanted to see you happy, I made you angry. She apologizes to Somnath and says I ruined your hardwork. Anirudh says wait Bondita, you have given that speech, Somnath taught you. She nods. Somnath gets tensed. Anirudh asks did you teach her everything, answer me, yes or no. Somnath says yes. Anirudh fumes.

Somnath saying I wanted Bondita to make fun of herself, I didn’t know you will get insulted. Anirudh raises hand. Bondita stops him and asks is it good to beat anyone younger to you. She asks Somnath why did he do this. She says you dislike me, I thought I will get a brother here. She cries. Somnath feels bad. Anirudh asks Somnath to go. Bondita apologizes to him. She says you got insulted because of me, I didn’t know reading the speech, I really wanted to help you, not because you are my husband, but I know the benefits of washroom, women should feel good by getting their own washroom. Anirudh smiles and asks her to say truth, why didn’t she study, why didn’t she go to school, didn’t anyone get her admitted in school, did Mami stop you. Bondita says no, she didn’t stop, but no one said that I should study, does a girl get known by education, is education imp for boys, Maa said that I m sensible. He nods. She asks what’s the need to study, Mami said no one asks girl if she is educated or not, the people get annoyed if girl is educated.

She says its imp if a girl knows household work, I heard this from everyone, that education is just for boys, they manage business and money, you are the first one to ask me why I don’t know studies, Maa is right, you are different, else everyone asked me to learn cooking and washing clothes. He feels sad. She says education is just for boys, no girl has gone to school in our village, how would I go to school. She goes. He thinks its not her mistake, its my mistake to expect a lot from her.

Saudamini says Anirudh got insulted, his wife isn’t educated. Binoy looks on. Anirudh recalls everything. Binoy says we are losing Anirudh, can’t you see that, do you want to lose him forever. She asks why. He says you can see the reason, nothing happened, that girl is still here, did he throw her out, Bondita is on his mind, there is no aim in his life except her. She says Bondita can never take my place, she is just his mistake. He asks can’t you see that he wants to bring a revolution, he will go to end the darkness in her life, he will change her life, till then she will stay here. He goes.

Its morning, Trilochan says Anirudh would be thinking something mad again. He asks Bihari to agree. Trilochan says I should play the shank before he decides anything, big problem is going to come, we will make Bondita do the household work. Bondita tries to help Batuk. She laughs. She thinks of sweets. Sampoorna asks Anirudh not to get upset on Bondita, no girl studies in village. Anirudh says no, I think she needs a chance, I came to talk to Saurabh. He says Saurabh, you know our hardwork got waste, so I thought of something, I want Bondita to study. He smiles.

Batuk says girls’ hands are made to wear bangles, don’t act strong. Anirudh says I didn’t know that girls don’t get educated here, there is no girl in Batuk’s school, we should not waste time, tutor used to come home to teach Saudamini, same way home tutor can teach Bondita, but will dad like it, and Kaka will refuse for it. Trilochan says Anirudh will refuse, does he think we are fools. Bihari says right. Trilochan gets angry. Batuk says I can’t open it, I don’t want to eat sweets now. He keeps the box. Bondita opens the box easily. They see the cookies. Bondita says I told you, I can open it, no work is tough for girls.

She says Maa said that hands wearing bangles have strength, such women are strong. She jokes on him. He asks her to return the box. She asks him to praise girls. He says no. She runs away. He runs after her. Trilochan says stop it. Batuk says she has beaten me. Trilochan asks her to do some work in kitchen. Bondita says I was thinking to go to kitchen. He says great. She says I m hungry. He says stop your hunger, you have to go and cook food. Batuk smiles.

Bondita says that’s not needed, I will have the food that’s kept. Trilochan asks her to cook dinner for entire family. She says fine, Saudamini comes to teach her. Trilochan asks what did she teach you. Bondita says I will think and say. Trilochan scolds her. Anirudh says Bondita is my responsibility, I m tired explaining this, they just tell me that I have got a problem. Saurabh says anyone would have brought a change if it was easy. Anirudh says I know, I thought to call the tutor during 3-5pm, Trilochan will be asleep or out for work, Saurabh, you talk to tutor. Saurabh agrees.

Maid says its not right, Saudamini is the problem, not Bondita. Trilochan asks what are you saying. She says yes, I can’t be quiet, Saudamini doesn’t help Bondita, she is hurting Bondita, until she comes here, will Bondita learn anything, I had to tell this. Trilochan thinks she is right, I have to keep Saudamini away. He asks her to focus on her work, he can think of it. Saudamini comes. Bondita asks her what did she teach her, she has to tell Trilochan. Saudamini says you will remember it, come, we will make pulao today. Trilochan stops and warns Saudamini. Bondita doesn’t understand.

She argues with him. He says let it be, stop eating my brain. Maid asks Bondita to come with her. Saudamini gets upset. He asks her to stop. Saurabh asks why are you so smiling today. Sampoorna asks am I glowing. He says yes, you glow like a moon. She asks about baby names suggested by Surmani and Biraj. He laughs and says didn’t your mum explain you when a woman gets pregnant. She says she explained me about running a house. He says you are not pregnant. She asks him not to say it. He says you want to become a mother right. She nods. He says fine then. He locks the door. She says you can’t come close, you don’t care for baby. He says its a misunderstanding. She says I will go and sleep with mum until the baby comes. She goes. He thinks how shall I explain her that she isn’t pregnant.

Saudamini asks why are you angry, I m helping Bondita. Trilochan says you did many favors, we will pay for it, you understand why I stopped you. She says if I was so sensible, then I would have been…. explain me, if you have any problem. He asks are you helping Bondita or making her more weak, she should depend on you all her life, if you want this, then do I want this, is it right for Bondita and this house, you come here every day, is it good, no, Bondita will do all work herself, its time that she is called the bahu of Roy choudhary, she will soon cook food and serve it to her husband and family, she will become the Grahlaxmi, she will become Bondita Roy Choudhary, my bahu, we got the bahu, you also decide what you want to do in your life, find a right path to reach right destination. She cries and goes. Bondita comes and asks why did you send her, it was her responsibility to teach me.

He asks can’t it change, can’t anyone teach you. She asks who can teach me, who is like her. He says why not, I will teach you and make him an ideal homemaker. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.