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Aparajita on zee world, Thursday 8th June 2023 update

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Aparajita on zee world Thursday 8th June 2023 update, The guests arrive at the house. Akshay comes there and tells Mohini about Aparajita. Mohini says I know she is living in the laundry, I am preparing for the pooja today. He asks for Dadi.

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Mohini says I sent her to Aparajita’s room, she got to know about her and she will try to meet her that’s why I sent her upstairs. Akshay says okay. Bappi comes to Mohini and says I told Aparajita that we are all coming here for the pooja as you are giving us gold coins. Mohini smirks and thinks I wanted that only.

Disha says to Aparajita that Mohini destroyed our pooja. Aparajita says its okay, we will do the pooja. Chhavi brings some kids there, they are poor kids from the street and asks if we can do pooja with them. Aparajita says for sure. Aparajita makes them all sit down and wash their feet. The kids run around and play with Aparajita.

The kids are running around in Mohini’s house so she scolds them. The kid asks Mohini if she will wash their feet? Mohini says I am not Aparajita, she calls a servant and asks her to wash their feet. The kids are angry. The servants bring pizza there but the kids say we want Halwa like Aparajita used to make. Mohini asks them to stop complaining. Bappi asks the kids to eat it. The kid says Aparajita loves us, we will not stay here. The kids start leaving. The mothers say you have insulted us, they all leave. Mohini is angry and shouts at Bappi to leave.

Aparajita is serving food to the kids when the society kids arrive there. The kid says Mohini is bad, she scolded us. Aparajita says it’s okay. She asks them all to sit down. Mohini comes there and tells Aparajita that you didn’t win. Aparajita says I serve these kids out of my duty, I don’t buy them with gold coins. She offers her halwa and says you should take it for Dadi also. Mohini says you know we don’t give anything to Dadi from outside, I have sent her to the first floor so you can’t reach her now. She leaves from there. Aparajita looks on.

Aparajita enters Dadi’s room with a ladder. Disha is helping her. Aparajita calls to Dadi. Dadi rushes to her through the window and gets excited. Aparajita gives her halwa and says I had to come at all cost. Dadi cries and says I knew you would come today. I really missed it.

Aparajita makes her eat with her hands and says I am hungry too but couldn’t eat without you. Dadi makes her eat and says you can’t be hungry when I am eating. Dadi says I am missing you all, I can’t even call you, Mohini took my phone. Aparajita says I have an idea. She gives her a small phone.

Dadi gets excited and thanks her. Aparajita says its not charged, I forgot the charger. Aparajita calls Disha and asks her to call Chhavi and to bring the charger. Disha calls Chhavi and asks her to bring the charger. Chhavi finds the charger and calls Disha. She says I am coming.

Mohini comes back home and says I won’t let Dadi meet Aparajita today. Asha is outside the house and keeping an eye on Mohini.

Asha calls Disha and says Mohini is going to Dadi’s room. Disha calls Aparajita and tells her. Aparajita tells Asha to do something and stop her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.