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Barrister Babu Joyprime, Friday 11th November 2022 update

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Barrister Babu
Barrister Babu

The girl dancing in front of the british officers. Anirudh sees the Krantikari taken by the police. The officers also dance with her. She dances along and gets the keys from the officer. Anirudh takes the keys and unlocks the Krantikari. He sees everyone dancing. Bondita comes to the fair to find him. She looks for him.

She tries to see if he is showing some stunts for money. She sees Anirudh in disguise, doing fire stunts. She gets shocked. The girl thinks this is Bondita, Anirudh’s wife…

Officer shoots in the air. He shouts stop this show, the prisoner has run away. Bondita gets shocked. Anirudh gets caught. The people run away. Bondita says let me go to Anirudh. The girl sees Anirudh caught. Officer asks who are you, for who do you work. The girl thinks I have to shoot this policeman if I have to save Anirudh’s life, my gun is kept near those policemen. She throws some petrol there. The fire spreads. Anirudh and the officer catch fire. Bondita gets shocked and shouts. The girl also gets shocked. She says let me go and save him. Her team member stops her. He says the country needs you, do you want to save Anirudh or want a free nation, decide it. Anirudh tries to blow off the fire. The girl says nothing is imp to me than the country’s freedom. She goes.

Bondita thinks to do something. She takes a blanket and runs to Anirudh. He faints. She shouts for help. She asks him not to worry. She pulls him and takes him on a cart. She gets him home. Its morning, Bondita sits caring for his wounds. The villagers look on. Bihari comes and says Trilochan has sent me here to take Anirudh to the hospital, he is talking to a doctor. She says forgive me, I can’t send him to the hospital, its about his self esteem. Bihari says but treatment is necessary. She says Vaid had treated him, you can go. The village ladies praise Bondita. Bihari goes. Anirudh gets conscious. He recalls whatever happened. She asks why did you risk your life. He says forgive me Bondita, I couldn’t get your school fees. He cries. She says don’t say this, I can never let you lose, we will work hard for school admission. He says you are so good, Bondita, you should get angry that I broke your dream. She says you shouldn’t risk your life. He says I have lost. She says I won’t talk to you. He gets an envelop. He reads the letter, mission was successful, I m thankful, you will get Bondita’s fees as per my promise. He smiles.

He apologizes to Bondita and says I was wrong, you were right. He asks her to open eyes and see. He says I have earned your school fees, you can go to school and study, you can become barrister babu. Rishta tera mera….plays…. She hugs him. They happily cry.

She says promise me, you will never risk your life again. He says no. She says you will always protect yourself and care for happiness, promise me. He recalls his promise. He says my life’s aim is to fulfill your responsibility, I can do anything for it. She says your life, happiness is everything for me, I can do anything for it. Trilochan comes and says then there is just one way to keep Bondita happy, come back with her.

Anirudh says I have to do a lot for Bondita. Trilochan says do it, stay at home, stay well and happy, do your duty. Anirudh says I can’t stay at home where a woman like Sampoorna lives. Trilochan asks Bondita to explain Anirudh. He says I m elder and thought of something to say this. Bondita makes Anirudh swear. She says come back home for my sake, you had proved whatever you wanted, your respect and esteem got high, respect Trilochan by listening to him, about Sampoorna, she can stay in haveli, we will decide if she will stay in our heart and mind. Trilochan says she is right. Anirudh asks how can I forgive what she did. Bondita says if anything happened to you then would I forgive myself or study again, do you want this to happen. Trilochan says I beg you to come back home. Anirudh says don’t do this. They cry. Anirudh says if you want, then we will come back home, we will stay with everyone, its my promise. Trilochan says great, I will go and prepare, you guys are returning, its your marriage anniversary, everyone will see your welcome. Bondita smiles.

Its morning, Anirudh and Bondita meet the villagers. The man says you never made us realize that we are not equal to you. Bondita says I will just come. She goes to the house and gets emotional. She thinks to always keep her mirror with her. They come home. Bondita says diwali is not close, why so much light. Trilochan says its diwali for us, our Ram and Sita came back today. Somnath and Batuk ask them to come in. Trilochan asks Sampoorna to get aarti plate. Sampoorna comes with Binoy and does the aarti. Bondita says I had told you, Anirudh’s esteem won’t break, look at this, he had paid the school fees by his hardwork.

Trilochan asks Binoy to hug Anirudh, he came back from the death, become his strength, not wife’s puppet. Bondita’s grahpravesh happens. Trilochan blesses them. Binoy says I m glad that you won the challenge and returned. He hugs Anirudh. Trilochan says get ready for the celebrations, are you not happy. Bondita says I m very happy, I have to cure Anirudh’s wounds first. Trilochan says you care for your husband. Bondita comes to Anirudh and says I will apply lep to your wounds. Anirudh asks her to close eyes and sit. He gifts her a watch.

