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Aparajita on zee world, Wednesday 7th June 2023 update

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TV series

Aparajita on zee world Wednesday 7th June 2023 update, Aparajita is working in the laundry, she talks to a neighbor, the neighbor says I wanted to help you last night but my daughter-in-law didn’t allow me. Aparajita says its okay. She says I just want to request you to meet Dadi when you can so she doesn’t feel alone. The woman says I will send my grandkid Rinki to your pooja. You are so strong and I wish you to win all the time.

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Aparajita says I have to win for my daughters. The woman nods and leaves. Disha and Guggo come back, and they are laughing. Guggo is about to tell Aparajita but Disha sends him away. Aparajita asks what happened? Mohini arrives there and shouts how dare you? She tells Aparajita how dare you to come back and stay in our neighborhood? Aparajita says you are no one to ask me that, you have no right. Mohini says you think you can do anything and I will be silent?

Aparajita says we will do what we want. Mohini says I know why you are back but don’t forget that I have taken everything from you. I took your husband, your house and even your mangalsutra. She shows her mangalsutra that she is wearing. Mohini says you are no longer needed in that house so stop wasting your time and leave from here. Disha says why.. Aparajita says no.. Mohini accepted that everything was ours and she took it from us so there is nothing to say. She tells Mohini that I don’t think you know the meaning of mangalsutra, you are using it as a gold medal.

She tells her that you are wearing it as victory medal but that’s your defeat, I am still powerful even when I am not in that house. I will fulfill all my duties as a daughter in law, I will do the pooja in this house now. Mohini says I will see how you can do that pooja. Aparajita says stop dreaming. She throws water at her and says I wish I could wash your personality also. Mohini angrily leaves from there.

Mohini calls her brother and says you have do one thing.

Aparajita and her daughters are preparing for the pooja. Chhavi says Mohini was angry. The owner comes there and says we will throw you out. She brings her goons but Aparajita stands in front of them and says don’t even come near my daughters.

She tells the owner that this shop have given me a lot, I always paid the rent and you locked it up? The owner says this is my house and shop so how come you are staying here?

Aparajita says I paid for this house for 15 years so you can’t throw me out as I have an agreement with you, you have to give me 1 month’s notice period. The owner says you only have 15 days left in the agreement. The owner’s husband Chadda arrives there. Aparajita says no one helped me but you have shown humanity. He glares at his wife and says I know what’s right, I can’t become a part of someone else’s sins.

He says you can stay here with pride, you pay the rent so no one can throw you out of here. She says what are you doing? Chadda apologizes to Aparajita, he shouts at his wife to never do this again. He gives agreement extension to Aparajita and says you will pay the same rent as you did before. His wife angrily leaves. Aparajita thanks Chadda, he leaves.

Mohini calls her brother and says what? Mrs. Chadda couldn’t throw her out of the house? She wants to do the pooja but I won’t let her. Dadi comes there and says you can’t stop her, I know she will make eat parsad. Mohini throws a glass in anger. Dadi says I would rather die than see your face every day. Mohini says you want to go up? She calls her goons, they come near Dadi.

Aparajita cleans Guggo’s wounds as the goons beat him. Aparajita says we have troubles but we always fight back. Aparajita dances with daughters. They all laugh and dance together. Aparajita says I am just missing Dadi, I wish she was here too. Her daughters hug her.

Mohini’s goons are taking Dadi away on her wheelchair. They throw her in the room upstairs. Mohini says you wanted to go up right? You will stay here now. Your daughter can’t reach you now.

Aparajita and others are getting ready for the pooja. Chhavi asks her to wear a fancy saree. They says we will get you dressed today.

They do her make up and make her wear a heavy saree. Chhavi says you are looking so pretty. They take her photo. The guests arrive there so Aparajita welcomes them but they say we are going to Mohini’s house.

Aparajita says I invited you before. Bappi says Mohini will give gold coins to everyone so we are going there. Aparajita is shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.