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Aparajita on zee world, Sunday 11th June 2023 update

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TV series

Aparajita on zee world Sunday 11th June 2023 update, Chhavi is talking to Veer on the call when Aparajita hears that but can’t hear what she is talking about. Later on, Akshay calls Chhavi and Aparajita sees that. Aparajita asks if he calls you still? Are you hiding something? Chhavi says nothing. Aparajita thinks if Akshay sent the items and money?

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Aparajita calls Dadi and tells her about the stuff they got back. Niya comes there so Dadi hides her phone. Niya asks Dadi if she can invite her sisters to her party? Dadi says you have to talk to your evil mother for that. Niya says I will talk to her, she leaves. Aparajita tells Dadi that Niya is a nice person. Dadi says I am sure Akshay is not the one who sent that stuff or money.

Niya tells Akshay that she wants to invite her sisters for a dinner. Mohini says don’t do that. Akshay says she can do it if she wants, Niya thanks him and leaves. Mohini tells Akshay that Chhavi doesn’t trust you anymore, you are using Niya to bring her back? Akshay says they are my daughters so I don’t need anyone to bring them closer to me. Mohini says I don’t care about them but Niya will stay away from them.

Veer messages Chhavi that he wants to meet her. Aparajita comes there so Chhavi gets tensed. Aparajita says you should go to the college. Chhavi looks away. Aparajita says what happened? Just focus on the studies. Chhavi says I have failed so many times so I don’t like to go to the college, they make fun of me. Aparajita says people taunted me a lot too, she writes down all the taunts that she had to endure. Chhavi stops her. Aparajita says stop focusing on what others say and don’t feel bad, just focus on your aim. Chhavi hugs her and cries. Aparajita leaves.

Aparajita comes to meet a company owner. The owner says we will send our inspector to the laundry for inspection.

Chhavi comes to the cafe in the college. Some girls come there and start bullying her. Chhavi starts crying and runs from there. Aparajita is outside the college but doesn’t see Chhavi. Chhavi runs from the college and starts walking on the road while crying. Disha and Asha come to the cafe. Aparajita comes there too. She says I found an investor. Disha is happy. Aparajita asks where is Chhavi? Disha says I don’t know.

Chavvi is walking on the road when Veer comes there. Chhavi hugs him tightly and starts crying. Veer takes her to the cafe and says why don’t you leave the college? Chhavi says its my mom’s dream to make me study. Veer says I can get you admitted in another college. Chhavi says what will I tell Maa? She will question who paid my fees. Veer says you are so sweet, I don’t like when you are worried. Chhavi smiles. Veer says I want to see you smile all the time. He caresses her face. Chhavi sees her bullies and the one who tried to molest her in the party coming there. Chhavi gets scared and leaves.

Aparajita and the kids come home. Aparajita says she is not picking her phone. Aparajita calls Akshay and asks if Chhavi is with him? She is not in the college so she must be with you? Akshay turns his video and says I am in the office, what are you talking about? Where is my daughter? Aparajita says I don’t need your help. She ends the call. Akshay tells Anish that I have to go and look for Chhavi. Anish says this meeting is important, Akshay says she is more important.

Disha tells Aparajita that she will go to the mandir and search for Chhavi.

Chhavi is leaving from the cafe. Veer runs behind her and asks if he did something wrong? Chhavi says you didn’t do anything wrong, I saw the person who did wrong to me.. I feel grossed out when I think about him. Veer asks what did he do? Chhavi tells him. Veer gets angry and says let’s go to him. Chhavi says no. Veer angrily breaks a glass and asks what’s his name? Chhavi says no, you won’t do anything. I don’t want to create more trouble, just forget what I said. She sees that molester Monty standing there with his friends and gets scared. Veer notices it and gets angry.