She asks is this for me. He says yes, watch shows time, its necessary that you understand importance of time, you want to become a barrister, every moment is precious. She thanks him and calls him barrister babu. He says you said barrister babu well, it means you have started talking in English, I m very happy. She says I like to say baristra babu. He says right, this watch isn’t any gift for marriage anniversary, its a gift for your annual exam result. He shows the results. He says you topped in every subject, I m very happy, I m proud of you. He feels hurt.

She says sorry, sit here. She does the aid. She says your wounds will always remind me that you fought a lot for me. She cries and goes. He thinks I m happy you will study well and become barrister babu.

Anirudh writing his diary. He writes about the brave girl, the time spent with her, she has come as an inspiration for him. He writes that I have taken a responsibility to make Bondita a barrister babu, I want to tell you that… He looks for the ink. He goes to Bondita’s room and gets the ink box. He says she has done her homework. He reads Anirudh and Bondita. He gets shocked and recalls her words. Bondita gets ready. Anirudh goes to her. Bondita says I have written Anirudh’s name on my hand, its beautiful, I m thinking to write it on other hand also. Anirudh sends Koyli. Bondita shows his name. He says I want to tell you something. She says this name is my life, its our wedding anniversary today. He says I want to say that….

He thinks how shall I explain that I m worried by your words, child marriage has affected your heart badly. He asks her to complete homework. She says we will study together after the Utsav. He shouts don’t call me Pati babu. He scolds her. She says but why, aren’t we married. He says I had told you, explained you, warned you, why are you acting stubborn. He asks her to come. He takes her to washroom. He asks her to wash her hand and sit to study. She refuses. He says I don’t want to force you, its imp, you are not right. He washes her hand. She cries and goes. He asks why am I not able to explain her. He thinks our marriage can’t be like other marriages, your aim should be to become barister babu, not my wife.

Guests come in the Jashan. Sampoorna thinks what to do to get the rule in my hands. Trilochan introduces his childhood friend Ramanujh and his family. Anirudh gets shocked seeing the same girl. He says Azadi express. Trilochan asks do you know Manorama. Anirudh says no, I m meeting her for the first time. Trilochan praises her. Anirudh smiles.

Trilochan says Ramanujh has come to find an alliance for her. Manorama’s mum asks her to pray in the temple and come. Trilochan asks Anirudh to take her. Bondita does her homework. She thinks why is Anirudh doing this. Anirudh asks are you getting married for your mission or your parents. Manorama says I don’t want my parents to know about my Krantikari avatar and worry, I wanted to apologize and thank you. He smiles. Trilochan calls Bondita. Bihari goes to Bondita and says come fast, guests have come. She says I won’t come, Anirudh asked me to complete homework first. He says don’t worry, Trilochan will explain Anirudh, come. She says no, I will complete studies and come. She gets angry and says you can’t snatch my rights.

Anirudh says its fine, I know there would be some reason, Krantikari should be just like air to feel, not catch, I will keep your secret, nobody will know it. Manorama says thanks. He says thanks to you, I paid the fees and Bondita goes to school now. She says I have seen her, she is brave, she saved your life. Bondita asks am I not your wife. She cries. Anirudh thinks I have to make Bondita focus on studies, I m worried for her.

Anirudh doesn’t hear Trilochan’s talks. Trilochan asks where is your focus. He asks him to go and help Manorama, she needs a man’s support. Bondita comes. Trilochan introduces his friend. Bondita sees Anirudh with girls. She thinks I will not talk to him now. She dances in the function. A vase breaks and falls near Manorama. Trilochan asks are you fine. Anirudh shouts on Bondita and says she could have got hurt, apologize to Manorama. Manorama says it happened by mistake. Anirudh asks Bondita to apologize. Bondita says no, its not my fault, you have taught me to tell the truth, I didn’t make it fall intentionally, I was dancing and my hand touched the vase, its a special day for us, you should be happy, not angry.

He asks did you complete the homework. She says yes, I didn’t disobey you, don’t get upset, I feel upset, we will celebrate our marriage anniversary now. Anirudh thinks she is so happy, which is nothing but a responsibility. They sit. Bondita asks the photographer to click their good pic. The man gives them a heart shaped prop. Trilochan says its good. Anirudh and Bondita get pics clicked. Anirudh shouts and breaks the heart prop. He says you are celebrating something that’s wrong. Sampoorna smiles. Anirudh says I hate seeing all this. Bondita asks what’s wrong, can’t husband and wife get their pic clicked. She asks Trilochan and everyone to say, is this wrong. The people say its not wrong. She asks Anirudh why does he feel its wrong. Bihari asks Trilochan to stop Anirudh. Trilochan says no, I won’t stop anyone, Anirudh has to accept that he has married Bondita, she isn’t just his responsibility, but his wife, its enough.

Bondita says Trilochan said its a special day for us, if it wasn’t wrong before, how did it get wrong now, relation is connected with trust and dedication, wasn’t it connected by heart. Anirudh thinks to tell her the truth today.