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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 26th April 2023 update

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Anupama on starlife Wednesday 26th April 2023 update, Anupama walks to Little Anu’s room and makes her sleep. Pakhi walks to her, recalling Adhik’s advice that they shall sleep in different rooms until their families accept their marriage. Pakhi says he is more better than what she excepted.

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Adhik suggests her to try to reconcile with Anupama until she agrees. Pakhi says she will sleep in Little Anu’s room until then. Out of flashback, she tells Anupama what Adhik said and pleads her to pamper her like she pampered Little Anu and comfort her as she is very fearful. She lies on Anupama’s lap and says she is feeling lonely even after being with her and pleads to hug her. Anupama hugs her and cries, then makes her sleep. Anuj notices them and standing at door and performs their nazar.

Next morning, Vanraj walks down hearing loud music and subconsciously asks Pakhi to stop it. Family looks at him. He recalls yesterday’s incident and shouts to end this music. Samar says its playing in a car outside.

He touches Vanraj’s feet and wishes him saal mubarak/happy new year. Vanraj touches his elders’ feet. Jignesh jokes that Vanraj gets his maami/aunt soon. Toshu returns home and greets everyone saal Mubarak. He says he heard about Pakhi and returned home. Leela says its good he came. Toshu says he can’t believe that Pakhi did a same mistake which he did.

On the other side, Anupama feeds breakfast to Little Anu and says she has 4 days of college holiday. Ankush tells Anuj that they have an important business meeting today and if the deal is cracked, they will really celebrate happy new year. Pakhi walks down with Adhik wearing a sari.

Little Anu wishes them happy new year and says she already touched elders’ feet and took their blessings. Barkha says she will not bless anyone. Anuj, Ankush, and GK bless them. Anupama stop them from touching her feet and wish them happy new year. Adhik submits his biodata to Anuj and requests him to give him a job in his company. Anuj asks him to visit office tomorrow, he will see what position he can offer him. Adhik and Pakhi thank Anuj. Barkha says he is acting. Adhik asks him why she thinks so. Their argument start.

Anupama asks them to stop as its a new year today. Anuj informs Adhik and Pakhi that he and Anupama are visiting Shah house today to discuss about them.

Shah family eats breakfast silently. Toshu asks them to cheer up. Vanraj says family’s liveliness was because of Pakhi who used to celebrate each festival. Each family member discuss how much they are missing Pakhi. Kavya asks Vanraj if Pakhi won’t be able to visit them, won’t he forgive her at all. Vanraj says he doesn’t know and walks away. Samar and Tosh walk behind him to comfort him. Kavya asks Leela to explain Vanraj that when he can forgive Tosh, why can’t he forgive Pakhi. Leela says Vanraj is deeply hurt and wouldn’t agree easily. Vanraj sadly looks at his and Pakhi’s pic in his mobile.

Samar and Toshu walk to him and says they know that he loves Pakhi a lot, even she loves him a lot. Vanraj says he would have got a best boy for Pakhi, but she chose Adhik. Toshu says maybe Adhik truly loves Pakhi as he went against his family for Pakhi. Samar also tries to convince him to accept Adhik. Kavya informs Vanraj that Anuja nd Anupama have come.

Adhik excitedly selects a dress for office tomorrow. Barkha enter insists him to reveal truth as there is no one around here. He says he is not conspiring anything. Barkha insists and silently records his statement. Adhik says he is using Pakhi for his benefit, asks if she recorded his statement properly and says he knows her well as she knows him and warns him not to interfere between him and Pakhi.

Barkha thinks he is really up to something. Anuj and Anupama propose Shahs to perform Adhik and Pakhi’s wedding in a proper way again. Vanraj says he will just offer gift and walk away and wouldn’t do kanyadan or any other ritual.

Anupama agrees and thinks a father cannot be too tough on his daughter and would surely perform rituals. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.