Niya comes to the laundry shop. Disha is working. Niya says how are you? I came to meet you all and want to thank Aparajita aunty for saving my mom’s life. Disha gets angry and says she shouldn’t have saved her, what her mom did was below everything. If was in my mother’s place then I wouldn’t have done it. Just leave from here. Niya says don’t be rude. Disha pushes her away and says just leave. Chhavi comes there and is scared. Disha says where were you? we were so worried about you. She calls Aparajita and says Chhavi is back. Chhavi says I was in the college. Aparajita and Asha come there. Aparajita says where were you? Chhavi says I was in the college but… she recalls people bullying her and tells them everything. Disha says you should have told me, I would have taken care of them. I will not spare them. Aparajita asks Disha to stop. Asha says we will go and complain about them. Chhavi says I don’t want to. Disha says okay, don’t be hyper. Asha says I will make lemonade for you. Chhavi hugs Disha and Asha. Niya says so cute, can I also join? She hugs them. Aparajita looks on. Disha glares at her. Asha is annoyed. Akshay comes there and is worried about Chhavi. Akshay asks Chhavi if she is alright? She moves away from him. Akshay says you should have informed where you went, we were all worried. Mohini comes in her balcony and sees them all together. Akshay asks Niya if she met them? Niya holds his hand and says dad.. Chhavi sadly looks on seeing his care for Niya. Akshay says let’s go. He takes Niya from there. Mohini thinks what was Akshay and Niya doing in the laundry? Aparajita asks Chhavi why didn’t she come back home after college? Chhavi says I was near the mandir.. Aparajita is not convinced. Chhavi leaves from there. Aparajita thinks why is Chhavi lying? Where did she go?

Mohini tells Niya that I told you won’t meet them. Niya says I told you I will meet them, they are my sisters. Akshay asks Mohini to not scold her. Mohini says you are taking her side? you said Niya can take her decisions but these are her decisions? Niya angrily leaves. Mohini goes behind her.

Scene 2
Aparajita sits with Chhavi and says I heard from that a guy from the neighborhood got into a fight and the police caught him. He couldn’t even tell his family because he lied to them. Chhavi gets stressed and starts to leave. Aparajita says you didn’t bring parsad from the mandir? Chhavi says I forgot, she goes from there.

Akshay sits with Dadi and says what if you don’t take a medicine but you think that you have taken it? Dadi says what are you talking about? Akshay says I am talking about Aparajita, she acts like she is a great mother but she is not. Dadi says you can buy a helicopter for her and then she can keep an eye on her daughters. Akshay says you can never accept that Aparajita can do a mistake? Dadi says she did a mistake of marrying you. When kids grow up then they can’t be tied to their mothers only so it’s not Aparajita’s fault. Akshay says what medicine to give you? Dadi says you wouldn’t know so leave it.

Aparajita comes to her daughters’ room and finds Chhavi sleeping there. She takes her phone but its password locked. Aparajita says she never had a password.

Aparajita calls Dadi and says Chhavi is hiding something. Dadi says what if it’s about a guy? Aparajita says I don’t think so. Dadi says you should confront her. Aparajita says she gets scared so I can’t confront her. I have to think of a way. She ends the call.

Aparajita is sleeping when she recalls Mohini insulting them and everything that happened. She wakes up and sees her mangalsutra not with her. She thinks people will crush weak people so we have to be strong in front of others so they can’t crush us.

Veer calls Chhavi and asks her to come and meet him. She says I can’t. Veer says I have a surprise for you, just meet me after the college. She says okay. She tells Asha that I will go to the college later on.

Asha tells Aparajita that Chhavi will go to the college later on as she has a viva. She leaves. Aparajita sends a voicenote to Dadi that she will follow Chhavi today.

Chhavi is in the auto, Aparajita is following her in another auto. She call Dadi and says I feel bad but I am worried about her safety. Chhavi arrives at a place but Aparajita misses her auto and can’t find her. She looks around. Chhavi enters a gym and looks around. Veer is there. Chhavi says why is no one else here? Veer says I have the person who you wanted. He shows her Monty tied to a wall and says this is my surprise. Chhavi is shocked. Veer says he tried to molest you right? Veer gets angry and tells Monty that you tried to molest my girl so you will be punished. Monty cries and says I did everything because Chhavi wanted me to, she wanted me to kiss her. Veer gets angry and shouts you will kiss her? Chhavi is scared seeing all that. Veer says if you are angry then just take it out. He brings a rod and offers it to Chhavi, he asks her to just take out her anger. Chhavi says what are you doing? I can’t do this. Veer says why not? I will show you. He makes her hold the rod and hits Monty with it.

Chhavi pushes Veer and shouts she can’t do this.
Aparajita is looking for Chhavi in the streets when she hears Chhavi’s screams. She enters the gym. She opens the door and is about to see them. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.